🤔What IS Love?🤔 #saturday #snl #timesup #roxbury #whatislove #90s #90ssnl

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  • psychic: *reads my mind*
  • my brain: euuhghhh...I smell a robot! Prooove! Prooove! Prove you're not a robot! LooK aT tHesE cuRvy LeTTerS! Much curvier than most letters, wOuLdn't yOu SaY? No robot could ever read these! You look, mortal if ye be! You look! And you type what you think you see! Is it an E or is it a 3? THAT'S UP TO YE! The passwords have passed, you've correctly guessed, but NOW IT'S TIME FOR THE ROBOT TEST! I devised a question no robot could ever answer! Which of these pictures does not have a stop sign in them???
  • psychic: what the fuck