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Okay so first off I love your bio because girl same. And secondly, I’m sorry if this isn’t a super fluffy angsty drabble :/ It’s not my best but I tried with it.

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Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 689

“How many times do I have to tell you, just let me help.”

“Tell me the truth.”

Why? Why did I have to be so clumsy? Why did I have to fall and hurt myself? Why did I have to do it at dance practice? And most importantly, why did I have to do it in front of him?

You were pulled up, balancing on one foot and hopping over to the couch when you were picked up and now cradled in someone’s arms. You couldn’t help but give off a small yelp at the surprise of being picked up. Your arms hooked around the person’s neck on instinct and finally had a chance to look at them..more like look at him. 

Your stomach tensed up and suddenly you were squirming out of his arms and trying your best to make it back down to your one foot but he wasn’t having any of that.

“(Y/N), knock it off you’re going to fall.”

“Let me down Jimin.” You let go of his neck and tried turning your body but his grip around you only tightened.

“Just let me help.” You shook your head continuing to try and get out of his grip but still no loosening of his grip. You eventually gave up, letting your head fall back and giving Jimin all of your dead weight. 

You heard a door open and that’s when your head snapped up and you saw you were in the room where all the medical supplies were along with a doctor that was always on standby. Jimin set you down and started reaching for your ankle to help you bring it up on the bed but you quickly smacked his hands away and backed up.

“How many times do I have to tell you, just let me help.” Jimin’s voice was stern and his eyes were staring at you. You didn’t say anything, just diverted your eyes down to your hands to avoid the longing looks Jimin gave you. You felt your leg get placed gently on the bed, the stinging pain coming back to your ankle, you winced when you tried to move it. Jimin sat beside you, your back facing him.

“Why don’t you ever let me help you?”


“(Y/N) what did I ever do to you? If I did something to offend you I’m sorry but I-”

“You didn’t do anything.” You interrupted him mumbling your answer.

“Then why don’t you ever let me help you?” His words sounded desperate almost as if with your answer it could completely shatter his heart.

“I can’t tell you that.” You mumbled again, you felt your heart beating from inside your chest and you were almost sure he could here it. You felt his hand place itself on your shoulder and you tensed up, quickly regaining posture so he wouldn’t notice.

“Just tell me, tell me the truth.” 

With a deep sigh you turned your body, letting your leg down lightly before you let your eyes drift to his. You could feel the fear in your chest wanting to take over. Maybe it wants to protect me, you thought. But there wasn’t any danger to begin with. Jimin wasn’t a danger, he wasn’t dangerous to you, he was just dangerous to your feelings. The fear is like a big ball of anxiety in which you really don’t need. But nevertheless you open your mouth to speak.

“I like you.” Your eyes divert themselves back to your hands for a moment before looking back to him. “And you make me really nervous, like all the time but-”

His lips brushed yours, at first it was a simple peck but he quickly went back to your lips. The innocent kiss turned into a teasing one that was hot and fiery. His kiss was demanding and you knew you should have pulled away but you didn’t want to. You could no longer think straight, hands placing themselves on the back of his neck Jimin pulled away only a moment to whisper your name. Your heart flutters at the mention of your name on his lips, never has your name sounded so good and so right and suddenly you were leaning in once again.

Excitement bubbled in the pit of your stomach as your manager called you earlier, telling you that another company called Big Hit contacted him earlier this morning, wanting you to meet up with one of their rappers from the Bangtan Boys. You already had someone in mind who you wanted to meet so badly since months now. He caught your eye right after his group debuted and his raps always got your attention. To be honest, you always envied him of his capability when it came to writing. Being in charge of rapping in your group, you tried all the time to give your hundred percent when it came to rapping and writing, getting praises from important people here and there but competition like him always made you nervous.

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I’m Breaking Up With You

Summary: Bucky tries breaking up with you but you’re not having it.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: fluff maybe

A/N: Hope ya like this

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“She won’t let me break up with her.” Bucky tells his best friend, Steve as they both sat on the couch. They look towards the kitchen where Y/N stood, talking to Natasha and Wanda. Bucky’s girlfriend lets out a laugh at something Natasha says and he smiles. Bucky loves her so much.

