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anonymous asked: Could you write one where y/n is distansing herself from Chris for some reason and Chris is getting worried she might leave him and confronts her like ‘Tell me what happened, tell me why everything changed’ Thank you if this is something you can write :)

pairing: reader x chris

word count: 1,2k 

warnings: angst i guess


Christoffer’s biggest fear initially was committing into a relationship and letting someone in his life, letting someone know him on a more personal level. Nowadays, it was loosing you. The thought of you not being a part of his life was terrifying to him, as dumb as it might sound you were the best thing to have happened in his life so far. Even if it was really early in your relationship, he was pretty sure he was falling in love with you, fast. Too fast even. He never thought he’d feel the way he feels for you, but it was something he treasured.

It had taken him time to accept that his crush wasn’t only based on looks and that he liked you as a person and that he actually wanted to be with you, not only occasionally as a random hook up. You were understanding and gave him his time, never rushing him in anyway. He had appreciated a lot, so when he actually was ready you were both beaming with happiness. People had found it funny how happy you both were back then, the bravest ones tried to tease Chris about it, without success though.

But good thing don’t last, not for Chris at least. The universe probably had something against him or his happiness in general, because his worst fear was actually happening. You had become distant suddenly, Chris doing everything possible to stop it from happening in a way that he doesn’t look too clingy. As the whole relationship thing was new for him, he couldn’t help but wonder if he had fucked it up already. Had he said something to offend you? Did he do something wrong? In his mind, the options were endless.

Maybe Chris was a little dumb for not confronting you about it immediately and giving you some alone time, but as days went on he grew more and more worried. He was hung up on the idea of you leaving him, the less confident side of him completely taking over on the matter. Chris knew that he had to act quickly, before it’s too late.

Even with all of that, he was ready to save your relationship at all costs. That was exactly what he was doing currently, as he was walking around in the school in hopes of seeing you or your friends, so far it had been unsuccessful.

A sigh of relief got past his lips when he spotted your little group of friends, boldly walking up to them. They immediately noticed that Chris was walking towards them, growing quiet in matter of seconds. He examined each one of them, noticing Eva was there too. It probably wasn’t the greatest idea of his to hook up with Eva when he was interested in you, it was something he deeply regretted and often worried about. That of course was before you were dating or he was getting ready to do so.

”Where’s Y/N?” Chris asked calmly, tapping his foot against the floor of the cafeteria. They all seemed hesitant, contemplating whether they should tell him or not. Chris’ previous calmness was quickly fading away, replaced by annoyance. ”Look, you can dislike me all you want, but if you know where Y/N is I’d like to know.”

Vilde was the one to crack up and tell him that you had left to get your books for the next class, earning a glare from the others. Chris mumbled out a quick ’thank you’, before sprinting off towards your locker. And you were there, standing in front of it. He walked up

”We need to talk, preferably now.” he said, looking at you.

”Later, excuse me I have to go to class now.” you told him, not bothering to look at him as you tried to leave, only for him to grab your wrist, softly enough to not hurt you.

”Classes don’t start for another 15 minutes, you’re not in a hurry yet and I think it’s crucial that we talk right now,” Chris told you, briefly pausing before continuing. ”Even if I have a reputation of not caring about other peoples feelings, I’ve always taken yours into consideration and I think I at least deserve an explanation for your behavior.”

Your heart was pounding like crazy, you knew sooner or later Chris would confront you about it. You knew you could’ve handled the whole situation better, distancing yourself from him wasn’t smart either. It wasn’t that you didn’t like him anymore, because you did. A lot actually.

A small crowd was following the situation, already probably gossiping about it. Thankfully Chris noticed this, pulling you into a more quiet place where you could be alone. You stood there in silence, not sure of what to do. Chris ran his hand through his hair, a nervous habit he had had as long as you can remember.

”Do you still even like me?” Chris carefully asked, afraid of the answer. This was nerve-wracking for him, he didn’t want your relationship to end. In his mind it didn’t make sense to break up or even take a break, because everything had gone well before. You laughed together, you held hands in the hallways like every annoying new couple did and you respected each other.

”I still like you.” you managed to whisper out as you were on the verge of tears, doing your best to not. Every moment you spent in silence made you feel more and more guilty, regretting your actions. The last thing you wanted to ever do was hurt Chris in any way.

”Then please just tell me what happened, tell me why everything changed? I promise I’ll do my best to fix it.” Chris said, nervously chewing on the inside of his cheek.

Silence. You were struggling to find the right words to explain yourself. As you took a deep breath, you started explaining. ”Ultimately, I think I got jealous and insecure. I know this is dumb, but I heard that you had a thing with Eva and liked her and it just really made me feel insecure. I started overthinking, which ended up in me distancing myself from you. It was a way to protect myself from getting hurt, but in the process of this I hurt you. I’m sorry.”

Christoffer’s facial expression softened seemingly, he was relieved to say the least. ”I can understand that, I was actually worried about it earlier. You’re the only one I have ever liked, I don’t want you to worry about things concerning the matter.”

“I hate how you always know what to say to make me feel better.” you said with a small laugh, wiping some tears away. 

“I can’t help it, I’m pretty much a genius.” 

You smiled a little, pulling him in a much needed hug. It felt nice and cozy, like home. Chris pressed a kiss to your front, making you slightly blush. One of the many qualities of yours he loved was that he still managed to make you blush with the simplest things.

It was no mystery that you both sucked in this whole dating thing, you were the two newbies who messed things up constantly but no matter what happened did your best to get through it. Things get hard from time to time, but as long as you were both happy together it was worth it.

let me tell you about the story I’m not writing...

Some background to start, because of course the pairing is so far off the beaten path that there are *zero* stories with it on ao3.

First, there’s Paul Sevier, from Midnight Special. He’s an analyst for the NSA. And has apparently stolen Will Graham’s wardrobe.

Isn’t he lovely?  Why is nobody shoehorning him into things? He’s only tagged on three fics on ao3.

The other half of the pairing isn’t quite as rare in general. Caleb Smith, programmer.

This is not any kind of Kylux AU I have in mind for this story I’m not writing. Nope. Paul and Caleb are both geeks, and I think they would get along swimmingly.

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Let me bring my man.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Inspired by The Book Thief.

Death follows us all, and she can’t understand why are we so scared of her. After all, she’s compassionate being too. (Death POV)

Warnings: Angst.

Words: 1361

A/N: Death and Love are sisters. Love has a daughter, Life. No, I’m not on drugs. While I was writing my eyes decided that they wanted to be clouds and rain on my face. So yeah, tell me what do you think about this.

Originally posted by marvelheroes

I found him beautiful.

I found him rare, special. I found him exquisite.

I watched him grow up, I watched him get hugged multiple times by my sister. I’ve always wondered if she found him beautiful too. After all, Love have always found every single thing beautiful. Love makes every single thing look more alluring. Maybe that’s why everybody seems to like her.

I’ve seen how fate took him to my war zone, and how he threw some soldiers to my embrace. I remember how I gladly accompanied them to where they souls belonged to since then. However, it killed me how they came to me, all beaten up, fear in their eyes as if I was the one who pulled the trigger. But it wasn’t Bucky’s fault. Everything is written down for me. He just happened to be my intermediary.

He was my diamond before they decided to rip off his humanity: so tough, yet so fragile. They tried to send him to me multiple times, his agony calling me desperately, his screams asking for my presence. But I simply couldn’t take him. I knew my sister had something saved up for him, something exceptional: a soulmate.

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This is not an anti post, so if you're IH shipper and see this in your tag don't judge by first few sentences and keep on reading!

