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Why is the golden snitch called the Golden Dick in norwegian? Also why is Neville Longbottom called Nilus Long Balls? Also why is Madame Poppy Pomfrey called Madame Pussy French Frie? Did the original translators not think HP was gonna be big and just went "fuck it might as well entertain myself" with the names?

why is neville’s last name ‘long bottom’ in the first place???

no one is called “poppy” in norway, but pussi is a nice nickname seeing as pus means kitty and is often used as an endearing term. pomfrey and pomfrit are basically pronounced the same, but very few norwegian surnames end in -y. no norwegian kid would know how to pronounce the word “snitch”. snopp means dick in swedish, and some norwegians have adopted it (unfortunately), so get ur facts str8 ok.