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Ok, but what if he can't get the roll right (you are smol too, you must understand) and they won't stop sliding down and he just has to keep fussing with the cuffs?

i need you to leave right now 

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What do you think Dan meant by a dog filling a gap...? That was so weird what was he comparing that too, I'm worried. AND IM KINDA PANICKING CUZ Tyler secret thing and how Phil said he missed Manchester and what if he is moving... I'm actually like rly worried. What do you think?

Ohh no don’t be worried! while listening to the live show i was like uh okaaay dan wtf was that, but when I rewatched that part and as I was making the gifs I thought I probably shouldn’t read too much into it, it’s just dan waffling, happens all the time. also judging by his laugh at the end i feel like he regretted saying that bc he knew what the phandom would conclude; and let’s be real it’s d&p we’re talking about, they would never hint at something that personal, especially phil, he most likely just missed his parents/family… also about filling a hole, i feel like dan meant himself, and not his relationship with phil (assuming there is one etc etc) 

Benedict is an incredible actor and I’m very proud of him, he was brilliant. He’s also very skinny and I wanted to feed him some food because srsly, there wasn’t an ounce of fat on that body. He doesn’t even have chins anymore :o

I cry when people compliment my eyes, because tbqh I’m very self conches of them but no seriously I am, I have a bit of a lazy eye on my left eye cause it has astigmatism so both my eyes are different eye shapes so i get really embarrassed if people look at them cause I feel like they can see it!!! It’s even more noticeable if I didn’t get a proper nights sleep

so persons unnamed (coughruuariandyoshicough) got me on an imogen heap kick so instead of studying ive been crying about sad children to this

helenhuntingdon replied to your post “OH MY GOD NO DIANE NOOOOOO”

whaat? I should really look at the tv when I’m watching it lmao I have no idea what you’re referring to D;

She took it upon herself to clean the house and picked up a plate and cup with lipstick still on, I’m assuming Eric’s kept that from Val and now Diane’s about to wash it up :(((((((((

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“nervous?” “yes.” “first time?” “no, i’ve been nervous lots of times.” photo credit @GetDownOnTheFlor 



My dad just called me to tell me he found this dog in the fields behind our house. He said it’s all skin and bones, like it hasn’t eaten a proper meal in weeks. Apparently it’s pretty friendly, but it doesn’t have a collar and it isn’t chipped. I wish I was there so I could help. 

a conversation between yuki and her friend discussing a birthday present for cassie. all in japanese (use your imagination, i could never trust translations) and also normal speech is yuki, bold is ai   

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beside you -- treegan

It had been too long since Troian had had an opportunity to go out and enjoy a night with her girlfriends. She felt guilty at first, leaving Keegan alone with the kids, but he had rushed her out the door and insisted that she go out and enjoy herself. She knew he worried that she stayed at home too much so it was probably a relief to him, to see his fiancee actually out and about and having a good time. The plans with Julianne and Lea had fallen through but Troian had managed to make it out with Lulu and her gang, the two of them stopping at a concert and then heading out for drinks before Troian finally got her tipsy ass in a cab. The heated texts her and Keegan had been exchanging were making her feel even more warmer than usual, especially in the stifling hot cab. Tugging at the straps of her dress, Troian missed the looks the driver was shooting her in the rearview mirror and struggled to get out as he stopped.

“Thanks!” She exclaimed brightly, throwing a few hundreds at him. Drunk!Troian was always way more generous than she should’ve been. The light was on at the front porch and Troian fumbled with the key for a few seconds before she finally managed to secure it in, twisting the lock and coming inside. She muffled a curse as her shin knocked against the end table and shushed herself, slipping off her heels and holding onto the banister tightly as she climbed the stairs.

The house was silent which must have meant the kids were asleep. Good. Troian raked her fingers through her messy hair as she got closer to the cracked bedroom door of which her and Keegan shared, and she bit her lip as she peeked in. He was laying on the bed and watching something on television with furrowed brows and his phone across from him. That same warm flush spread over her and Troian pushed the door open. “Hi,” she greeted him with a big grin as she leaned up against the doorway. “Miss me?” supitskeegs


Sammy sighed as he walked through the house. He was so bored. So when he opened the door to his brother’s room, he was quick to start going through his older brother’s stuff. The older male wasn’t here so Sammy wasn’t too worried about being caught. He eventually found himself in his brother’s bed, his hands down his pants as he stroked himself slowly. He was so caught up in it, he didn’t hear the noises of someone else coming home.