I’ve been shipping IR for few years now. It’s my favourite pairing ever made in any story. Naturally this made me very angry when IH became canon, I just didn’t want to accept that. I refused to look at things objectively. Let me tell you why.
Rukia and Ichigo have so many moments that in my opinion are very romantic and suggest that these two love each other. I always thought their chemistry is amazing and man, it was the first hetero ship I liked! Orihime, on the other hand, didn’t seem like a good option for Ichigo. Sure, she did have a crush on him but I never felt like he viewed her as anything more than a friend. Also I just felt like her character was way too shallow.
After Bleach ending I was disappointed and angry and I really got into anti IH. IR just made so much more sense to me. And all the posts I was seeing on tumblr just made me angrier and angrier. There was so much proof for IR and none for IH, everyone was saying that IH has NOTHING. I believed that. But after a while I got tired of all those hateful feelings and I decided to take a look at some IH blogs. Oh boi where do I start. It’s not like I ship IH now. But I accept it. I no longer pretend like 686 didn’t happen. It did and it’s valid. Believe it or not, there is actually IH development in the manga and I do believe that Kubo planned it from the start. I never knew about it because I started reading where anime left off. IR just kinda… Got out of hand I suppose. Rukia’s and Ichigo’s personalities just work really well together so characters started living their own life or some shit! And while in my opinion there definitely isn’t as much proof for IH as there is for IR, I have to admit that Ichigo and Orihime had quite a few scenes that have romantic feeling to them. At first I didn’t want to admit that, but then I looked at those scenes the same way I would look at IR and yes, both pairings seem to make sense. Also sidenote, a lot of people in IR community say that Orihime only likes Ichigo for his looks but after seeing those panels I am 100% sure she’s genuinely in love with him and it’s not just a stupid crush. Anyway after reading some explanation as to why Renji didn’t talk to Rukia for so long, I can see that ship working out too.
And don’t get me wrong, I still don’t like some things about IH, like how in my opinion it shallows Orihime’s character and how it needed more development. But I am starting to see more positives and who knows, maybe one day I’ll ship it?
Anyway what I’m trying to say is… Stop the hate. IR’s call IH’s toxic and delusional and vice versa which shows exactly how both of the sides are wrong. Both ships are valid. For you one might be better than the other and it’s fine, but characters we all love and want to be happy ARE HAPPY! What else do you want? Please stop bashing each other. PLEASE.
Sorry for the rambling, I tried to put all my chaotic thoughts into words but I’m no good at that shit… Damn that’s a messy post.

In light of the recent incidents in the fandom (people refusing to take down leaks and blackmailing Studio Mir), I would like to do something, as a community, to express my gratitude and apologies to the staff of VLD. I want them to know that we appreciate the hard work they’ve put into this show, and that we absolutely don’t condone the disgusting behavior that’s been going on.

As a gay trans guy who primarily ships a m/m pairing in VLD, it kills me to see people act like this. This is why nobody takes us seriously. This is why people think anyone who ships gay ships is some kind of savage fanatic. I’m tired of it, and I’m so sorry that there are people in my community who can’t exercise common human decency and respect. I’m ashamed.

This crew has put years of hard work into this reboot. You can see, FEEL, the love they have for what they do. Let them tell their story. Be grateful we get the chance to know these characters and this amazing retelling.

authenticaussie  asked:

Superheroess!!! (Do you know it was apparently superhero day the other day!? Im so disappointed that i missed it!!) Anyway ;u; - ‘Look, I really need a date to take to this superhero get-together, but I have no-one to ask…will you come with me?’ AU w/ a pairing of your choice? (Or mas if you don't want to pick //w\\) ((ALSO STEALTH DATING ?? MAKES ME WHEEZE SO MUCH?? YES I LOVE IT))

(NO I DID NOT KNOW OH MY WHY DIDNT SOMEONE TELL ME??? and yessss, stealth dating, it was going so well too, but then whitebeard ruined it!!!)

Marco doesn’t want to go to the gala. He honestly hates the gala, there’s always too many heroes talking about their great victories over EVIL and letting pretty girls hang off of them like they’re nothing more than decorations. It’s horrible and Marco can’t not go, not when he’s Phoenix, one of the most famous heroes in the world.

Most of the heroes that he had been friends with had all retired, age or wounds finally pulling them from their fights to quiet lives doing something else.

Which is why Marco hates going. He’s got no one to talk to and he spends far too much time ignoring the younger generation talking about him behind his back.

“You aren’t even listening!” Fire Storm shouts throwing his hands up in the air. “He’s not even listening Blue!”

“What,” Blue Gentleman asks looking betrayed. “But Phoenix, you always listen to us ranting.”

“I’m sorry,” Marco sighs. “I’m just tired.”

Fire Storm shakes his head, already bringing Marco down, “Are you okay?” He asks setting Marco in the rolling chair that usually holds a hostage, but Thatch was out of town and they never kidnapped Haruta. “Do, do you need us to beat someone up for being mean to you?”

“We can do that,” Blue Gentleman adds. “We like you.”

“I’m a superhero that beats you up.”

“Yeah, but you listen to us and you don’t just throw us in jail. It’s nice,” Blue shrugs. “You’re also kind of our friend. We can beat people up for you.”

Marco shakes his head, “It’s the gala. The last of my friends retired not too long ago and most of them heroes are horrible. There’s a few that aren’t so bad, but they’re also so in awe of me that it’s- it’s awkward. And I have to go.”

“Take a date!” Fire Storm shouts from where he’s taken over the small area that is used as a kitchen. “That would help right?”

“Who would I take? I don’t have anyone other than family and they’re all busy with their own lives. I can’t make them come with me.”

They exchange a look, one that’s hard to read with their masks covering their faces so thoroughly.

“You could take one of us?” Blue offers finally. “I mean, you’d have to swear not to bother us in our normal lives, but one of us could free up the time to go to your gala?”

“You, you’re kidding aren’t you?”

“Nah, we like you best. If you need to take someone to your stupid important gala then one of us can go to your stupid important gala.”

Marco blinks between them, studying them both in confusion before sighing, “I don’t want to break you two up, you’re a matched pair.”

Fire Storm laughs, “You have some weird ideas about us, bird boy,” He slides his mask up off his face. “The name is Ace. I’m a firefighter.”

“Sabo,” Blue says grinning. “I work at the newspaper downtown.”

“Marco Newgate,” Marco says because there is such thing as being fair and they had told him who they were. “I’m a paper pusher at Newgate Industries.”

“Pay up, I told you he had to be a Newgate,” Ace states holding a hand out to Sabo. “You worry about the old man too much.”

Into the Snamione fandom...

When I first heard of shipping I was all for Dramione. I don’t believe in the canon, Romione, though I still hold high respect for those who do.
After searching Dramione tags and obsessing over fan art/fiction, I stumbled across Snamione, and was both horrified and disturbed that people would place her with the creepiest professor who took joy in picking on the trio. But only a second after, I was so intrigued because of the fascinating concept of forbidden love with not only the most unlikely character, but a professor as well.
I greedily read multiple fan fictions in hopes of receiving delicious drama between the two…
What I actually found: the mother of my otps. Let me tell you, I’ve tried to pair so many people with Hermione, but none (in my opinion) hold a candle to the intelligently developed, complex character that is Severus Snape.
I’m not going to explain why since many have already heard the Snamione fandom pleas. I also respect those who just don’t see sshg as their cup of tea, but those of you who are at least the tiniest bit intrigued like I was, I throughly recommend finding out for yourself why, before condemning it to the grave of notps.

