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I'm with you on that aomine hc. But instead of just boob size i've always thought of more general body types. Like he would either be with a skinny girl who has little boobs or a chubby girl with big boobs. Idk why but I can't see him dating someone with an average build? But I totally agree with the personality thing, after all, what really matter is how well you get along with your s/o, not their physical appearance.

Yes of course – I just pointed out the boobs part because it’s canon that he’s a huuugeee fan of them ~

and yes. TOTALLY. Actually , let me tell you i believe that love is something very unexpected so that’s why i also believe someone like Aomine for example who likes something specific in a woman and it’s also canon could fall in love with a woman with small chest or even a man who doesn’t even have a pair of those and that would be because even if he was looking for something specific in a person he found something even better and that’s honest , beautiful love and trust with someone who he is in love with. Even if he found a girl he loves with huuuugeeeee boobs he wouldn’t even notice them at first because wow he loves THAT person , not what they look like – i believe that’s a very cute and beautiful headcanon ^^