I think the 2,000 review oneshot is gonna be this; here’s a little sneak peak of Portgas D Edward falling into canon, at perhaps the worst possible time.

When Ace staggers to the top of the execution platform, he fully expects the presence of every marine there.

What he doesn’t get, what he never saw coming, is the redhead boy already chained in place, head bowed and tiny wrists shaking in his equally tiny shackles.

“Wha-what the fuck-” he breaks off in surprise, choking slightly as he’s shoved forwards, as they leash him down like a dog, right beside the kid that can only be seven, eight at a push.

“Sengoku! See sense! He’s a child!”

Garp, that’s Garp, Ace realises slowly, Garp who’s arguing… for the kid.

And Sengoku… he looks ten years older than when Ace last saw him, his shoulders curving inwards, a heavy, almost defeated set to his face.

“He’s from the same bloodline, Garp. My hands are as tied as yours.”

From the… same bloodline?

Ace spends a few minutes staring, staring st the child who’s face is hidden behind a curtain of red, hidden away with those words echoing in his head.

It’s to the point that even when his heart leaps into his throat at the sight of his father, he still cannot not notice the kid from the corner of his eyes.

And then, then the bastard Sengoku starts speaking, mentions his mother and Ace feels that stone in his stomach.

They know.

They know and they’re trying to get him to admit it, to declare it, but Whitebeard is his only father, only Whitebeard.

Before Sengoku can announce it though, before he can tear open Ace’s chest and expose his biggest secret, the kid beats them both to it.

“My grandfather was the Pirate King, and when my parents get here you’ll be sorry!”


Absolute dead silence.

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Hey Todd! I was just wondering if you'd still be making art that's for non patrons sometime in the future? I'm really happy that you're earning money though, ill become a patron whenever i get money, but i was just wonderin!

Yeah of course! Hue I’m working on a comic for ya’ll too, for the siblings au and an upcoming thingy for Catherine

here have a sneak peak ;D

“Am I In Trouble?” epilogue sneak-peak! :D

Aftercare, aftercare, fluffy, cute, Bay boys aftercare~ Almost done, should be up by tomorrow and then I can get to work on my requests~

“You enjoyed yourself today, kitten?” Daveed asked.

You nodded, eyes half closed.

“Hmm…yeah…s'was nice. Felt like it was my birthday present instead of Daveed’s.”

The two Bay boys laughed.

“Trust me when I tell you, that was absolutely hands down the best present I’ve ever gotten. Birthday or otherwise,” Daveed confessed.

Looking over your shoulder, you grinned at him then leaned back against his chest while he wrapped his arms around you.

“I should hope so. Although next year I don’t know how we’re going to top this,” you pondered, “I’ll leave it to Rafa to think of something.”

Your boyfriend snickered and leaned in kissing you on the lips gently.

“Well before that we have to think of something for your birthday, baby girl.”

You smiled against his lips and brushed your fingers through his hair, getting the soft, dirty blond strands wet.

“I thought we were renting out a BDSM room at one of the clubs?”

The boys laughed and Daveed hugged you a little tighter.

“You were serious about that, huh? Wow. I guess we better hop to it and make a reservation,” Rafael chuckled.

You pouted at them, trying to look indignant but too tired to really manage it, so instead you ended up looking sulky, “What? Aren’t you guys curious? It’s not just me, right?”

Daveed kissed the top of your head, “Shh, kitten, if that’s what you want I’m sure Rafa and I can work something out.”

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So apparently there are 900 of you awesome bitches and since Sparks is currently smut free I thought i’d sneak peak treat you all. Once I reach 1000 I’ll post some epic smut scene from one of the future chapters, so you guys get a little preview of some much needed Bucky Smut. (Ya know unless the story doesn’t already get to that point b4)



here’s a lil peek at Keenan and Jodi’s , Sigrid’s parents’s, story. 

Before the story starts here’s some background info: 

- Jodi’s maiden name is Dupree
- Jodi’s family is wealthy, but Jodi hates it
- Keenan isn’t as wealthy, but wealthy enough  
- Keenan’s a pretty cool kid who isn’t as tough as he seems

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omg! new future story?! can you give us a sneak peak? a hint? anything?!!!! :D

Shoulda seen that coming. 

Umm … Okay, it’ll be an eventual Harmony told from at least four POVs, complete AU from the end of the First Wizarding War forward. It will be SO long. Like … longer than every other fic I’ve written except Debt of Time. It will cover all 7 years of Harry’s time at Hogwarts. Very Black family (so yes, Sirius is involved) centric. I seriously don’t want to say more than that LMAO.