Sungyeol Scenario + Oblivious Hearts

Secretly admiring. What a noble concept. Is it actually possible to admire a person without giving them the slightest hint that it’s you who holds the affection within your heart? Secret admiration is rarely altruistic and some part of Sungyeol always hopes she will notice it’s him sending notes and treats whenever she looks like she could use a smile.

Lee Sungyeol is not subtle, but somehow he’s managed to pick a girl who is completely oblivious to his secretly admiring and it’s frustrates him.

“Oh, is that a new letter?” he asks (again in a completely not-subtle way). The object of his affection has had plenty of time to peruse the love note, analyzing and touching it with the tips of her pink-manicured nails as she reads, and it takes all within Sungyeol’s willpower not to just impatiently admit to her that he’s the author. She’s the reason why he’s skipped out ten minutes early from rehearsal tonight to meet her and she’s the reason why he feels so nervous as she glances over the letter once more, her eyes flickering over the written words.

“Yes, it just arrived today,” the girl answers sweetly. She carefully folds the paper containing his affections back into a tiny one-inch square, and Sungyeol feels like it’s his actual heart being reshaped into her hands until his feelings are no more than a single paper slipped into her purse. “I wonder who it’s from,” she wonders aloud, the same as she’s always done. But the question doesn’t seem to bother her and the girl leisurely lifts up the pumpkin spice latte to bring it to her lips. “This is the fifth one this week.”

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[Admin Note] Youtube Streaming Playlist (Love Equation)

Hi, Starlights!

First things first, welcome back to another promotional season, I hope you’re all as excited as we are! We’ve got lots of work to do to get ourselves some more wins for Vixx but that’s a topic for a later date.

The current question is, what can you all do right now? Well, we’ve got to increase those music video views!

Similar to our Error playlist, we now have a wonderful, Vixx-filled extravaganza in the form of our Love Equation x50 Playlist. But don’t fret! We’ve got other lovely Vixx videos spaced throughout the playlist to keep things interesting.

For all our tips on SNS points, particularly on the Youtube side of things, check out our tutorial [HERE]


-Admin Cait

                             Happy Birthday, Naruto Uzumaki
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