Indirect Seduction

part 2

warnings: swearing

“hey!” you quickly turned your head and saw Jesse “can I get my hat back?!” he was pretty mad. “Oh, umm you didn’t come by yesterday like I told you so I threw it out.” you started chuckling “you did WHAT?!” OK, Jesse was really mad now “whoa chill, I didn’t know you were married to your hat” wow, it felt so good to be the one teasing him this time. “I was joking, I left it on the floor in front of your door.” you wiped a tear from your eye, you were still laughing. “… I’mma go look there, i still don’t believe ya though.” he squinted at you while leaving. And oh my god you just caught Gabe staring. The cafeteria was crowded today so you didn’t see him at first but when you caught him he quickly turned his head and blushed. You weren’t really sure why he was staring, probably because he wasn’t used to seeing you without your hoodie, but still it wasn’t fair since you never saw him take off his hat. You only saw his hair once, during shower he was getting dressed but wasn’t wearing his hat yet, when you saw him he quickly put on his hat and ran away with a blush on his face.

“Y/N?” Jack stopped you on your way to your room “yes, sir?” you replied with a slight blush since you never apologized to him for being rude “Commander Reyes wants too see you at his office in three hours.” “yes, sir.” “oh, and Y/N are you feeling well? It looked like you weren’t feeling well yesterday” did he seriously have to bring that up? It took you all the courage you had to apologize “I’m fine sir, you don’t have to worry about me. I’m also very sorry about my actions yesterday, I was a bit rude.” Jack chuckled “you don’t want to be late now, you should get going.” “yes sir, thank you sir.”

Three hours have passed. you took a shower and changed to newer cleaner clothes you bought 2 weeks ago. You knocked on the door but no one answered, you waited five minutes before slowly opening the door and entering. You were standing in Gabriel’s empty office. Thirty minutes passed and still no one.
You let out a small sigh “maybe he forgot?” you said to yourself. You tried calling his cellphone. You took out your phone and went to your contacts list. You dialed Gabriel’s phone, you had “Gabe :)”
as his contact name. You expected him to have you as “dumbass” or just “N/A” or he might not even have given you a contact name, but you were being dramatic. You heard a phone ring from inside his drawer “shit, he forgot his phon-” “wait a second… why am I the only contact with a different ringtone?” he had two phones everyone knew that one was for work and the other one was personal and that he had the same ringtone for all contacts. You opened the drawer and saw a smartphone faced down you grew curious since the smart phone was his personal phone, you picked up the phone and you nearly dropped it in shock. “Carino” was written as contact name.
“what the heck?! Why am I called carino in his PERSONAL phone?” click! You heard the bathroom door unlock and oh my god, Gabriel was at the door. sweaty, and his face was red. “was he masturbating?!” you thought to yourself still holding his phone. This was too much for you to handle. you both looked at the two phones ringing, “Carino” written on his phone. You turn red and quickly try to give a lame excuse for what was happening “I-im sorry sir I d-didn’t mean to-” he still face was still red and his head lowered in shame “sorry N/A.” “oh…” you didn’t have anything else to say “sorry sir, I’ll leave now.” you were freaking out. You quickly ran out closing the door behind you leaving a thud. you reached your room and closed the door. You slid down the wall and sat on the floor “holy shit….”

There's No Place Like Home - SPN 10x11 review (spoilers)

I always enjoy Robbie T’s Charlie episodes. She’s a wonderful character whom Felicia Day plays with awkward charm to perfection. Plus, the Winchesters need friends. The show suffers from not making greater use of a recurring circle of comrades for the brothers, but, as we know, the writers keep killing them off (Bobby, Kevin) or banishing them to Oz (Charlie) so, it was great to see Charlie Bradbury back at the bunker.

Dean is dealing with his “demonic tramp stamp” (the Mark of Cain) by following a twelve step programme of no booze, kale and detox smoothies. Yup, that’s gonna work…

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