Megatron/Soundwave Fic Rec?

Does anyone know of some good Megatron/Soundwave fanfictions? I feel like I’ve read them all. Like all of them on the internet…. I don’t understand why they aren’t a popular pairing. 

I really want TFP, but dang, I’ll take any continuity. 

I’ll share a few that I really love, and you can tell me which ones you like too?

Let Me Hear You Whisper by Scancrasher, obviously. Cute courtship plus Soundbabies makes it my favourite!

Report by newvagabond. It’s so hard to find Plug n Play *v* 

Monster Deep Inside by 666CrescentMoonDemon666. So dark and good.

Tied by Draikinator. It’s about their gladiator days and ahsajhj I need more of that!

Every Orn Occurences by Sniper_blue. Cute domestic established relationship fluff! (G1 continuity)

Voice by Fierceawakening. Telepathic mute Soundwave has an interesting way of flirting.

Nightmares by ks_villain. Bumblebee experiencing memories during the time he had Megatron in his head. The mention of post-interface cuddling made me really happy.

Please feel free to add more if you reblog!  \ (◕‿◕✿)  /

The Other Boy ||| Harry Potter

Pairing: Harry Potter x Reader


You saw his name in the daily prophet every time you looked at it. Eventually you stopped bothering to read the paper. Why you didn’t stop sooner was a mystery, after all he was the chosen one he was bound to be in the papers. Maybe you thought you were over him by now. Or hoped, at least. It had been nearly a year, surely you should have moved on. No, you had moved on. You were with Eric, a handsome Slytherin who treated you like a queen. You were happy.

You kept your head high as you walked into the great hall, taking a seat beside your boyfriend after placing a kiss to his cheek. You chatted with those around you, only barely listening to what they had to say. You didn’t look at the Gryffindor table the entire meal. You didn’t notice his green eyes on you. You refused.

“Y/N love, are you okay?” Eric asked you softly, laying his hand gently on top of yours. You gave him a small smile, turning your hand over and lacing your fingers with his.

“I’m okay, I’m still just a bit tired, that party really drained me last night,” you laughed, earning a smile from the boy beside you.

“We can go back up to the dorms and nap if you want to, McGonagall announced classes were canceled just before you walked in,” he suggested, rubbing his thumb across the top of your hand as he waited for a reply.

“That’d be great actually, let me finish these last few pieces of bacon first though,” you nodded, ignoring the soft laugh that escaped his lips.

“Few pieces my arse,” he chuckled, eyeing the large pile of bacon in front of you. “That’s at least twelve pieces.”

“We’ve been together how long? You know I like bacon,” you defended, rolling your (y/e/c) eyes in amusement.

“Fair point babe, I’m going to head back though is that okay?” He asked, pressing a soft kiss to your temple.

“Yeah I’ll meet you there in a few,” you watched him walk away, resisting the urge to sneak a glance at Harry as you returned your gaze to your plate.

“Oi Potter!” Draco yelled from your otherside, causing you to jump slightly.

“What do you want Malfoy?” Harry retorted, his voice like a knife to the chest as you tried to ignore the exchange.

“Have you heard the good news? Y/N and Eric are going back to his dorm for the day, you know how that’s going to end,” Draco sneered, your eyes widening at his words. You chanced a look at Harry, his eyes already on you. Shifting in your seat uncomfortably, you poked Draco in the side under the table.

“Just leave it Draco, I don’t want a scene,” you hissed, running a hand through your (y/h/c) locks in frustration.

“Alright, sorry I just love pissing him off,” he laughed, nudging you in the side. “Besides, isn’t it fun to upset your ex?”

“Yeah, you’re right,” you lied, smirking at him as you raised your voice slightly. “I’m gonna go see Eric, don’t come into the dorm for a few hours.”

“Go get him girl,” he encouraged, trying to stiffle his laughter as you stood from your seat.

“Oh you know it,” you joked, throwing him a wink over your shoulder as you walked past the Gryffindor table. You past Harry’s seat, keeping your eyes trained on the great hall doors.

You let out a breath you hadn’t realized you were holding as you walked into the Slytherin commons. Greeting a few people who were sitting around, you made your way to Eric’s dorm. You knocked on his door, slowly pushing it open. A small smile crossed your lips at the sight before you. Eric was laid across his bed, his shirt previously discarded, snoring softly with his arm reaching towards the other side. You crawled into the bed beside him, cuddling into his side as you began to drift off.


“If you win, you get a kiss, if I win, I get a kiss, deal?” Harry called from beside you, his eyes trained on the flittering snitch in front of you as you waited for them to announce the start of the game.

“You’re on Potter!” You laughed, leaning over and pressing your lips to the side of his mouth. “Win or lose, I say we go back to your dorm tonight.”

“Are you sure, I mean are you ready?” He asked, no longer paying attention to the game that had just begun.

“I’m ready, I promise, now if you’ll excuse me I have a snitch to catch,” you giggled, shooting past him as you caught sight of it.

“You cheat!” He laughed from behind you, racing to catch up to you.

You laid beside him, your chest rising and falling rapidly as you tried to catch your breath. You snuck a glance at him, smiling brightly when your eyes met his. He brought his hand up, brushing his fingers against your cheek lightly.

“I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you too Harry.”


You opened your eyes, rubbing them gently as you sat up. Eric sat at the end of his bed, staring down at his hands. You tilted your head to the side, confusion etched across your features.

“Eric, what’s wrong?” You asked, scooting over to him and taking his hand in yours. You flinched when he jerked it from your grip.

“You said you love him in your sleep, do you want to explain or should we just end it now?” He sneered, his eyes cold as he finally looked up at you.

“Eric I-” you started, biting your lip as you tried to think of a way to explain. “I don’t know what to say.”

“That’s what I figured,” he laughed emotionlessly, shaking his head as his eyes turned to the ceiling. “I can’t be with you while you’re still in love with him. Maybe we can try again once you get over him.”

“I don’t think there will ever be a time I don’t love him,” you admitted guiltily, standing from his bed. “I’m sorry.”

“I’m not mad at you, just at myself…I knew this would happen, but I let myself fall in love with you anyways,” he sighed, closing his eyes tightly. “Just go Y/N. Please.”

You left his room, avoiding the gaze of everyone in the common room as you dashed out. You ran through the corridors towards the quidditch pitch, grabbing one of the schools brooms and shooting off into the sky. You needed to feel the wind in your hair, the peacefulness that always came with it. You needed that more than ever. Not only could you not have Harry, you had hurt someone who truly cared about you.

“Y/N? What are you doing out here, aren’t you supposed to be with Eric?” His voice came from behind you, nearly causing you to fall from your broom. You slowed down, wiping away the tears that had begun to run down your cheeks.

“I ruined that too, I just needed to fly,” you admitted, shaking your head slightly as you stared out at the horizon.

“What do you mean ruined that too?” He asked, coming to a stop beside you.

“Don’t act dumb, Harry,” you nearly begged, turning to meet his gaze, your eyes filling again. “I lost you, and I don’t even know what I did, and now I’ve lost him because I’m still in love with you.”

“Y/N I’m sorry, I didn’t think- I should’ve given you a reason,” he whispered, his eyes filled with remorse. You looked down, unable to hold his gaze anymore.

“But you didn’t, and it’s been a fucking year and I can’t move on because we never should have ended,” you sniffed, tightening your grip on your broom to steady yourself. “Don’t you think you could fall back in love with me again?”

“I never stopped loving you Y/N,” he spoke, moving his broom closer to yours as he brushed his hand against your cheek lightly. “I’m in love with you.”

