literally when you say you’re “gay” because you settled down with someone of the same gender but maintain that you’re also still pansexual, you’re not helping gay people or pan people, you’re fucking over literally everyone involved

you’re literally feeding into the fucking biphobic bullshit that MGA folk are straight when they’re in certain relationships, gay when they’re in other relationships

THIS is what biphobia is! THIS is saying bi people are half gay half whatever the fuck else. THIS is the harm done to bi people in the community, only it’s not the LGBT community doing it, it’s the MOGAI community

good job y’all

cortexifansquint  asked:

Willow (for the character ask)

  • first impression: her first two seconds on-screen at the water fountain made her my fave immediately. like. my love for willow was pretty hardcore and sudden 
  • impression now: god. why. w h y. i love her so much but i also hate her so much? season six was such a rough time. and her redemption arc was so nonexistent that… idk. i still love willow for who she was, but i couldn’t find the energy to care much for her after season six 
  • favorite moment: when she reversed what glory had done to tara!!! or when she went off to face glory on her own!!! honestly willow was such a wonderful little badass in season five i adored her
  • idea for a story: i’d love to rewrite her entire season six arc. i could never do it justice, but i’ve always thought it would come across better if her fall from grace was slower and slightly more tragic? minus tara dying, obviously. i don’t necessarily hate the drug metaphor that her magic addiction became, because that sort of resonated with me, but at the same time i think continuing willow’s trend of getting deeper and deeper into magic without all of the stupid stuff with rack would have been awesome. i’d include amy, probably. have them date and fall from grace together? idk but i feel like willow’s final turning point to becoming “ultimate evil” willow could have easily just been tara refusing to get back with her later on in the season, or the scoobies abandoning her entirely, whatever. this is badly explained. but. i’ve thought about it a lot okay
  • unpopular opinion: that she’s a lesbian??? for some reason??? 
  • favorite relationship: willow/tara, duh. her only real relationship imo
  • favorite headcanon: that she’s a lesbian??? for some reason??? (god do i sound petty jesus christ) ok actually my favorite headcanon is that willow totally had a crush on faith throughout all of season three and that’s why she hated her so much/got so damn jealous of all the time she spent with buffy. that lil closeted gay baby 

WE ARE D i F f E r E n T

“They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world.” 
John 17:16 New King James Version

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