“Why do you want to break up with her? I thought you loved her?” Steve questions, confused as to why he wants to break up with her. when Bucky first met Y/N it was like love at first sight for him. Steve remembers how Bucky would talk non stop about her - he still does and how he would follow her around like a lost puppy, hugging or touching her whenever he could.

“I do love her.” Bucky smiles. “The other day I tried breaking up with her only to see how she would react and she kept saying ‘nope’. It was so cute.”

Steve turns to his friend.

“So you don’t actually want to break up with her right?” he questions him, still sort of confused.

“Nope. I love her too much to ever actually break up with her.” he replies, looking over at his girlfriend.

“Wait so why did you try breaking up with her again? I’m still confused.” Steve admits and Bucky laughs.

“I wanted to see if she’d let me go or fight for our relationship.” he responds simply and Steve nods, better understanding the situation.

“So it was like a test for your relationship?” he asks to be 100% sure he understood. Bucky nods, looking at Steve before turning his full attention to Y/N. He watched as she clasped her hands on her mouth as she laughed and he smirks.

“Wanna see?” Bucky asks Steve, referring to him trying to break up with Y/N only for her to say no. Steve nods, both of the super soldiers turning to the three girls standing in the kitchen. “Hey Y/N,” he calls and she turns her head to him.

“Yeah?” she says as Wanda and Natasha look over at Bucky as well.

“I’m breaking up with you.” he speaks and both Wanda and Natasha’s eyes widen at his words.

“No you’re not.” Y/N replies, causing Bucky to smile and look over at Steve with an ‘I told you so’ look.

”I just don’t think we’re good for each other.” Bucky sighs, the smile still on his face as he says this.

“We’re not breaking up.” Y/N states. “Nice try though, Buck.” she turns back to the two girls and they continue their conversation like nothing happened.

Bucky turns back to his friend who was laughing and smiles.

“I told you she won’t let me.” he grins.

Later that day Bucky made his way into your room, finding you sitting on your bed with your nose in a book. You were wearing your glasses and Bucky smiles at the beautiful sight. He simply loves when you wear your glasses.

“Hey Doll.” he greets, sitting on your bed right next to you.

“Hey Buck.” you murmur, flipping the page to your book. Bucky’s eyebrows furrow at the way you responded.

“What’s wrong?” he questions, automatically knowing something was up.

“Nothing.” you say, not looking at him. Bucky sighs and takes your book from your grasp, throwing it onto your nightstand. “Hey! I was reading tha-”

“What’s wrong?” he cuts you off and you sigh, looking down at your folded hands.

“Why are you trying to break up with me?” you ask him and Bucky’s facial features soften.

“I’m not I just-” he pinches the bridge of his nose, trying to explain the best he could. “I wanted to know if you’d fight for our relationship or not. I never actually wanted to break up with you. I love you too much Y/N.”

You let out a sigh of relief at his words. You thought you had done something to make Bucky not want you anymore and it scared you. You didn’t want to lose him.

“Oh thank god,” you breathe and Bucky chuckles. “I thought I had done something to make you want to break up with me.”

Bucky takes your face in his hands, looking into your eyes lovingly before pressing a gentle kiss on your lips.

“I love you too much to break up with you.” he murmurs as his thumb caressed your cheek.

“I love you too.” you reply

“I love how you responded though,” Bucky pulls away from you, “ ‘no you’re not’ ‘we’re not breaking up’.” he copies your words from earlier.

“Well I wasn’t gonna let you break up with me.” you laugh

“I’m glad you didn’t.” Bucky chuckles and you pull him in for yet another kiss.

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Fairy Tail Ship Hugs

So guys, as you know I’ve done some FT ships cuddling and Hetalia ships and stuff, and I wanted to do general Fairy Tail hugs because of feels. WHY MASHIMA!? WHY? And to tell you all that because of these feels I’ve almost finished writing a Gajevy Mafia!AU-ish fic for two lovely anons! (Anon 2- there is morning cuddles for you! ;D)


….. Just so you know….. welp…. ON WITH THE GIFS!


