tar sorgene på forskudd

I worry so much about Taylor (probably more than I worry about myself) and reading this article has just made me so sad because all I want is for Taylor to end up happy and have everything she deserves. She deserves privacy and the ability to have a relationship without it being torn down and scrutinized by the media, she deserves to feel safe and not have that constant fear that she’s being photographed and I just really wish things didn’t have to be this way for her. She deserves so much more than this!

The fact that there are people who want this boy

to hurt himself

to no longer exist

the fact that there are people

who want all these lovely boys 


to be sad and hurt confuses me.

 Why would you wish that on anyone? I dont hate you or hope the things you say happen to you, I just hope that you realize what you’ve said and done is terribly wrong. I hope you grow up because the smiles of these boys help so many others get through their days.