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This is a master post of tutorials and tips that Boice can use for CNBLUE’s 6th Mini Album comeback Blueming!

1. Buy CNBLUE Blueming Legally. From the following certified sites or from your local country buying project! If you choose to buy from ebay and amazon please be sure that the package is coming from Korea!

Synnara | YesAsia | KpopTown | KpopMart | DVDheaven | itunes

2. Melon Buying pass &  Streaming Tutorials. Digital sales are just important as physical!

Boice Barracks: Melon Account Tutorial PC
2gether CNBLUE | Buying Melon Streaming Pass | iphone & android
Genie | Other Streaming Tutorials

3. Youtube Views are important for music show wins and sns points!

YouTube View Tips | BoiceBarracks CNBLUE Playlist

4. Music Shows! Voting on music shows every week is very important and international fans can vote for most Music Shows! Please make accounts as soon as possible so when voting opens you can participate!

Show Champion | MCountdown | Music Core | The Show
Music Show Point Breakdown

5. SNS! Use the following hashtags along wit ha short message on all SNS platforms, including Twitter & Youtube! No More than 2 hashtags per tweet/message! 

‪#‎CNBLUE‬ ‪|| #‎씨엔블루‬ || ‪#‎BLUEMING‬ ‪ || #‎블루밍‬ ||  ‪#‎이렇게예뻤나‬‪#‎YOURESOFINE‬

The most important thing is for everyone to REBLOG this post. This way as many Boice will see this as possible. Do not hesitate to send us questions, here on Tumblr or Twitter @.boicebarracks. We will respond asap. Also tutorials will be updated soon so check frequently!


Dark Serpent Role Call

Riniver Elizabeth Thorne

Captain of the Dark Serpent

SN : Captain Riniver

Jack Tip Jenson

First Mate

SN : Jack Tip Jenson

Tilber James Arthus

Master Gunner

SN : Mun Needed