“Let’s go out to the island for the whole day. Just the three of us!”

“Sure. Beats trying to catch up on three years of school work. We can race around the island again. Maybe Sora will finally win and he can share a pa- mmpth!”



In which Blair and I had a chill day pt 1 

Today was just 

so so much fun like I really cannot express how great it was Our day in DC, we went to Crumbs & Whiskers, a recently opened cat cafe in Georgetown and then to the natural history museum to see cool stuff like dinosaurs. It was too hot which was good ;w; 

Also, thank you pokethetriforce for the hella awesome dinosaur mug I like micro shrieked when I saw it lmao

yuuikkuma is the best sibling anyone could ask for, thanks for the amazing day <3