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do you really get hate just bc the blog is about a straight ship? not in a "I don't believe you" kinda way but in a "what's up with those people" kinda way

yeah it happens! the most common (and most harmful) kind of hate thrown at the gency shippers is that “everyone who ships gency is homophobic because it’s a straight ship" even though the fact that it’s between a man and a woman doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a straight ship which you think the lgbt agenda would recognize right?

it’s honestly pretty stupid. because here’s the thing, even if someone were to headcanon both genji and mercy as heterosexual and in a relationship with one another there is nothing fucking wrong with that at all. 

a little while ago i made a comment in the tags of one of our posts that this hating on someone based on nothing but their sexuality is just like hating on someone based on nothing but their race. “i hate you because you’re [insert sexuality here]” is just one word away from “i hate you because you’re [insert race here]”

so honestly i don’t see why the sexuality of any ship should matter in its validity, and i DEFINITELY don’t think that it should determine if it’s right or wrong


Guys! I did adult things for once. How’s it going? I’m actually off on a Saturday so prepare for lots of thirst and frustration as I drink tonight.

Mostly really thirsty for one person in particular. Imaging going out drinking with this person then hanging out at my apartment with them. Thus leading to delicious things. Omg yes.

Gradually he became less agitated, and at last calm enough to ask questions about what was going on; this led his mind to Captain Hardy, for whom he sent and inquired with great anxiety, exclaiming aloud, he would not believe he was alive, unless he saw him. He grew agitated at the Captain’s not coming, lamented his being unable to go on deck, and do what was to be done, and doubted every assurance given him of the Captain being safe on the quarter-deck.

Reverend Alexander Scott’s account of Nelson’s death (quoted in Voices From the Battle of Trafalgar, Peter Warwick)

Things you should definitely not think about on Trafalgar Day: how Nelson was dying but spent half the time more frantic on Hardy’s account than his own.

William Beatty also remarked upon it in his Authentic Narrative: “Many messages were sent to Captain Hardy by the Surgeon, requesting his attendance on His Lordship; who became impatient to see him, and often exclaimed: “Will no one bring Hardy to me? He must be killed: he is surely destroyed.”

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So I saw your sheild I'm assuming it's one of the Amazon ones. They have one for like $90 bucks or $300 and I've been debating which one to get. Did you get one of those and if so what do you think of it?

hey buddy!! i didn’t get it off amazon actually, they don’t ship here so it would have cost me a fortune to get rerouted here, so i got it through my local games shop lmao

i managed to find the same one on amazon though - here. i assume it’s the 90 buck one you mentioned even though i paid 170 thanks exchange rates

this is the same one but in metal, with real leather straps. it was out of my price range (500 bucks nzd i cry) but it’s better quality, and i’d assume it was made in a similar way, but y’know. metal. this i think is the 300 dollar one you mentioned?? idk.

it’s really quite heavy and though it says it’s made of plastic it’s the really heavy duty stuff, not flimsy at all. it could take a convention or seven easily without getting damaged at all, i think. the straps themselves are pretty decent, they’re not real leather but they’re sturdy and adjustable. it’s really good considering the price, and i love it to bits lmao

there’s some decent pics in the link above but if u want any more detailed shots i’m happy to help.

I forgot that most people haven’t actually seen Hamilton so they just got hit with a bunch of staging they didn’t know about. That must’ve been wild.
Especially how incredibly gay Lin and Anthony make…everything. And there’s still so much more that hasn’t been covered in the Grammys/Tonys/doco.

I’ve seen the show with Lin/Anthony, Javi/Anthony and Javi/Andrew.
Lin and Anthony are the most intense and the gayest BY LEAPS AND BOUNDS.

normally i am hypersaturated sugar sweet maximal femme, but sometimes u gotta just leave on last night’s glitter and eyeliner, desaturate everything, and channel ur inner butch

good morning lovelies

This morning’s rant is brought to you by you guys, actually. 

Ever since poe party happened, my activity has gone through the roof and I just want you guys to know I really appreciate you and the way you just [clenches fist] like and reblog all the things. 

So I hope you all have a great day, cause seeing the poe party community so active always makes my day better. 

wow i am such a dweeb

also I’m still working on the second part of that fic so please bear with me