In the middle of a battle and Lucy’s magic power is spent, everyone is running low and Natsu won’t let Fairy Tail loose!

I have a head-canon (please someone draw this for me) that one day Lucy will wear a pair of really nice heels to a job and Natsu warns her to change, but she take no notice…

“OUCH!” Lucy was on the floor clutching her ankle, “Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! OOOOW!”
“What did I say Luce?” Natsu bent down and scooped her into his arms, spinning around to carry on home, “Heels are a death-trap.”

A slightly tipsy NaLu walking back to Lucy’s apartment after a loud Guild party…. 

Natsu being a dork:


“What is it now, Natsu?”


*My head-cannon about defeating the Dragons*

“We did it…” Lucy smiled up at Natsu, pulling him closer towards her, “We finally defeated the Dragons.”

VERY drunk Lucy wants a piggy back ride. (Not really a hug, but it reminded me of the OVA, ok?)


(Please get together!)

“Thank’s, Shrimp.”

*After a big battle*

“Yes! We did it!" 

"I know! Er… Um…” They both blush.

“I love it when we’re alone…” Levy whispered, leaning back into her secret boyfriend.

“Yeah…. I have an important question, Shrimp.”

(Kill me now)

“What…. R-re…. Say that again!” She stared down at the kneeling man in front of her, eyes wide with shock.

“Will you marry me?" 



“It’s been so long, Erza.”

“7 years is a long time…”

(Head-cannon that when Erza came back from the 7 years thing, she and Jellal met up. She’d bottled all of her feelings of missing 7 years up and finally let them out with the man she loved.)

“Jellal…. would it be wrong of me to ask you to hold me for a bit?”

“No… I’ll let you cry here in my arms for as long as you need. It’s the least I can do…”

“Thank you…”

They go back to Erza’s place to talk…

“Erza, you have no idea what it’s been like for me… I missed you…. I need you. You are the bright moon that lights my dark skies… I need you to live Erza…”

“I don’t want to…. but I have to. You know I can’t stay here for long. I can’t risk you being thrown in prison because of me.”



*Red hair…..*



“Wow! Er… Hery Juvia…”

*Head-cannon that Gray goes on a two-day mission and doesn’t come back for over two weeks. From the day after he was supposed to have arrived she waited for him at the train station, come rain or shine.)

She trudged towards the station, eyes down cast, hair dripping wet.

“J-Juvia? What are you doing out here in the rain?” Standing on the platform with a large umbrella was the one and only Gray Fullbuster.

“GRAY-SAMA!” She sobbed, flinging her arms around him, “Juvia’s beloved Gray-sama is finally back!”

“Yeah, sorry to have worried you… the mission took longer than I thought… hey Next time do you wanna tag along?”


“Wow! Er… ok then….”

(Juvia keeps thinking that Gray is involved with the other girls of the Guild)

“Does Gray-Sama not love Juvia enough? Is she not beautiful enough? Is-” He cut her off pulling her into a tight embrace.

“You are enough and more, Juvia.”

“B-but! What about Lucy-San?”

“Lucy?! Thins is what it’s about!? JUVIA I LOVE YOU.”


“Lisanna… You’re ba- argh!” Lisanna slammed into him, locking him in a tight embrace.

“I missed you…. The Edolas you…. I hardly even knew him before…” She allowed a few tears to leak down her face, laughing as Bickslow swung her back and forth.

“C'mere, ‘Anna." 

"Anna! Anna! Anna!” His babies repeated.

“Shut them up before I do.”

“Hug me.”

“Yes, Mi'lady.”

“Mi'lady! Mi'lady! Mi'lady!”

“Shut them up.”




“Give me a kiss, it’s Manly.”

“Don’t boss me around!”

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Exo's reaction when their gf tells them she's been paired with someone else

Sorry for being late! I hope you like it! I made some of them miserable and some of them not so miserable, okay not miserable at all, they’re the same idiots as always. :D

XIUMIN: “you’re not going to agree on this right? Babe, say something!”

