Always with Lee Taeyong

You deserve so much for everything you’ve been through. For all the lies people believed, the amount of apologies that others won’t forgive, and the number of tears that rolled down your cheeks. I’m glad we finally get to learn the truth. I have so much respect for you because instead of saying your side of the story, you just took it and apologized for things you never did. Now you’re a leader with the weight of everything on your shoulders and the burdens you carry. I’m sorry the world is so unfair to you. You deserve better and it starts now.


This guy has been through way too much shit caused by both “fans” and agency.

This is a time where Kpop fans can truly show what Kpop-family is. An idol neglected by the agency he’s signed to, where he has been for 9 years (which may I add, is before older groups like 2NE1, F(x), 4MINUTE, BEAST and SHINee even debuted. In fact, SNSD debuted the same year he debuted at SM).
Can we all just agree to help him out? Whether it is him wanting to leave SM, or him wanting to release his music.

“I…only have my fans left. If you see this message, please speak for me. My agency doesn’t listen to me.”

Let’s speak for him.

can we start a thing

where instead of complaining about mark getting no rest and pitying him we replace all of that with thank yous??? bc he is an absolute angel, like directly given to us from the sky. thank you mark lee for going to countless schedules without complaints, thank you mark lee for working so hard, thank you mark lee for going out there and promoting nct to the world, thank you mark lee for being you, i love you, your fans love you n lemme tell you now, someday the whole world’s gonna love you