The first in a series of illustrations that I’m dubbing “Threat to Onett”.

It’s a fun little project that I’ve been contemplating for a while now, where I reiterate all of the enemy characters from the SNES game, Earthbound, my favorite RPG next to Pokemon…

…starting with Stinky Ghost.

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So Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 for the SNES is pretty great.

If you hold L+R and the Start button when you start up a new game, it’ll take you to an 8v8 Tournament Mode screen.

Pressing Up+Start on THIS screen randomizes your 8 characters. Sometimes you get several copies of the same character. Sometimes you even get this strange E, as pictured below.

That E is Sheeva. Small problem:

Sheeva’s not in this game! As far as I know, using random select on tournament mode is the only way to access her in this game.

And, uh…well. Here she is.

She exists, sort of! She’s not supposed to be here, I guess they forgot to take her out of Tournament Mode. It’s about as glitchy as you’d expect.


Now there’s a Bluetooth receiver for the SNES ⊟

And, like the one Analogue and 8BitDo made for the NES, it seems super useful, actually. The Retro Receiver pairs with 8BitDo’s various wireless controllers (like the SNES style one and the arcade stick above), as well as Wiimotes, Wii U Controller Pro, PS3, and PS4 controllers. It’s certainly better than SNES extension cables, which I have had to chain together at times.

Both the NES receiver and the SNES model are available on Play-Asia.