Meet 7Senses

(*blows a kiss into the sky* for the anon that wanted to know them better)

7Senses is a sub-unit for chinese idol group SNH48. Their goal is to reach a global audience by mixing both Asian and international charms. The members had some extra training in South Korea where they improved their performance.

They recently debuted with their first song Girl Crush (MV) (Dance ver.). You can watch their full debut showcase here.

Members are, left to right: Bee, Diamond, Akira, Tako, Kiki, Eliwa & Lynn

Akira (Girl Crush teaser)

Bee (Girl Crush teaser)

Diamond (Girl Crush teaser)

Eliwa (Girl Crush teaser)

Kiki (Girl Crush teaser)

Lynn (Girl Crush teaser)

  • Real name: Chen Lin (陈琳).
  • She also has the nickname Datou (big head).
  • A member from SNH’s 4th generation, she’s in Team X.
  • Her weibo account.
  • She’s from Shanghai and was born on July 24, 1998. She’s the youngest 7Senses member.
  • So far she hasn’t ranked in any of the General Elections. Hopefully she’ll make it this year!
  • She’s been in SNH’s senbatsu a total of 2 times for Engine of Youth and Dream Land.
  • Her unit in Team X’s original stage is Meng. She’s mostly on the left here, you can’t miss her.
  • She was in a special Team X performance of Hei Tian’e (from NII5).
  • She got to sub Sun Xinwen’s spot for Monster.
  • She and Tako performed AKB’s Wagamama na Nagareboshi at SNH’s recent idol festival.
  • She has only been in the group for two years + is not a regular senbatsu member. Also, she apparently shares her name with a Chinese solo singer, so if you wanna find stuff with her you might need to dig a little deeper. However you can easily spot her on Team X’s stuff.
  • Still, there’s some good material out there, like this solo performance.
  • She can braid her hair in less than a minute (?).
  • I’m not 100% sure what’s going on here, but please just watch it. It’s almost 4am please forgive me.
  • Fact: her head is, indeed, big.

Tako (Girl Crush teaser)

  • Real name: Zhang Yuge (张语格)
  • A member from SNH’s 1st generation, she’s in Team SII.
  • She’s from Heilongjiang and was born on May 11, 1996.
  • Her weibo account. She also has an instagram.
  • She ranked #8 on the past General Election, a 3-spots drop compared to her 2015 rank, making her visibly upset and feeling like she has failed her team. You can see her speech here, Princess Cloak MV.
  • She’s been in SNH’s senbatsu a total of 12 times for Heavy Rotation, Flying Get, Koisuru Fortune Cookie, Heart Ereki*, UZA, GIVE ME FIVE!, After Rain*, Manatsu no Sounds Good! (center), Halloween Night, New Year’s Bell*, Engine of Youth & Princess Cloak
  • She was not one of the performing members for Team SII’s original stage shonichi, but she has performed Xin Shijie (in the video she’s the one in blue).
  • She performed Tian Hei Riji at this year’s BEST 50.
  • She performed Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoru no Chouchou with Bee three years ago.
  • She’s also centered Kuchi Utsushi no Chocolate a few times, including this performance during last year’s TOP 16 mini-tour.
  • She also performed this with Team HII’s Liu Jiongran.
  • Here she is dancing to CLC’s High Heels. And here is PPAP Tako ver.
  • Her goal is acting, and she took one of the biggest roles in last year’s drama Campus Beauty. The whole thing is on YouTube and you can find it just by searching the Chinese title (贴身校花), but it’s not subbed so you have to either understand the language or be really committed to seeing the girls lol

I try to post regularly about them (specially Akira since she’s my love) but I’m super lazy and forgetful, so if you really wanna stay up to date you can follow @FY7SENSES on Twitter. And of course, follow the girls on their social media~

If you spot a mistake or anything else, you can send me an ask~

(* didn’t include links to the Heart Ereki, After Rain & New Year’s Bell MVs. After Rain is the theme of their documentary so the MV is not senbatsu-focused. The other two don’t have a real music video.)

SNH48 stage units masterpost

Here you can find all units from SNH48, BEJ48 and GNZ48 original stages with their opening day lineups. Enjoy!

SNH48 Team SII

6th Stage “Xin de Lvcheng” (心的旅程) [2016.05.20]

  • Mashang Chufa (馬上出發): Zenza Girls (Lv Yi, Zhao Hanqian, Pan Yanqi)
  • Haoyou Chuangketie (好友创可贴): Dai Meng, Li Yuqi, Xu Zixuan, Feng Xiaofei
  • Dipingxian (地平线): Wu Zhehan, Qian Beiting, Kong Xiaoyin, Shen Zhilin, Xu Jiaqi
  • Xiayizhan Shi Ni (下一站是你): Chen Guanhui, Chen Si
  • Xin Shijie (新世界): Mo Han, Yuan Danni, Yuan Yuzhen, Jiang Yun
  • Jiangluosan (降落伞): Xu Chenchen

SNH48 Team NII

5th Stage “Zhuanshu Paidu” (专属派对) [2016.07.22]

  • Show Time: Zenza Girls (Zhang Yameng, Xu Yi, Liu Juzi)
  • Women Bushi Tianshi (我们不是天使): Wan Lina, Zeng Yanfen, Yi Jiaai
  • Bairimeng (白日梦): Zhao Yue, Luo Lan, Chen Wenyan, Zhou Yi, Wang Xiaojia
  • Mu’ou (木偶): Li Yitong, Wan Lina, He Xiaoyu
  • Don’t Touch: Huang Tingting, 
  • Hei Tian’e (黑天鹅): Lu Ting, Feng Xinduo, Gong Shiqi, Chen Jiaying

SNH48 Team HII

4th Stage “Beautiful World” (美丽世界) [2017.04.08]

SNH48 Team X

3rd Stage “Mengxiang de Qizi” (梦想的旗帜) [2016.10.28]

  • Meng (梦): Song Xinran, Li Jing, Chen Lin
  • Shuishou Fu (水手服): Yang Yunyu, Wang Shu, Qi Jing, Zhang Jiayu
  • Wu Ke Tidai (无可替代): Shao Xuecong, Feng Xiaofei, Yang Bingyi
  • Monster: Wang Xiaojia, Sun Xinwen, Xie Tianyi, Wang Jialing
  • Renyu (人鱼): Li Zhao, Zhang Dansan

SNH48 Team XII

2nd Stage “Daihao XII” (代號XII) [2016.12.23]

  • Ta he Ta (她和她): Liu Zengyan, Chen Yin
  • Love Letter: Yan Jiaojun
  • Chuwen Lianxi Qu (初吻练习曲): Fei Qinyuan, Zou Jiajia, Yu Jiayi, Zhang Wenjing
  • Dou Bu Hui (都不会): Hong Peiyun, Li Jiaen, Song Yushan
  • Zi Yiwei (自以为): Zhang Yi, Jia Shuting, Chen Yunling, Jiang Shan, Lv Mengying, Pan Yingqi

BEJ48 Team E

2nd Stage “Qihuan Jiamian Li” (奇幻加冕禮) [2016.12.24]


2nd Stage “Di 1 Rencheng” (第1人称) [2017.03.24]