she always thought that praying was for fools.

she kept cracking into
a million pieces;
every time that she
would close her eyes
and drift into sleep.
there was no rest for
the wicked, 
there was no rest for
the damned. 
she prayed to a god that
ignored her at best.
when she got tired of
trying when she got
tired of kneeling,
she would glue herself
back together with 
her own hands.
wishing that in lieu 
of calloused fingers,
that she could have
porcelain ones instead.

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headcanon: louis paints harry's nails for him, but does a shitty job, so harry waits until he leaves the house and takes the polish off and repaints his nails, but acts like it's the same polish that louis put on his nails.

I love this head canon. Despite Louis having years of experience painting his sisters’ (and Harry’s) nails, he never perfected his technique. His sisters have all stopped asking him at this point, they stopped years ago actually, as soon as Lottie’s hands were steady enough to take on the task. 

And they never complained about his application technique. It was better to have messily painted nails than plain nails, so they sucked it up and maybe stroked his ego a bit whenever they needed a fresh coat. No one ever told him that his skills could be improved, for fear that their personal nail-painter would stop doing them the favor. 

And when Louis starts painting Harry’s nails, Harry is just happy to have them painted at all. It’s still new, and feels a bit scandalous and wonderful, and he loves it so much. So much so that he doesn’t put any thought into whether they’re painted nicely or not, that’s just not the point. But at some point Fiz pulls him aside and gently ribs him for having such messy nails; she’d know Louis’ handiwork anywhere. 

So then Harry starts watching some YouTube tutorials. And the next time Louis paints them he almost speaks up and offers some tips, but Louis looks so chuffed that Harry can’t bring himself to do it. And this time really isn’t so awful. He’ll just mention it next time. 

But he can never bring himself to say anything, even when they well and truly look awful; all bumpy and uneven, the corners of his thumbnail still nude, his middle finger already smudged. When Louis leaves, to run errands or lay by the pool for a bit, Harry pulls out the polish remover and quickly sets to work. He takes off the worst of it and redoes those fingers, and hopes Louis won’t notice. 

He doesn’t seem to notice. And as time passes Louis somehow never gets any better, but Harry does (probably due to his slight addiction to watching those YouTube tutorials). And eventually Harry starts redoing them himself every time. One time Louis does ask about them, in a roundabout way. He looks at Harry with that shrewd, measured look in his eye and says how nice Harry’s nails look, that he did a great job, if he can say so himself. 

Harry could tell him. Should tell him. But instead he smiles and pulls Louis to his lap and gives him a quick kiss. He tells him how much he loves when Louis paints his nails. How he loves having Louis’ full attention, loves the soft way Louis handles him, loves their almost whispered conversations while he’s concentrating, both of them opening up about their most locked away desires. He loves picking out colors with Louis, hearing the way his mind works as he picks through the shades. 

And Louis’ smile takes over his whole face. He definitely knows he does a shit job and Harry repaints them every time, but now he also knows that Harry still appreciates him, still wants him to go through with the routine, still loves their quiet time together. And so they continue on, neither of them ready to end their private nail-painting dance. 

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Name: John (Giannis)
Nicknames: Go ask my classmates better :p
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Height: 1,63 something 
Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: Greek!
Favourite fruit: Man that’s hard :( I loooove cherries strawberries and blueberries :D
Favourite season: Winter! There’s Christmas, beanies, no school and sleek scarves and aaah I just go crazy about these!
Favourite book series: I never read books :$ But from the few ones I’ve read I’d say Harry Potter for sure <3
Favourite flower: Lavender, and pansies :D
Favourite scent: I love the perfume I wea and it’s called “the million” something? I have no single idea :p Also I reaaally love that sort of scent winter has :)
Favourite color: Black, purple and turquoise
Favourite animal: Cats, raccoons, foxes and wolves!
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Hot Cocoa ftw, cause I’ll puke if I drink anything else :/
Average sleep hours: Too little D: Like 6 or so 
Cat or dog person? I’m definately a cat person but I love dogs too <3 
Favourite fictional characters: Hermione Granger, Caleb Vatore and Gretchen from you’re the worst :D
Number of blankets you sleep with: 3 maybe 4 sometimes xD
Dream trip: To a big American urban city! Like Los Angeles or California :)
Blog created: On the somedayidon’tremember of April :p
Number of followers: 529 :)