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Hearts Wide Open (new Jensen x Reader series) sneak peak!

This story is completely inspired by the song and video for Luke Bryan’s song Roller Coaster! And I will be posting it when Neverland is finished, so it won’t be up for a little while but I’m really excited about it so I wanted to give you guys something to look forward to! Also HUGE thanks to @iwantthedean for the title for this! 

This time, however, she was going to be doing it alone. Her parents were spending a different week at their house in the Outer Banks and even though she wanted to do her yearly vacation with them, this week was the only week that Jared was free to join her. So, with her parents’ blessing she was off to her vacation home to spend some much needed time with her best friend who she hadn’t seen in quite a while.

She waved goodbye to her mother, who stood at the open front door, and climbed behind the wheel of her truck. The engine roared to life and she slid the CD she had made for the trip into the dashboard. Turning the radio up as the first song poured through the speakers she pulled away from the curb and started on the almost twenty-four hour drive from Austin to North Carolina.

Leaving at six in the morning wasn’t ideal. Y/N was never a morning person but she knew that if she wanted to beat the traffic and make it to the house before Jared it was the best time to leave. Jared and Y/N had been best friends since birth. Their mothers had grown up with each other and subsequently raised the two of them together. To say they were best friends was a major understatement. There wasn’t a person on Earth who knew Y/N better than Jared did and vice versa.

She hadn’t spent a vacation week with Jared in going on six years. When he had decided to move to LA and go into acting she was all for it, supporting him every step of the way. Then he landed a recurring role on Gilmore Girls and she couldn’t have been more thrilled. She watched the show every week in support, but that support meant that she was sacrificing time with her best friend. Time she had clearly taken for granted for a while. Now she was lucky if she saw Jared on holidays.

He had landed another job on a new show called Supernatural and when he told Y/N about it she was more than thrilled for him. His filming schedule was still going to be crazy but they had been renewed for a second season and that meant he had a few months off before he had to move to Vancouver for filming. That was part of the reason why he wanted to take this vacation so badly. Moving out of the state was one thing, but living in a different country for most of the year would definitely take a toll on his friendship and he wanted to spend as much time with Y/N as possible before the move.