LUHAN: “but, it’s just not fair. I don’t want this to happen. I won’t let this happen”

KRIS: “what? why? but you love me!” *confused kris is confused*

SUHO: “yes, but have you told them I’m rich??”

LAY: *he’s waiting outside of your house to catch a glimpse of you because your parents won’t let you meet him*

BAEKHYUN: “don’t cry jagi, we’ll find a way to make this work”


you-“I’m not lying"   chen-"you’re…not?”

CHANYEOL: “okay jagi, we’ll run away then! do you think they’ll recognise me like this? now you just have to wear a wig too and we’re good to go!”

D.O:  you-“kyungsoo? kyungsoo? oh my god, i think i broke him!”

TAO: “but..but i love you, why can’t they see that?”

KAI: “don’t cry, it’s not the end of the world, it’s going to be okay. we’ll talk to them together”

SEHUN: *he can’t believe what you just said*

Into the Snamione fandom...

When I first heard of shipping I was all for Dramione. I don’t believe in the canon, Romione, though I still hold high respect for those who do.
After searching Dramione tags and obsessing over fan art/fiction, I stumbled across Snamione, and was both horrified and disturbed that people would place her with the creepiest professor who took joy in picking on the trio. But only a second after, I was so intrigued because of the fascinating concept of forbidden love with not only the most unlikely character, but a professor as well.
I greedily read multiple fan fictions in hopes of receiving delicious drama between the two…
What I actually found: the mother of my otps. Let me tell you, I’ve tried to pair so many people with Hermione, but none (in my opinion) hold a candle to the intelligently developed, complex character that is Severus Snape.
I’m not going to explain why since many have already heard the Snamione fandom pleas. I also respect those who just don’t see sshg as their cup of tea, but those of you who are at least the tiniest bit intrigued like I was, I throughly recommend finding out for yourself why, before condemning it to the grave of notps.

Letting Him Go (Forgetting Him Part 4)

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A/N: PART FOUR! You guys were so fucking sweet telling me to fuck the Anons, that I couldn’t not give you guys something! And you know what I fucking love writing this! It makes me happy and you guys seem to love it. So why the fuck not just put it up there! Thank you guys!

Pairings: Dean X Reader

Warnings: Swearing and a little violence

Theme Song: Sweet Beautiful Tragic By Taylor Swift

You were laying on the couch with Dean, watching TV. Dean wrapped his arms tightly around your waist and began to gently bite behind you ear. 

His hand laid flat against your stomach, gently pushing you to lay on your back. He got in between your legs and started kissing you, from your lips, down your jaw and to your neck. Your hands ran through his hair, gently pulling it. 

Dean comes back up and kisses your lips again. He hasn’t been able to stop himself from kissing you since he got here. 

You started to smiled into the kiss. “Dean, we have to get ready for Seth’s barbecue”

Dean grunted. “Can’t we be a little late?”

“You know that Seth wouldn’t like that since you promised him that you’d help him set everything up”

Dean whined and rolled off the couch on to the floor with a grunt. You looked down at him smiling. 

“Come on babe, get up. Lets go” You said, standing and holding a hand out for him.

Dean whined again. “Stop acting like a five year old and get up” You said, laughing.

Dean finely got up and grabbed you, pulling you in for a kiss. 

Dean pulled away and smiled. “You’re so fucking cute..” You blushed and slapped his chest playfully. Dean continued to smile and then pecked you lips. 

It felt so weird to you, that just a week ago you were just friends with Dean, and now your kissing him and acting all lovey dovey. You just hope that everything works out with Dean, that it doesn’t turn out like it did with Roman.

At Seth’s House-

Originally posted by prowrestlingnow

Dean kept knocking on the door of Seth’s house on until he answered the door, glaring at Dean.

“I heard the first knock, Dean” Seth said. Dean just smirked grabbing your hand and walked in.

Seth gave you a sweet smile and pulled you away from Dean, into a sweet hug.

“Hey, how’ve you been?” Seth asked, pulling away.

“I’ve been….really good” You said smiling. “ How have you been?”

“Good, great actually” Seth said, smiling back. Dean walked off somewhere so you started to talk to Seth as you and him walked to the kitchen.

