Hello, my Totally Rad Tumblr fans!

This is a friendly monthly reminder to check out our two blogs - The Video Game Art Archive and Old Game Mags!

Every day on VGAA we post new, extracted artwork from a ton of old, classic games to allow anyone to use them for their own purposes. Using my own manuals and books, I work hard to extract the art at the best quality, and bringing all sorts of weird, rare artwork to the limelight.

This month we’ve got some great games - including Sonic 2, Wario’s Woods, Melfard Stories, Um Jammer Lammy and Virtua Cop 2!

And over on Old Game Mags, we rummage throgh all the great 80′s and 90′s magazines to find fascinating articles, cover artwork and advertisements for the games of yesteryear, posting several times a day!

We’ll be going through some Australian magazines like Hyper, British Sega Magazines like Mean Machines, and Nintendo Power with Link’s Awakening!

Both blogs are maintained by just me - Ryan Langley, aka Rlan. It’s a lot of work maintaining, extracting and posting everything. If you like what I’m doing, you can support us on Patreon, where you can get updates on both blogs, as well as the original high resolution extracted art from VGAA! You can also do a single dontation from the main page of both blogs. Every dollar helps!

We also have a Facebook page as well for both Old Game Mags and The Video Game Art Archive! Please follow them if you can!

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