I’m Breaking Up With You

Summary: Bucky tries breaking up with you but you’re not having it.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: fluff maybe

A/N: Hope ya like this

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“She won’t let me break up with her.” Bucky tells his best friend, Steve as they both sat on the couch. They look towards the kitchen where Y/N stood, talking to Natasha and Wanda. Bucky’s girlfriend lets out a laugh at something Natasha says and he smiles. Bucky loves her so much.

“Why do you want to break up with her? I thought you loved her?” Steve questions, confused as to why he wants to break up with her. when Bucky first met Y/N it was like love at first sight for him. Steve remembers how Bucky would talk non stop about her - he still does and how he would follow her around like a lost puppy, hugging or touching her whenever he could.

“I do love her.” Bucky smiles. “The other day I tried breaking up with her only to see how she would react and she kept saying ‘nope’. It was so cute.”

Steve turns to his friend.

“So you don’t actually want to break up with her right?” he questions him, still sort of confused.

“Nope. I love her too much to ever actually break up with her.” he replies, looking over at his girlfriend.

“Wait so why did you try breaking up with her again? I’m still confused.” Steve admits and Bucky laughs.

“I wanted to see if she’d let me go or fight for our relationship.” he responds simply and Steve nods, better understanding the situation.

“So it was like a test for your relationship?” he asks to be 100% sure he understood. Bucky nods, looking at Steve before turning his full attention to Y/N. He watched as she clasped her hands on her mouth as she laughed and he smirks.

“Wanna see?” Bucky asks Steve, referring to him trying to break up with Y/N only for her to say no. Steve nods, both of the super soldiers turning to the three girls standing in the kitchen. “Hey Y/N,” he calls and she turns her head to him.

“Yeah?” she says as Wanda and Natasha look over at Bucky as well.

“I’m breaking up with you.” he speaks and both Wanda and Natasha’s eyes widen at his words.

“No you’re not.” Y/N replies, causing Bucky to smile and look over at Steve with an ‘I told you so’ look.

”I just don’t think we’re good for each other.” Bucky sighs, the smile still on his face as he says this.

“We’re not breaking up.” Y/N states. “Nice try though, Buck.” she turns back to the two girls and they continue their conversation like nothing happened.

Bucky turns back to his friend who was laughing and smiles.

“I told you she won’t let me.” he grins.

Later that day Bucky made his way into your room, finding you sitting on your bed with your nose in a book. You were wearing your glasses and Bucky smiles at the beautiful sight. He simply loves when you wear your glasses.

“Hey Doll.” he greets, sitting on your bed right next to you.

“Hey Buck.” you murmur, flipping the page to your book. Bucky’s eyebrows furrow at the way you responded.

“What’s wrong?” he questions, automatically knowing something was up.

“Nothing.” you say, not looking at him. Bucky sighs and takes your book from your grasp, throwing it onto your nightstand. “Hey! I was reading tha-”

“What’s wrong?” he cuts you off and you sigh, looking down at your folded hands.

“Why are you trying to break up with me?” you ask him and Bucky’s facial features soften.

“I’m not I just-” he pinches the bridge of his nose, trying to explain the best he could. “I wanted to know if you’d fight for our relationship or not. I never actually wanted to break up with you. I love you too much Y/N.”

You let out a sigh of relief at his words. You thought you had done something to make Bucky not want you anymore and it scared you. You didn’t want to lose him.

“Oh thank god,” you breathe and Bucky chuckles. “I thought I had done something to make you want to break up with me.”

Bucky takes your face in his hands, looking into your eyes lovingly before pressing a gentle kiss on your lips.

“I love you too much to break up with you.” he murmurs as his thumb caressed your cheek.

“I love you too.” you reply

“I love how you responded though,” Bucky pulls away from you, “ ‘no you’re not’ ‘we’re not breaking up’.” he copies your words from earlier.

“Well I wasn’t gonna let you break up with me.” you laugh

“I’m glad you didn’t.” Bucky chuckles and you pull him in for yet another kiss.

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