Shame amongst kpop

So, as some of you may know, a fansite master for BTS passed away a while ago and news about it has come out yesterday I believe because the family was grieving and couldn’t even release the news after. 

But then I see this, something about a person, a human being who passed and even donated their organs to save two other people’s lives. 

I can’t…I know the world is big, and there’s many types of people in it, good and bad. But to actually see a sociopath like this is just.. I already reported this person, and I hope you guys reading this will also report them. They obviously have no conscience, no empathy, no morals, so attacking them and trying to get them to see their wrongdoings won’t help, it just won’t. You may think “If I say it in a nice way and full of manners like my momma taught me then maybe just maybe it’ll get through their thick skull” No. No, it won’t. It’s evident they do not have a conscience, it’s gonna be impossible for that to get through to them. Just report them and those who have sided with them. Even though Karma will affect them, this still can not go without consequence.

This is not about kpop, it doesn’t matter what fandom you’re in. This person and their acquaintances are taking the names of those who have passed and using them in the most disrespectful way. Death is not something to joke about. Death traumatizes people, it causes fear for some and causes possibly the largest amount of grief somebody can feel. 

I just feel sorry that this has happened and for those who have read and seen this and have become angered by this. Please use that anger and report them. Once again, saying something directly to them will have no effect on them.


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