“Rhys narrowed his eyes. Lilith tipped her chin up and stared him down. Not an easy task when you’re staring at someone several inches taller than you. To Rhys’ tremendous credit, he didn’t wilt or fidget.” - How They Met Themselves

When you’ve been gone for 2398472398472 years and you’re really sorry about it but you don’t know what to say so you throw memes at them and hope they forgive you.

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I’m Used To It

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I made it for a prompt:

Person A: I’m sorry, I almost got us killed.

Person B: I’m used to it.

Anddd ahhhh well, I was planning for a shorter one. LIke funny, fluffy one? And then I got… this baby. And I’m saying this now, I did a bit of research for the spells and stuff. And welllll yeah. So… yeah, enjoy. LOL.

The first time Draco heard the following words from Potter’s mouth, he was livid—Auror robes damp with Hippogriff piss and manure—and praying to all the Hogwarts founders and to the Great Merlin himself that they finally grant Robards the common sense to switch out his partner to another more… effective Auror.

“I’m sorry, I almost got us killed.”

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Elena: You know, I think I can handle this relationship with Gabe. I’m going out with him Saturday night.

Esteban: Was there ever any doubt?

Elena: Momentarily. This is strictly off the record, but Gabe’s mentally thirty-nine years younger than I am.

Esteban: …in what, Elena? Dog years?