“Then why did you leave?” You sobbed, turning your head to face him, your eyes accusing and filled with hurt.

“Voldemort was close, he was staying in Malfoy manor, you were there constantly and I couldn’t risk him finding out about us and killing you,” he explained, his eyes never once leaving yours. “When the war ended I was going to talk to you, explain everything, but then you were with Eric and you looked so happy, I didn’t want to ruin that for you.”

“Why didn’t you just tell me that?” You demanded, your eyes softening.

“Would you have let me break up with you?” He replied, a small smile playing on his lips.

“No…” You admitted, rolling your eyes. “That’s not the point though.”

“I know, and I’m sorry love, I just I wanted to make sure you were safe,” he sighed, glancing down at the ground. “Maybe we should land before we continue this.”

“Good idea,” you agreed, flying down to the ground quickly. As soon as your feet touched the ground, a pair of strong arms wrapped tightly around you.

“I’m so sorry, I know I hurt you, I hate myself for it but it had to be done,” he whispered into your hair, your hands resting on his hips as you leaned into his touch. “Can we try again?”

“I love you, you’re an idiot, but I love you,” you chuckled, pulling back slightly. “All I want is to be with you.”

“I love you too,” he smiled, his lips barely brushing against yours. You leaned forward, connecting your lips at last.

Sunrise (Barba x reader)

Summary: You and Rafael are having a day off but as he wakes you up early, you wonder what he is up to. Turns out that the day is far more special than expected.

A/N: I wanted to write a cute lil Barba fic for you guys! I’m in the mood for really fluffy stories, although this one nearly drips with fluff. Bear with me, I am in a  very romantic mood.

Word count: 2,232

(Y/N) = your name

(Y/L/N) = your last name

Warnings: mentions of sex, kissing, fluffy fluff

* * *

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Letting Him Go (Forgetting Him Part 4)

Originally posted by meganmoxley

A/N: PART FOUR! You guys were so fucking sweet telling me to fuck the Anons, that I couldn’t not give you guys something! And you know what I fucking love writing this! It makes me happy and you guys seem to love it. So why the fuck not just put it up there! Thank you guys!

Pairings: Dean X Reader

Warnings: Swearing and a little violence

Theme Song: Sweet Beautiful Tragic By Taylor Swift

You were laying on the couch with Dean, watching TV. Dean wrapped his arms tightly around your waist and began to gently bite behind you ear. 

His hand laid flat against your stomach, gently pushing you to lay on your back. He got in between your legs and started kissing you, from your lips, down your jaw and to your neck. Your hands ran through his hair, gently pulling it. 

Dean comes back up and kisses your lips again. He hasn’t been able to stop himself from kissing you since he got here. 

You started to smiled into the kiss. “Dean, we have to get ready for Seth’s barbecue”

Dean grunted. “Can’t we be a little late?”

“You know that Seth wouldn’t like that since you promised him that you’d help him set everything up”

Dean whined and rolled off the couch on to the floor with a grunt. You looked down at him smiling. 

“Come on babe, get up. Lets go” You said, standing and holding a hand out for him.

Dean whined again. “Stop acting like a five year old and get up” You said, laughing.

Dean finely got up and grabbed you, pulling you in for a kiss. 

Dean pulled away and smiled. “You’re so fucking cute..” You blushed and slapped his chest playfully. Dean continued to smile and then pecked you lips. 

It felt so weird to you, that just a week ago you were just friends with Dean, and now your kissing him and acting all lovey dovey. You just hope that everything works out with Dean, that it doesn’t turn out like it did with Roman.

At Seth’s House-

Originally posted by prowrestlingnow

Dean kept knocking on the door of Seth’s house on until he answered the door, glaring at Dean.

“I heard the first knock, Dean” Seth said. Dean just smirked grabbing your hand and walked in.

Seth gave you a sweet smile and pulled you away from Dean, into a sweet hug.

“Hey, how’ve you been?” Seth asked, pulling away.

“I’ve been….really good” You said smiling. “ How have you been?”

“Good, great actually” Seth said, smiling back. Dean walked off somewhere so you started to talk to Seth as you and him walked to the kitchen.

When you walked into the kitchen you stopped dead in your tracks. Roman was leaning against a counter, drinking a beer. You weren’t expending him to be here. I mean you should have, he is one of Seth’s closed friends. Roman looks over and locks eyes with you.

Seth stood there very uncomfortable, watching the two of you stare down. Roman’s stare was almost angry, which you weren’t sure as to why, yeah you didn’t answer his calls, but you didn’t have to. You two were no longer friends, you both may that quite clear. You sigh and looked away when Dean came walking into the room then and stopped after seeing Roman. 

Roman and Dean’s stare down was more tense. You could feel the tension in the air.  Dean took a step forward and said. “Stop staring at me and make a move, big guy”

Roman moved across the room so quickly, fisting his hands in Dean’s shirt, he slams him into the nearest wall. 

You gasp and Seth jumps in, pulling Roman away from Dean, who was laughing. You feel so lost as to why Roman is so angry at Dean, there is no way he knows about you and Dean. Dean had only told Seth, who promised not to tell anyone.

Roman growled and Dean laughed. “Come on big guy! Hit me right here” Dean said, pointing to his cheek. “You gonna let Seth hold you back!”

Roman spun right out of Seth’s grip and came back after Dean who was smirking. He once again fisted his hand in in Dean’s shirt and slammed him against the wall. 

You yelp and then run over, grabbing Roman’s shoulder and pulling on him. You can still hear Dean laughing and then Roman slams him against the wall again.

“ROMAN! STOP! PLEASE!” You yelled, as you and Seth continue to pull on him. Roman stops but only to shove you and Seth away. You fall to the ground add did Seth.

You heard Dean groan and then grunt. You push yourself up and run back over to Roman, pulling on his arm and yelling. “GOD DAMN IT, ROMAN! JUST STOP! PLEASE DON’T HURT HIM!”

Roman suddenly stops and slowly turns, looking at you. He seen the few tears that slipped from your eyes. He looks back to Dean, who has blood running from his nose and some dripping from his mouth. 

“What the fuck was that!?” You yelled at Roman. You grabbed Dean’s arm and looked to Seth. “Were is your bathroom?” 

“Upstairs and the first door on the right” He says. You turn to leave the kitchen, when you see Seth and Roman’s girlfriends standing there with bags in their hands, their jaws hitting the floor.

You walked pass them with Dean in tow, you go upstairs and into the bathroom.

You make Dean sit on the toilet as you look for something to stop his nose bleed. You find a washcloth and wet it and then gently bringing it to his nose. 

“Hold it there” You said, glaring at Dean. He looks at you with a face that says ‘Please don’t be mad’ 

“What the fuck? Why would you do that! Why would you tell him to hit you! And why is he so mad at you? Why the hell did you do!?”

Dean looks up at you and sighs. “Listen I’m sorry. I….He…He just pisses me off so much!”

“That’s bullshit! He knows something! Because if he didn’t he wouldn’t hit someone from no reason!”

Dean sighs again before whispering “He know about us” 

You stand there, clenching and unclenching your fists. “Who told him?”

“No one really. He said he saw us at the carnival….and he called me, asking if we were dating and….well it was the very next day after I kissed you….and I said yes…..because I mean we are”

He was fucking jealous and so he beat Dean up because of it. 

“And we kind of got into it on the phone because he said he stay away from you and I said why? She clearly wouldn’t have done anything if she didn’t feel the same. We just kind of started yelling all kinds of shit at each other after that”

Before Dean could say anything else, you pulled open the door and ran down the stairs, into the kitchen were Roman was, Seth trying to clam him down.