When you walked into the kitchen you stopped dead in your tracks. Roman was leaning against a counter, drinking a beer. You weren’t expending him to be here. I mean you should have, he is one of Seth’s closed friends. Roman looks over and locks eyes with you.

Seth stood there very uncomfortable, watching the two of you stare down. Roman’s stare was almost angry, which you weren’t sure as to why, yeah you didn’t answer his calls, but you didn’t have to. You two were no longer friends, you both may that quite clear. You sigh and looked away when Dean came walking into the room then and stopped after seeing Roman. 

Roman and Dean’s stare down was more tense. You could feel the tension in the air.  Dean took a step forward and said. “Stop staring at me and make a move, big guy”

Roman moved across the room so quickly, fisting his hands in Dean’s shirt, he slams him into the nearest wall. 

You gasp and Seth jumps in, pulling Roman away from Dean, who was laughing. You feel so lost as to why Roman is so angry at Dean, there is no way he knows about you and Dean. Dean had only told Seth, who promised not to tell anyone.

Roman growled and Dean laughed. “Come on big guy! Hit me right here” Dean said, pointing to his cheek. “You gonna let Seth hold you back!”

Roman spun right out of Seth’s grip and came back after Dean who was smirking. He once again fisted his hand in in Dean’s shirt and slammed him against the wall. 

You yelp and then run over, grabbing Roman’s shoulder and pulling on him. You can still hear Dean laughing and then Roman slams him against the wall again.

“ROMAN! STOP! PLEASE!” You yelled, as you and Seth continue to pull on him. Roman stops but only to shove you and Seth away. You fall to the ground add did Seth.

You heard Dean groan and then grunt. You push yourself up and run back over to Roman, pulling on his arm and yelling. “GOD DAMN IT, ROMAN! JUST STOP! PLEASE DON’T HURT HIM!”

Roman suddenly stops and slowly turns, looking at you. He seen the few tears that slipped from your eyes. He looks back to Dean, who has blood running from his nose and some dripping from his mouth. 

“What the fuck was that!?” You yelled at Roman. You grabbed Dean’s arm and looked to Seth. “Were is your bathroom?” 

“Upstairs and the first door on the right” He says. You turn to leave the kitchen, when you see Seth and Roman’s girlfriends standing there with bags in their hands, their jaws hitting the floor.

You walked pass them with Dean in tow, you go upstairs and into the bathroom.

You make Dean sit on the toilet as you look for something to stop his nose bleed. You find a washcloth and wet it and then gently bringing it to his nose. 

“Hold it there” You said, glaring at Dean. He looks at you with a face that says ‘Please don’t be mad’ 

“What the fuck? Why would you do that! Why would you tell him to hit you! And why is he so mad at you? Why the hell did you do!?”

Dean looks up at you and sighs. “Listen I’m sorry. I….He…He just pisses me off so much!”

“That’s bullshit! He knows something! Because if he didn’t he wouldn’t hit someone from no reason!”

Dean sighs again before whispering “He know about us” 

You stand there, clenching and unclenching your fists. “Who told him?”

“No one really. He said he saw us at the carnival….and he called me, asking if we were dating and….well it was the very next day after I kissed you….and I said yes…..because I mean we are”

He was fucking jealous and so he beat Dean up because of it. 

“And we kind of got into it on the phone because he said he stay away from you and I said why? She clearly wouldn’t have done anything if she didn’t feel the same. We just kind of started yelling all kinds of shit at each other after that”

Before Dean could say anything else, you pulled open the door and ran down the stairs, into the kitchen were Roman was, Seth trying to clam him down.

“You’re a jealous ASSHOLE!” You yelled, walking over to Roman. 

“What the fuck is the matter with you! You have no motherfucking right! NO motherfucking RIGHT! I moved on, Roman! I’m happy!”

