Thank you all for the notes and shares! <3 Believe me, I wish this was a real game as much as any of you! I have it all sorted out, I’m ready to go - just lacking the programming skills…oh, and the actual rights to make it happen. ;D But here are some concepts for Act I, part 2 - where the heat is real. literally!

Part 2 of 4: Here are the descriptions/mission for each game:

  • Wait for It: It’s not an easy uphill climb for Aaron Burr as he battles royalists and faces the ghosts of his past. The clock is running but beware: only patience and strategy will win you the game!
  • Battle of Monmouth: Charles Lee has messed up! Take over the lead as Lafayette and fight your way across in the hundred degree heat!
  • DUEL! John Laurens vs Charles Lee: Help Laurens defend Washington’s honour. Take ten paces and face your opponent!
  • Cut Scene: History has its eyes on you!
  • Yorktown, 1781, Level 1 - Hamilton: Take the bullets out your gun! Get up close to the action as you cut you way into the British redoubt!
  • Not Throwin’ Away My Shot: Complete each battle before unlocking the next player and level.
  • Spy on the Inside: That’s right - HERCULES MULLIGAN!!! Steal the British government’s secret plans and smuggle the information to your brother’s revolutionary covenant.
  • Cut Scene: What comes next?
  • Dear Theodosia: Fighting for them is all well and good, but have you tried feeding, entertaining and changing your babies? Play as both Burr and Hamilton, simultaneously. GOOD LUCK, NEW DADS!
  • He’s Just Non-Stop!: Can Burr keep up to Hamilton’s relentless pace to the top? Find out in this race. It’s non-stop!

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WOO! Final part of Hamilton the Game. Thank you all for your likes and shares, and @linmanuel for your enthusiasm and seal of approval! I hope you all enjoy this series as much as I loved making it. #YAYhamlet! :D

Part 4 of 4: Here are the descriptions/mission for each game:

  • Follow the Money: Maddison, Jefferson and Burr (interchangeable leads) suspect Hamilton of misusing government funds. Help them track down the money and find out what Hammy’s really up to!
  • Cut Scene: DAAAAAAAMN!!!!
  • BATTLE! I Hope you Burn: Play as the Schuyler sisters (interchangeable leads) as they take down Hamilton for his infidelity. This is definitely how Eliza reacted. fact. canon.
  • DUEL! Philip Hamilton vs George Eacker: Philip can’t have anyone disparaging his father’s legacy. Summon all the courage you require in this duel against Mr. Eacker!
  • Cut Scene: Unimaginable
  • Cut Scene: Can we get back to politics? Please? Choose your player.
  • Election of 1800: Did you choose Jefferson or Burr? Out-scream your opponent to win Hamilton’s vote!
  • Cut Scene: Obedient servant
  • DUEL! Aaron Burr vs Alexander Hamilton: It’s the ultimate showdown! Do you run, or fire your gun, or let it be?
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Full series: || Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 …And Peggy! ||

AND PEGGY! Bonus Game: Live fast, die young, marry rich, REGRET NUTHIN’! Collect as many coins as you can in 30 seconds. (find the hidden easter eggs (easter…Peggs) within the games to unlock this bonus game!)