“You’re a jealous ASSHOLE!” You yelled, walking over to Roman. 

“What the fuck is the matter with you! You have no motherfucking right! NO motherfucking RIGHT! I moved on, Roman! I’m happy!”

“I’m so fucking happy! I…I just don’t understand! You beat Dean up! Someone who use to be your best friend! Because he makes me happy!? You made me happy at one point, Roman, but now its Dean’s turn to make me happy. And he makes me so fucking happy! And if you still cared about as much as you seem too….then you would understand…..that….that I am happy” 

“I loved you Roman…I really did….but I let you go when I left the house that morning….I stopped fighting….because it was a fight I was never going to win….and you know what, it was the best damn thing that I could have done. Letting you go, letting us go, was the best thing I did. Because I needed to stop dreaming that one day, you were going to be my prince. I don’t know if Dean is  my prince charming, but I sure as hell hope so, and I hope that one day, somewhere down the road from now, that we can be friends again.” 

You took a couple of steps back, before turning around and seeing Dean standing in the kitchen doorway, smiling. 

He was smiling because you wanted to be with him and you finely, let Roman go, every part on him. You let it go. You walked over to Dean and took his hand.

“I hope that one day we can be friends again too man” Dean said. After that you both left.

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Dean was quiet on the way home, he held your hand, gently squeezing it every now and again. You looked over at him, and smiled. You’ve only been dating for a little bit, but you that you loved him. He was the one to put all the broken pieces back together again. 

You looked back out the window, smiling sweetly. You were going to do everything you could to make sure this worked, you needed him, in a way you thought you needed Roman. 

Dean pulled into your driveway and turned off the car, turning and looking at you.

Dean stroked the top of your hand. You looked at him and leaned in, gently kissing his bruised lips.

“I’m sorry he did this to you” You whispered. Dean smiled and shook his head.

“Don’t be sorry. Not your fault” Dean whispered, kissing you again. 

Dean pulled back and said. “Do you want to be alone?….Or do you care if I come in with you?”

You smiled. “I actually was wondering if you want to stay the night….I don’t want to be alone” 

Dean nodded his head. “Yeah, ok. I would like to stay the night”

Exo's reaction when their gf tells them she's been paired with someone else

Sorry for being late! I hope you like it! I made some of them miserable and some of them not so miserable, okay not miserable at all, they’re the same idiots as always. :D

XIUMIN: “you’re not going to agree on this right? Babe, say something!”

LUHAN: “but, it’s just not fair. I don’t want this to happen. I won’t let this happen”

KRIS: “what? why? but you love me!” *confused kris is confused*

SUHO: “yes, but have you told them I’m rich??”

LAY: *he’s waiting outside of your house to catch a glimpse of you because your parents won’t let you meet him*

BAEKHYUN: “don’t cry jagi, we’ll find a way to make this work”


you-“I’m not lying"   chen-"you’re…not?”

CHANYEOL: “okay jagi, we’ll run away then! do you think they’ll recognise me like this? now you just have to wear a wig too and we’re good to go!”

D.O:  you-“kyungsoo? kyungsoo? oh my god, i think i broke him!”

TAO: “but..but i love you, why can’t they see that?”

KAI: “don’t cry, it’s not the end of the world, it’s going to be okay. we’ll talk to them together”

SEHUN: *he can’t believe what you just said*

personal sign readings

Aries: i cant tell if youre evil or nice or sweet or rude idk you confuse me but ur gr8 and smart and i appreciate your existence in my life. thank you for taking care of my friend and make sure you stay patient with her, she isnt ready but you are. stay grounded. you are just such a nice person and i cant help but admire your intelligence and go get em attitude. dw aries, id fight u any day <3

Taurus: you literally remind me off chocolate and the colour brown, youre so stubborn but thats what makes you so special to me, youre not afraid to be real to me when im upset and i appreciate your honest. thanks for all the hot coco when im sad

Gemini: you are my source of wisdom in life, you are so smart and it makes me wonder why you even hang out with me. youre a true intellectual human and i like the way you dress lmao u remind me off computers and coffee tbh

Cancer: holy shit you are so emotional i cant handle it. youre so hyper and passionate but you know what, there are people out there who really love you, i wish i couldve kept you as a friend but life goes forth, have fun crying on people’s shoulders but be sure to make yourself comfortable, dont change who you are bc someone doesnt like it, you just be you. ily

Leo: ah leo, where do i start lol. you are such a drama queen, queen of drama, queen of the world. haha, you are the center of attention we get it leo so chill b. dont think others will out shine you bc trust me, they wouldnt fuckin dare. you are such a deep person and i appreciate your concern but i can do things on my own so take a step back, for your own good.

Virgo: i havent talked to you in forever, last time i checked you were still bitchy and a perfectionist but i miss you. i miss our talks and how much fun we had as kids. i loved going on adventures with you it was the most imaginative experience ever and i really miss that. its a shame i had to move but i hope youre doing ok out there in that big world we were so scared of. i hope we meet again soon. i wont ever forget you bc u remind me of the moon / stars and really anime lookin scenery ur that perf

Libra: where do i even start with libra… you are such a balanced spirit and i love the way you speak. i honestly love you. you are such an awkward and introverted person and its hard to tell youre even a libra. ur more like a pisces. i find the way you write and think so cute, youre so airy and weird lol. you remind me of soft pillows and sweets wrapped in gold paper. as for the other libra in my life, you sir are loud af, flamboyant and just all around a people person. its funny bc you look so happy all the time but no one really knows how you feel. no one quite understands your private or secret life like i do. you trust me and i trust you. you get on my nerves but i love your spirit and ability to change to subject when it you know it will hit close to home for me. thanks for caring

Scorpio: you are the prettiest person i have ever met. i constantly tell everyone you are the prettiest human in the school like holy shit youre hot. you make me laugh all the time and youre suprisingly not as vain as i wouldve expected from a scorpio but im totally ok with that bc you are hot af inside and out. im glad i met you but sometimes you say things without realizing youre hurting someone. dont go prodding your nose into peoples business and make assumptions based on reaction. dont give false hope to those who want real answers and just keep to yourself until you know the truth. you remind me off the colour black and red, you also remind me of sex and spicy food / underground nightclubs

Sagittarius: is it weird that a sagittarius doesnt have any sagittarius friends? i think it is… based on my brief encounter with a sagittarius male i was like hot diggity mother fuckin damn can i like touch u bc ur radiant and sexy af. in all honesty i wouldve wanted to talk to him more but we met once. it was like a distant dream. dw random sagittarius stranger, i thought you were funny when no one else did :^) i cant express my love for sagittarius’ bc they are just so unique and opinionated but at the same time they can be really cold and down right fukin psycho if you piss them off enough. some sags lack the empathy to care but dont take it personally, they are usually trying to hold back their past or how much they are hurting and are too afraid to seek help from anyone. they take on tasks by themselves which can leave them apathetic and self centered without even realizing it. most of the times sags are really outgoing and generally happy, they can make you laugh like a mofo and arent afraid to give it to you straight when you have a problem. they are the best advice givers

Capricorn: you sir, are c00l. like, way cooler than me im srs. you are goals. can i be you wtf????? you are so smart and quiet all the time but when you speak, pure genius or pure hilarity comes out. your one liners make me laugh or make me think. i love the way you function, youre such a mastermind. sometimes i wish i could find something bad about you but all i know is that you are most likely to take over the world and idk how to feel about that tbh. you remind me of books and really wealthy families with huge libraries and fuckin savage kitchens