“I’m so fucking happy! I…I just don’t understand! You beat Dean up! Someone who use to be your best friend! Because he makes me happy!? You made me happy at one point, Roman, but now its Dean’s turn to make me happy. And he makes me so fucking happy! And if you still cared about as much as you seem too….then you would understand…..that….that I am happy” 

“I loved you Roman…I really did….but I let you go when I left the house that morning….I stopped fighting….because it was a fight I was never going to win….and you know what, it was the best damn thing that I could have done. Letting you go, letting us go, was the best thing I did. Because I needed to stop dreaming that one day, you were going to be my prince. I don’t know if Dean is  my prince charming, but I sure as hell hope so, and I hope that one day, somewhere down the road from now, that we can be friends again.” 

You took a couple of steps back, before turning around and seeing Dean standing in the kitchen doorway, smiling. 

He was smiling because you wanted to be with him and you finely, let Roman go, every part on him. You let it go. You walked over to Dean and took his hand.

“I hope that one day we can be friends again too man” Dean said. After that you both left.

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Dean was quiet on the way home, he held your hand, gently squeezing it every now and again. You looked over at him, and smiled. You’ve only been dating for a little bit, but you that you loved him. He was the one to put all the broken pieces back together again. 

You looked back out the window, smiling sweetly. You were going to do everything you could to make sure this worked, you needed him, in a way you thought you needed Roman. 

Dean pulled into your driveway and turned off the car, turning and looking at you.

Dean stroked the top of your hand. You looked at him and leaned in, gently kissing his bruised lips.

“I’m sorry he did this to you” You whispered. Dean smiled and shook his head.

“Don’t be sorry. Not your fault” Dean whispered, kissing you again. 

Dean pulled back and said. “Do you want to be alone?….Or do you care if I come in with you?”

You smiled. “I actually was wondering if you want to stay the night….I don’t want to be alone” 

Dean nodded his head. “Yeah, ok. I would like to stay the night”

Review/Rec: Shadukiam’s “The Alkahest”

(I should already tell you, there will be spoilers. I was going to leave this review at but I wanted to be able to use gifs so here we are. So, @shadu-kiam, this is for you. )

Let me begin by saying I have read a lot of fan fics in different fandoms, pairings, story lines, cliches, from epic to the bizarre. This has been my addiction for over a decade now so when I find a good fan fic, I love it with my whole being. And, “The Alkahest” isn’t just good, it’s pretty damn good. Let me explain why.

Originally posted by foreverdisneygifs

The fic’s basic premise is of the marriage law trope which every pairing in the Potter fandom has to have a few or a hundred lying around. I’ve read through some pretty crazy Dramione ones in the past and going into it, I confess, I was apprehensive. After a while, you begin to wonder if there could be a new spin to this trope and @shadu-kiam‘s fic works in that she didn’t care about reinventing the trope itself and instead focused on making it a more character-driven story. And oh golly, does she deliver.

 “The Alkahest” focused on Draco and Hermione as a couple and individually as characters. This is a slow-burn romance that feels organic, moving at a pace that neither feels sluggish nor rushed. We see their relationship develop from animosity to friendship to falling in love. We see them grow in the relationship as their differing personalities and perspectives force them to evaluate themselves as people and as a significant other.

“And that scares me more than I think you’ll ever know,” he whispered. “How easily that other future could have happened. How much more likely it was to happen. How unlikely it is that I’m here, right now, outside of a coffee shop, holding your hand with my ring on it.” He smiled a bit, huffing a soft laugh. “Sometimes it wakes me up at night, and I have to check that I’m still wearing mine. And some days I wake up, sure that it was all just a dream and I’m waking up in the real world for the first time and you and I still haven’t spoken in years. And I come to this coffee shop, almost certain you won’t appear. And then you walk in like you always do, and I’m filled with this unspeakable amount of relief.”

Originally posted by perryownsmyheart

They don’t treat each other as something the other needs to fix for they help each other be better. They fight and then learn from it. They educate and challenge each other. They learn how to maintain the relationship in a healthy one with time and guidance from friends and family.

I really adore about the story is how the relationships with their friends and family don’t take a back burner to the relationship. It’s easy for us to get stuck in Dramione land and see the other characters as background to the romance but @shadu-kiam didn’t do that. These characters are just as important in the love story as the romance part of it. 

