This is such an utterly sweet moment…so filled with hope and happiness… Rumple waiting (without much hope) that Belle returns after he sat her free - but none the less he is still waiting with the tiniest hope - you are nearly holding your breath in anticipation….

and the moment he realizes she is coming back, his face shows so much disbeliefs and then joy  - gosh this still gives me the chills

and the way he sprints down the stairs to be back in the room before her…

well, that’s a truly beautiful and awesome moment

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For the magical au what are tsukishima and Yamaguchi

Tsukishima is this clerk right, this guy in a shop that has books, maps, and a bunch of other things, and he knows, like, a lot

And Yamaguchi does odd jobs, killing off monsters and breaking curses and stuff

and sometimes he goes into this shop to do research, and get tips and information, right? And Tsukki has no idea what this buff warrior guy does here but dear god do his arms look absolutely… (nothing special. Of course. Naturally.) So he shoves a bunch of books in his arms, and the buff guy smiles and dear god, Tsukki is so far gone and is so deep in denial and Yamaguchi has no clue of course, why that grumpy, skinny clerk keeps giving him books (he’s read ages ago) with a frown on his face but he comes back anyway. 

so they keep on living like that, grumpily and in denial right

until they of course have this heartfelt love confession (with Tsukki muttering, but Yamaguchi doesn’t understand because he’s been hit in the head, right, and his ears are not working properly so he keeps going ‘What? Sorry?’)

It’s all very domestic and awful and fluffy

(I have a lot of feelings towards tsukkiyama in the AU okay)

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Can you explain something do me? I rewatched the episode, and the part where Lydia say to Stiles that she is going to be fine but he will not be, it makes me a litle afraid of what may happen. Do you have any theories?

Whenever Lydia predicts Stiles’ death, I usually pretend that it’s just the show being dramatic.

I honesty don’t think they’ll kill of Stiles. I don’t think Dylan would really want that. Also, it would be really fucking stupid of them to do that if he can come back every once in a while.

So it’s either they’re gonna ignore it, try to scare us, or Lydia is confusing death with mind bending sexual attraction.

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Natsu senpai what would your first year trio look like as third years? there's always a lot of first years as third years in the haikyuu fandom but never in the DNA fandom and you're my favorite artist in both so I'm curious.

Hello!! First of all thank you!! I feel honored that you wanted to ask me this of all people~

While I don’t think Terajima would change them that much in their 3rd year (heck, Miyuki himself hasn’t changed hairstyle since grade school……..) I imagined them like this!

Furuya grew up a bunch of centimeters  and cut his hair to be a bit more messy than usual but Eijun had a big improvise growing spurt (have you ever saw his father?? like he’s like huge) and always teases Furuya that he’s going surpass him (and Furuya replies he’s still got a long way to go NGH I JUST WANT THEM TO BECOME CLOSE FRIENDS!!!!!).
While I am not sure Haruichi is going to grow up more than he already is (looks like they’re all short in his family) I liked to imagine he at least hit 170 cm, and cut his hair short.  

Also please consider this:

like, is louis trying to get a job at best buy? did someone give him a list of appropriate chains for his fanbase and he just picks one randomly every time he’s supposed to do fan service? subway, best buy, mcdonald’s, cvs? did best buy special order something for him and he keeps checking to see if it’s in yet but it’s not? and they’re like, “sir, we’ll call you when your order arrives,” and he’s “i’ve been watching the new x-files. hashtag trust no one,” so he keeps coming back and loitering until one of the managers is like, “mr. tomlinson, i… please stop asking my associates to go on a lads holiday with you.”

Shoutout to Awesome Customers: Kids Edition

Anyone who works in retail can tell you that kids are sometimes the most obnoxious customers of all, usually due to parents being terrible at parenting.

Not these kids. One was probably 12 and the other was about 9. The 12 year old was getting a rat and had done tons of research on them. She was insisting to her parents that her new buddy needed the huge 3-story rat cage rather than one of the tiny hamster cages. She had me show her the best food, hides, chews, etc. The rats loved her. She got all the supplies and decided to set everything up first and then come back for the rat so he wouldn’t be stressed out in the carrier for too long.

The 9 year old girl came in with her mom. They were pushing a ten gallon tank around in the cart and so I offered to help them with anything else. This girl showed me a *fifteen* page document she had printed off the internet on betta fish care. We walked around and got all of her supplies. She was telling her mom all about the betta fish care, and her patient mother bought everything her daughter and I pointed out, and even asked a few care questions herself.

You guys rock.


Can we take a second and appreciate that throughout this whole episode every time Lydia looked at stiles it was as if he hung the stars in the sky? It seems to me as if this was the first time she understood what it is to be wanted and appreciated and needed. Not only her life, but Stiles’ as well was literally hanging in the balance and she was so surprised that he would actually come back for her. Its about time Lydia found someone who would always come back to her no matter the cost and Stiles Stilinski will always be that someone…

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Munakata the master of sparkles! XD what if a strain made him lose his sparkles? XD

That would be so sad for Munakata, imagine he gets hit by Strain power and everyone runs up all worried about their King, Munakata tries to give them a sparkling smile to show he’s all right except that nothing happens. Everyone is confused because it feels like something’s wrong with the Captain but no one can quite say why. I imagine that somehow with his sparkles gone Munakata seems weirdly stiff and dull, like his smiles seem like they belong to someone who has heard of smiles but isn’t quite sure how they work (so, oddly Fushimi-like). As the day goes on Munakata finds himself uncharacterstically tired and disheveled, like first he only has normal human smiles and then his flawless hair begins to get tangled and dull and his endless stores of energy begin to flag so that there are bags under his eyes. Everyone’s worried and they try to get him to take a nap or something, Munakata attempts another bright smile but it just falls entirely flat. Awashima tries to reassure him that everyone still respects him very much, Munakata lowers his head and sullenly tells her that her encouragement is appreciated.