Aquarius: aquarius you are such an important figure in my life, you have been through so much shit but you have learned from it all. the reason i am who i am today is from your real nitty gritty upbringing. you never held anything back from me and thats how i want to raise my kids, with pure honesty and love. i adore your concern but even as a mother, you need to back down. you may not know everything about how today’s society functions but thats ok, just chill. i got this. i will come to you when i need help. dont drop a pebble into the still pond bc things are balanced for once. dont fuck this up for me please. let me take care of this. i wont end up like her, i am who i am and i know what to avoid. i have learnt so much so please, let me put my knowledge into actions. your entity reminds me of magic and flowers, youre subtle but you are passionate and i love you

Pisces: ugh omg you are such a butt. you instantly remind me of scarves and well planned picnics. you were the one who would take us out and show us the world. it is so hard to tell you are even a pisces. you are more like a sagittarius and thats why i think we get along so well. like father like daughter, we are an amazing pair. i miss you, this family isnt nearly as entertaining without you here but youre off in another country, working your kind hearted butt off for us and i have accepted that. aquarius is having trouble with your absence but im calming her down, she will get used to it. dont forget about us over here ok? we all miss you. i definitely dont miss the constant clashes between us, you are just such a perfectionist it pisses me off. regardless of the bickering and stupid arguments, i love you and i want you back here with us asap

Daddy// part. 2 (Derek Hale)

Originally posted by oxbowx

Summary: Continuation of the first one, here. Part three.

Warnings: Mild language

Word count: 1,240

Word density: “Love”


“Melissa, come on.” You said, dragging her over to where her sister was.

Talia was barely awake. Her head lulled to the left side a little. She smiled at something that the boys were saying to her. It’s been awhile since you’ve seen her smile.

“And then Vader says, ‘Luke, I am your father’, and then-.” Deaton stopped the boy.

“Stiles, may you please take the girls to the back and finish your performance there.” I watched as the boy picked up Talia and walked her to the back, Melissa following.

“I need to know what happened.” Deaton asked, Derek stood beside me.

“Um, the girls went to a sleepover and Talia ate a cupcake. Melissa doesn’t like cupcakes so she didn’t eat one. Melissa said right after she ate it is when she got sick. That was a week ago. I saw a witch, she said it was wolfsbane but didn’t understand how she was still alive.” You explained to Deaton.

“Well if she’s been holding on this long, maybe there’s a chance I could come up with some way to reverse the effects of the wolfsbane. It’s going to take me awhile, but I keep trying” Deaton grabbed his clipboard and walked back to where Talia was.

You were alone with  Derek and you could not be more uncomfortable. You could feel his eyes on you. You could smell the uneasiness coming off of him. All of it was too much too deal with. Your dying child and seeing your childhood crush (that was the father of your children). You walked over to one of the chairs and sat down with your hands covering your face.

“You look tired.” He finally broke the six year silence that was between you two.

“I haven’t slept since Saturday.” You answered, not looking up at him.

“It’s Friday.” He said as he walked over to you.

“I know.” He was now sitting next to you.

“You and Melissa can stay with me while Deaton works on…Talia.” He forced himself to say the name.

“Why would we need to stay with you?” You asked, finally looking up at him.

“Because Deaton isn’t going to let you stay and watch what he has to do to Talia, and Melissa needs a place to sleep. I know you packed clothes, just drive over to my loft, it’s not a burden on me.”

“Derek, I’ll book a hotel room, thanks for the offer but-.”

“But nothing! Look, the six years you’ve been gone have been absolute hell for me. I lost my girlfriend, my best friend, my whole family, and the kids I never knew I had. I don’t know why you left and I don’t know why you never called, but that’s not important now. What’s important is making sure my daughter’s are safe.” He was standing up and yelling.

“You think these six year haven’t been hard on me? I left the only place I knew. I was kicked out of my pack by my own parents! My parents who forced me out of Beacon Hills and cut my connections to anyone from here. I barely finished high school. My pregnancy, sucked! Most women have stretch marks, I have scars! Scars because they were trying to tear me apart from the inside out!”

“Y/N, I didn’t know-.” He started.

“I am not finished yet. You don’t understand how much I loved you, how much I still love you. I just a rebound for you, you never loved me like I loved you. Paige was gone and you were hurt, so you acted like a little child and played with a new toy. A new toy that was begging to be played with, to be loved by you. You took that toy and used it when you felt necessary. I don’t blame you for knocking me up, I blame myself for having sex with someone that would never love me-.” You were stopped by a pair of lips on yours.

Why did you let him kiss you? Why did you allow yourself to get trapped in his beautiful green eyes? Derek Hale was alway viewed as this mysterious man. He had so many layers it was difficult to tell how he was really feeling.

“Mommy.” a small voice called out, causing you two to pull apart.

“Mel?” You turned to see her cuddling a blanket and holding Stiles’ hand.

“Mommy I’m tired.” She wined as she came over and hugged you.

“Don’t worry, Melissa. We’re going to my house now.” Derek said as he picked her up.


“Mommy, how come Stiles couldn’t stay over?” Mel asked as you began to tuck her into Derek’s large bed.

“Because he’s busy, baby. Stiles is in high school. Do you have a crush on Stiles?” You asked and she shook her head.

“No, I like Lydia. She’s pretty.” Mel blushed.

“I think Lydia is pretty too. Come on now, time for bed.” You placed a kiss on her head and began to walk out of the room.

“Night, mommy. I love you more than the stars love the sky!”

“Night, Melissa. I love you more than the moon loves the stars.”

When you walked into the living room, Derek was setting up a mini bed for himself on the couch. Your view on him had changed You weren’t mad that you were a second option, if that. You were mad at yourself for falling in love with your best friend.

“Do you mind if I join you?” You asked causing Derek’s head to pop up.

“No not at all, there’s room here.”

He slid to the side a little it and made room for you on the couch Your head was pressed up against his hard chest, head level to his heart. Just like when you were younger. You thought back to all those night where you would come over in your pajamas with a blanket, those nights where Derek had a stack of movies for you to watch in one night. Those nights where Talia would come home and find you two on the couch cudled up like two bears.

“So, I’m a daddy?” He asked.

“You’re a daddy. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.” You sighed.

“It’s okay, I understand that you couldn’t.” He tilted your chin up so that you were looking at him.

“I think I should stay in Beacon Hills longer.”

“Why? You’d miss me too much if you left? That’s so sweet.” He laughed.

“Oh, get over yourself! I think there are hunter back where I live. Plus, I don’t want to drive another six hours with two six year olds-.”

Your heart shattered when you realized that you probably wouldn’t return home with both children.

“Hey, stop. You aren’t leaving, you’re staying here and you’re going to have both girls with you.” Derek protectively wrapped his arms around you.

“I’m scared, Der.”

“I know, I am too. We just have to stay strong.” A soft tear escaped your eye.

“You know you’re wrong, about what you said earlier?” He blurted out.

“What?” You questioned a he pulled you into a spooning position.

“You said that I don’t love you the same way you love me. That’s not true. It took you leaving for six years for me to realize how much I really love you.”

Sam Winchester Imagine - Bewitched

Title: Bewitched

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: Sam gets bewitched that causes him to see you with Dean. Like, with Dean. He realises that to break the spell, he needs to confess his love for you. 

Warnings: Softcore kissing(?)

A/N: I don't know why I subconsciously write a lot of Sam. He’s cute, so. Also, someone requested a part two to my Reversed French Mistake imagine (also Sam x Reader). Tell me if you want it. 