Originally posted by isaacoscar

Harry and Hermione’s relationship in this story is defined better than any fic I’ve read, heck, any Harmony fic out there. @shadu-kiam found the heart and soul of this friendship, this bond between these soul mates, and wrote it so beautifully. This fic made me laugh out loud more times than I could count, but a flashback scene with Harry and Hermione is what brought me to tears. Their devotion and loyalty for each other was painted so well, it still makes me tear up. 

“Yes, you bossy boots,” he said, chuckling wetly. “You. The voice of reason all these years. The only one of my friends who would stand against me and inform me in no uncertain terms of when I was wrong or being a prat. The person who I could turn to when I needed help, even when I treated you awful. The person who sat with me and helped me parse my thoughts and feelings before I did something stupid. You, Hermione, the first person to ever really love me after my parents died.”

Originally posted by stxars

The story begins with the ending of Ron and Hermione’s relationship. And it was especially lovely to see their relationship/friendship handled so well due to plenty writers’ tendency of bashing the relationship or Ron himself. @shadu-kiam gave their own love story a fitting and sweet end where they realized they are better off as friends and their love surpasses not being in love with each other. Ron doesn’t fade away into the background and he’s still very much in the story with us as he should be.

Lucius and Hermione’s relationship is probably one of the most amusing aspects of the story. Their own ‘war’ in the fic is something to live for. But I commend @shadu-kiam for writing Lucius as a character with depth, not a monster, but a man. Lucius has not become a saint over night and still has some darkness to him but he is not far from redemption.

“You think it’s funny that my father enjoys a waffle, do you?” Draco asked. Behind him, Lucius rolled his eyes a bit as Hermione nodded. “What’d you think he ate for breakfast?”

“I assumed he woke up every morning and feasted on the souls of innocent children.”

“Fair enough,” Draco conceded.

“I fail to see how that is ‘fair enough,’” Lucius muttered, taking another bite of his waffle. Narcissa’s smile briefly widened, and she covered it by dabbing at her mouth with her napkin. Lucius shot her a narrow look, reeking of betrayal.

Draco’s interactions with Hermione’s friends is filled with hilarity. Actually, any time Harry, Ron, and Ginny (and then later Susan) are around something always happens. From a traumatic roller coaster ride to Harry and Draco pretending to be gay to go clubbing, the fun times keep coming. In fact, there is so much humor and wit in this fic, it began to remind me of The Princess Bride for it’s quotable quality. 

Harry rolled his eyes, getting to his feet to stand beside Hermione. “Fine. I don’t want to be in your stupid gossip clique, anyway. Hermione and I will form our own clique. A better clique.”

“Yeah,” Hermione agreed, a little huffy, herself. She nodded along with Harry, crossing her arms.

“We’ll be the Rational Rabbits.”

Hermione’s head-nod turned into a head-shake as she shot Harry a look. “No,” she said, softly.

“No? What?” he asked, in an undertone.

“Don’t… Don’t name us. That makes us sound like losers,” she whispered.

Another thing I must commend about this fic is that @shadu-kiam​ does not keep away from acknowledging the issues of the characters and of the worlds they live in. Hermione is especially insightful in that she educates the Malfoys about the Muggle world, showing not just the ingenuity but the horrors of it, too. The traumas these characters experienced from the War are not erased and @shadu-kiam​ provided us with a view of it I’ve not seen before where Voldemort and the terrible wars were but a civil war within the UK, not affecting the world around them. @shadu-kiam​ somehow blends this with our own world where currently such things aren’t just fiction and as Hermione made the Malfoys ponder, @shadu-kiam​ may have made us ponder as well.

I’ve ranted and gushed long enough but I shall end this with a recommendation for anyone reading - go read it. You will not regret it. If you’re looking for a fic with multi-dimensional characters that develop as the story goes, with a beautiful and hilarious romance, and even subtle introspection about our own lives, then this is it. So far, It’s over fifty chapters so prepare yourself for a long, sleepless night. 

He lifted his hands and intoned, “All hail the Red Thing. All glory to the Red Thing.”

She shook her head, trying not to flush as she rolled her eyes towards the ceiling, biting back a smile. Hermione fisted her hands against her hips, trying not to look as self-conscious as she felt. Wearing the lingerie had proven to be harder than just being naked; knowing she was trying to actively be appealing lent an air to the whole situation that left her feeling oddly vulnerable, even though she was technically less naked.

“The Red Thing should be displayed under the stars for proper tribute,” he tried.


His voice dropped to a whisper. “The Red Thing is displeased.”

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Getting What is Owed (6/?)

Pairing: Joelay
Word Count: 2,336
Warnings: Kisses and descriptions of pain.

Summary: Ray has been having nightmares about a Demon, and they feel so damn real. And why does the Demon keep calling him “His Angel”?

The Day Arrives.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

(Let me know your predictions, your thoughts, your feelings. Don’t like a character? Tell me why! I’d love to hear from you!)

(Also, this is the last of the daily updates. Things will be less frequent from here on out because of life and work. Sorry about that.)

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Megatron/Soundwave Fic Rec?

Does anyone know of some good Megatron/Soundwave fanfictions? I feel like I’ve read them all. Like all of them on the internet…. I don’t understand why they aren’t a popular pairing. 

I really want TFP, but dang, I’ll take any continuity. 

I’ll share a few that I really love, and you can tell me which ones you like too?

Let Me Hear You Whisper by Scancrasher, obviously. Cute courtship plus Soundbabies makes it my favourite!

Report by newvagabond. It’s so hard to find Plug n Play *v* 

Monster Deep Inside by 666CrescentMoonDemon666. So dark and good.

Tied by Draikinator. It’s about their gladiator days and ahsajhj I need more of that!

Every Orn Occurences by Sniper_blue. Cute domestic established relationship fluff! (G1 continuity)

Voice by Fierceawakening. Telepathic mute Soundwave has an interesting way of flirting.

Nightmares by ks_villain. Bumblebee experiencing memories during the time he had Megatron in his head. The mention of post-interface cuddling made me really happy.

Please feel free to add more if you reblog!  \ (◕‿◕✿)  /

Getting What is Owed (8/?)

Pairing: Joelay
Word Count: 2,967
Warnings: Lots of swearing.

Summary: Ray has been having nightmares about a Demon, and they feel so damn real. And why does the Demon keep calling him “His Angel”?

Another nightmare??

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

(Let me know your predictions, your thoughts, your feelings. Don’t like a character? Tell me why! I’d love to hear from you!)

And after a mini-hiatus, here is chapter 8!

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Getting What is Owed (5/?)

Pairing: Joelay
Word Count: 1,239
Warnings: Kisses

Summary: Ray has been having nightmares about a Demon, and they feel so damn real. And why does the Demon keep calling him “His Angel”?

All Ray needs is some real sleep

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

(Let me know your predictions, your thoughts, your feelings. Don’t like a character? Tell me why! I’d love to hear from you!)

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Getting What is Owed (9/?)

Pairing: Joelay
Word Count: 2,490
Warnings: Lots of swearing.

Summary: Ray has been having nightmares about a Demon, and they feel so damn real. And why does the Demon keep calling him “His Angel”?

Hello, Joel, glad you could drop by.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10

(Let me know your predictions, your thoughts, your feelings. Don’t like a character? Tell me why! I’d love to hear from you!)

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Getting What is Owed (7/?)

Pairing: Joelay
Word Count: 1,411
Warnings: None in this chapter besides cussing

Summary: Ray has been having nightmares about a Demon, and they feel so damn real. And why does the Demon keep calling him “His Angel”?

Worry fills people’s bones.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

(Let me know your predictions, your thoughts, your feelings. Don’t like a character? Tell me why! I’d love to hear from you!)

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Getting What is Owed (10/?)

Pairing: Joelay
Word Count: 2,320
Warnings: Lots of swearing.

Summary: Ray has been having nightmares about a Demon, and they feel so damn real. And why does the Demon keep calling him “His Angel”?

The Under isn’t all that hellish.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10

(Let me know your predictions, your thoughts, your feelings. Don’t like a character? Tell me why! I’d love to hear from you!)

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