Sam let out a frustrated grunt as he walked into yet another sharp edge of a furniture piece in the bunker.

“Jesus Christ, Sam. ‘The hell did that witch do to you?” Dean clicked his tongue. He hurried to his younger brother’s side, his arms quickly sliding onto his back to steady him.

“Bewitched me.” Sam muttered angrily. With the help of Dean, Sam plopped himself onto the couch.

“Do you remember which spell she used?” you stood over his sweating body, trying to make his whirling eyes focus on you.

“N-no,” he managed to spit out. “It was weird and melodic…like a, like a-”

“A romantic spell.” Dean finished. His brows furrowed. “Why the hell would she use a romantic spell?”

“If I would have known, I wouldn’t be like this, now would I?” Sam retorted, a layer of sweat making his face glisten.

“So I guess we wait then?” you looked over at Dean.

“What else can we do? We can’t get rid of it if we don’t know what 'it’ is.” Dean shrugged helplessly. “For now, go take a nap.”

You expected Sam to extend his arms, reaching out for Dean’s help like a baby so he could go to his room. Instead, Sam lifted his foot so his large body draped over the couch. He snuggled deeper into one of the throw pillows, causing his hair to scatter into random directions. His jittery face slowly stilled, the only movement from his body was the steady inhale and exhale of his breaths.

“Well, that was quick.” Dean popped his lips. “We should probably sleep too. That was the hardest case we’ve had in a while.”

“Alright,” you sighed. “Night.” you muttered, giving Dean a casual kiss on the cheek before walking away to your room.


Sam awoke to ruckus in the kitchen. From the way the sunlight shone bright through the old curtains, he could tell it was around noon. He sat up right. Alright, no headaches, the room isn’t spinning, he doesn’t feel like vomiting. That’s good.

Thoughts of the stupid witch from last night vanished from Sam’s mind once he heard laughter and chatter coming from the kitchen.

“Dean!” he heard you giggle. Involuntarily, Sam’s heart began to speed up at the sound of your voice. He made a mental note to try and tell you about his feelings for you before he started falling even harder.

With the witch’s words in his head from last night repeating in his head, he walked over to the kitchen. “To confess a love, without the fear of rejection,” he recalled. Or at least whatever he could recall in english. Did he remember the witch’s spell? Bits of it. But he couldn’t have told you, could he? He couldn’t risk you knowing his feelings for you. 

Sam’s eyes widened when you came into view first. You were clad in a greed plaid shirt he recognized as Dean’s. Only the plaid shirt. He could see the edges of your lace bra peaking out from the fabric because of the unbuttoned buttons. He felt himself blush. Your hair was messy and let down freely. Your face was clean of any make up, just the way he liked it. 

The furrow between his brows deepened once he saw Dean’s appearance. Dean was only in his boxers and another plaid shirt that was carelessly buttoned. His hair was messy and from the distorted collar of his shirt, Sam could tell that Dean had a few hickeys on his neck. 

What the hell?

Sam cleared his throat to catch your attention.

“Oh!” you turned to Sam, that huge smile still on your face. “You’re awake. We’re making pancakes!” your grin widened like a little kid when you said the word 'pancakes’.

Dean grinned at Sam as he held up the bowl of pancake mix. Sam watch you walk over to his brother, affection clear on your eyes. As Dean got distracted by your stare, you dipped a finger inside the bowl. Before Dean could register what you were doing, you flicked his nose with the pancake mix covered finger.

“(y/n)!” Dean whined. Your bubbly giggles filled the kitchen as you ran away from Dean. Of course, in a split second, Dean caught you. Sam watched the way his older brother’s arms enclosed around your body with jealousy filled eyes. His eyes widened as Dean turned you in his arms so he could kiss your lips sweetly.

“What?” Sam shook his head, as if he could get rid of the painful image before him.

“We’re making pancakes.” you repeated, your grin falling at the corner of your lips. “God, Sam what did that witch do to you?” you untangled Dean’s arms as you walked over to Sam. Sam grew nervous under your stare as you reached his eyes. “Has the spell started? Are you seeing things?”

“I-I think so.” Sam stuttered. He has never been this close to you before.

“Are you sure? Maybe you should try going to bed again?” you suggested.

Before Sam could answer, Dean’s arms were hugging you from behind again. Jealousy spread through Sam’s veins. 

“Maybe we should go to bed too, hmm? But I get the feeling we won’t be getting much sleep.” Sam heard Dean whisper in your ear as he nibbled on your ear lobe cheekily.

“Behave yourself.” he heard you whisper back, giggling lightly. What was with all the giggling? You never giggled.

“What is going on?” Sam’s voice was cold now, frozen with jealousy and anger.

“Jeez, Sammy. Maybe you really should take a nap.” Dean turned to him.

“Why are you two kissing? Did…did I miss something?” Sam’s eyebrows were still furrowed. Hurt was evident in his voice.

“Kissing? What are you talking about?” you questioned. For a second, the image of you in Dean’s arms was replaced by another. You were standing next to Dean, with the usual distance between your body. You were wearing your own clothes; your favorite cotton shorts and a hoodie. Dean was in his usual denim-plaid combo. However, the same worried look in your eyes remained. 

“Is it the spell?” Dean spoke up. The normal image suddenly turned back into you in Dean’s arms, his chin still propped on your shoulder.

Sam staggered back. He could feel that awful headache returning. 

“I think the witch put a hallucination spell on me.” Sam said. He closed his eyes, hoping that it would help to get rid of the pounding in his head. 

“No shit, Sherlock,” you pressed a hand to his forehead. “You’re burning.” you frowned again. 

Sam tried looking down, but the image of you in Deans shirt like that was too painful. 

“(y/n), I think I know how to break the spell,” Sam reached to grab your hands that were on his forehead, his fingers enclosing around your much smaller ones.

“Really? That’s awesome. What do we have to do?” your eyes lit up at him. Sam’s heart rate sped up again. He was nervous, to say the least. God, was he really going to do this? 

It’s now or never, Sammy. 

“This.” was all that Sam said before bending down to capture your lips in his sweetly. He was hesitant at first, closed mouth and no pressure. But once you groaned against his mouth, softly stroking your tongue at his bottom lip, the kiss deepened in a split second. You got lost in the way his large hands cradled your face gently. 

Once you two pulled away, you could still see sparks and feel the tingly feeling on your lips. 

“God, Sammy. What did that witch do to you?” you teased, a satisfied smirk on your lips. 

“Made me confess a love without the fear of rejection.” Sam smiled down at you. Your eyes fluttered when he caressed your cheekbone with his forefinger. 

“Well then,” Dean cleared his throat awkwardly. Once Sam looked up at him, he saw that Dean was now back in his normal clothes, hickey free. Sam looked back down at you to see that you too were back to normal.

He broke the spell. 

“What did that witch make you see?” you questioned. 

“She umm, you two were uh-together.” Sam stumbled over his words.

“Who? Me and Dean?” your eyebrows furrowed. 

“Yah,” Sam sighed. “With the kissing, cuddling, the sickening dirty comments and everything.” he grimaced. 

You turned to look at Dean. Immediately, the both of you burst into hysterics. 

“It’s not funny, okay? It was really creepy.” Sam’s hand tightened around your waist desperately. 

“Really, really creepy.” you agreed, laughing against his lips. You pulled him into another kiss. 

fantastic under five hundred (kudos)

johnlockficrecommendations’ favorite underappreciated fics, in celebration of reaching my next hundred (!).

Oxidation by abbykate: A gorgeously angsty magical realism fic in which Sherlock is an artist and John is his subject, with a twist - John died in the war, and Sherlock attempts to paint him solely from descriptions. The writing is exquisite and the characterizations are perfect. Watch out for the tags (major character death, suicidal ideation, and drug use among them), but otherwise, absolutely give this a read.

God Rest Ye Drunk Detectives by Chryse: This is a fantastic scene from A River Without Banks. In a nutshell, Greg’s habit of taking videos of Sherlock while compromised backfires on him in a spectacular manner. Even if you haven’t read ARWB, read this; it is short and sweet and laugh-out-loud-at-an-inappropriate-time-and-place hilarious.

In Confidence by emmadelosnardos: This is a wonderful epistolary fic told through documents and transcripts from when Sherlock was in rehab. Slightly AU-ish in that Sherlock meets John because Harry is at the same center, but it’s very much a character study. The view into Sherlock’s mind is nothing short of fascinating. I very much recommend it, but give it until the third chapter (where the session transcripts start) to win you over. Seriously, I found myself thinking about this fic for months after reading it.

And Oceans Drowned by YankingAwry: Oh my god, this is gorgeous. The writing is nothing short of incredible. Listen to this: If Sherlock survives, he’ll either quit smoking, or smoke two packs a day. Living and dying are, after all, the same equation, they tend to the same limit, and having the process conducted on one’s own terms now seems a squandered extravagance. And this: The thumb stops at his lower lip, and rests there, heavy as wired explosives wrapped in a parka. If that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will. Short and sweet and angsty (but with a happy ending), this is a must read.

A Diseased Fancy by J_Baillier: Do you like Lovecraftian horror? I didn’t think I would, but I adore this fic. Following an aborted almost-kiss between John and Sherlock, Sherlock turns to an archaic and dangerous field of study that appears to be destroying him. You don’t need to know anything about H.P. Lovecraft to read this fic (I didn’t)- it explains what you need to know quite well, the basic gist of which is: Sherlock meets the paranormal. This is a fantastic yet creepy slow burn told from John’s point of view, and I absolutely recommend it.

the safety in the spaces of your mouth by darcylindbergh: This is such a lovely fic, angsty as it may be. This short story tells the origins of “bumble” as Sherlock’s pet name. Their love is so lovely in this fic, and so terribly real as well. I absolutely adore this fic, it reminds me of why I fell in love with the pairing in the first place. My only advice for this one is this: go read it!

Wherever Destiny Takes Me by justacookieofcumberbatch: This isn’t a Johnlock fic but a Jolto fic, but don’t let that stop you. It’s fantastic! An story of John in Afghanistan, it’s an epic backstory and incredibly well written. Utterly fantastic; a must-read for anyone who loves Jolto, BAMF John, military backstories, or generally wonderful fics.

Excitement bubbled in the pit of your stomach as your manager called you earlier, telling you that another company called Big Hit contacted him earlier this morning, wanting you to meet up with one of their rappers from the Bangtan Boys. You already had someone in mind who you wanted to meet so badly since months now. He caught your eye right after his group debuted and his raps always got your attention. To be honest, you always envied him of his capability when it came to writing. Being in charge of rapping in your group, you tried all the time to give your hundred percent when it came to rapping and writing, getting praises from important people here and there but competition like him always made you nervous.

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So today I had an accident while at my best friends place (he’s a boy) and he had to lend me a pair of jeans. THE POCKETS!!!!




Fairy Tail Ship Hugs

So guys, as you know I’ve done some FT ships cuddling and Hetalia ships and stuff, and I wanted to do general Fairy Tail hugs because of feels. WHY MASHIMA!? WHY? And to tell you all that because of these feels I’ve almost finished writing a Gajevy Mafia!AU-ish fic for two lovely anons! (Anon 2- there is morning cuddles for you! ;D)


….. Just so you know….. welp…. ON WITH THE GIFS!


In the middle of a battle and Lucy’s magic power is spent, everyone is running low and Natsu won’t let Fairy Tail loose!

I have a head-canon (please someone draw this for me) that one day Lucy will wear a pair of really nice heels to a job and Natsu warns her to change, but she take no notice…

“OUCH!” Lucy was on the floor clutching her ankle, “Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! OOOOW!”
“What did I say Luce?” Natsu bent down and scooped her into his arms, spinning around to carry on home, “Heels are a death-trap.”

A slightly tipsy NaLu walking back to Lucy’s apartment after a loud Guild party…. 

Natsu being a dork:


“What is it now, Natsu?”


*My head-cannon about defeating the Dragons*

“We did it…” Lucy smiled up at Natsu, pulling him closer towards her, “We finally defeated the Dragons.”

VERY drunk Lucy wants a piggy back ride. (Not really a hug, but it reminded me of the OVA, ok?)


(Please get together!)

“Thank’s, Shrimp.”

*After a big battle*

“Yes! We did it!" 

"I know! Er… Um…” They both blush.

“I love it when we’re alone…” Levy whispered, leaning back into her secret boyfriend.

“Yeah…. I have an important question, Shrimp.”

(Kill me now)

“What…. R-re…. Say that again!” She stared down at the kneeling man in front of her, eyes wide with shock.

“Will you marry me?" 



“It’s been so long, Erza.”

“7 years is a long time…”

(Head-cannon that when Erza came back from the 7 years thing, she and Jellal met up. She’d bottled all of her feelings of missing 7 years up and finally let them out with the man she loved.)

“Jellal…. would it be wrong of me to ask you to hold me for a bit?”

“No… I’ll let you cry here in my arms for as long as you need. It’s the least I can do…”

“Thank you…”

They go back to Erza’s place to talk…

“Erza, you have no idea what it’s been like for me… I missed you…. I need you. You are the bright moon that lights my dark skies… I need you to live Erza…”

“I don’t want to…. but I have to. You know I can’t stay here for long. I can’t risk you being thrown in prison because of me.”



*Red hair…..*



“Wow! Er… Hery Juvia…”

*Head-cannon that Gray goes on a two-day mission and doesn’t come back for over two weeks. From the day after he was supposed to have arrived she waited for him at the train station, come rain or shine.)

She trudged towards the station, eyes down cast, hair dripping wet.

“J-Juvia? What are you doing out here in the rain?” Standing on the platform with a large umbrella was the one and only Gray Fullbuster.

“GRAY-SAMA!” She sobbed, flinging her arms around him, “Juvia’s beloved Gray-sama is finally back!”

“Yeah, sorry to have worried you… the mission took longer than I thought… hey Next time do you wanna tag along?”


“Wow! Er… ok then….”

(Juvia keeps thinking that Gray is involved with the other girls of the Guild)

“Does Gray-Sama not love Juvia enough? Is she not beautiful enough? Is-” He cut her off pulling her into a tight embrace.

“You are enough and more, Juvia.”

“B-but! What about Lucy-San?”

“Lucy?! Thins is what it’s about!? JUVIA I LOVE YOU.”


“Lisanna… You’re ba- argh!” Lisanna slammed into him, locking him in a tight embrace.

“I missed you…. The Edolas you…. I hardly even knew him before…” She allowed a few tears to leak down her face, laughing as Bickslow swung her back and forth.

“C'mere, ‘Anna." 

"Anna! Anna! Anna!” His babies repeated.

“Shut them up before I do.”

“Hug me.”

“Yes, Mi'lady.”

“Mi'lady! Mi'lady! Mi'lady!”

“Shut them up.”




“Give me a kiss, it’s Manly.”

“Don’t boss me around!”

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