New Arrival! Smart Doll Eiji- Friday Knight

Recently I’ve been lucky enough to order one of the dolls I’ve been wanting for a while, Danny Choo’s Smart doll Eiji! Having owned a Mirai for a short time in the past, I knew going in that the quality was amazing so I was really excited to get him. There really aren’t many masculine looking vinyl dolls, some people have made do mind you or have done some wonderful customs, but I was hoping for something more….mannish. 
Ordering from the Culture Japan website is wonderfully simple! Before, when the smartdolls were new, you had to sign up and be ready to order when the website passwords were emailed during short short order periods. Luckily, Danny’s stock has since stabilized and you can order from him at any time! I went ahead and chose the apparel set option for Eiji, as the clothing made for smart dolls is INCREDIBLY high quality. 
After I ordered (on tuesday) he was shipped the same day and arrived saturday the same week! Next to no wait time! Unfortunately I was unable to take box opening pictures at the time, but here’s what I was able to take!

The shipper box is really nice, with the smart doll logos and Eiji’s number and name printed on the outside. Personally, I’m not a big fan of whats in my packages being advertised to the outside world, but it certainly was an exciting effect when the package was handed to me by my wonderful postal carrier. The box is actually really small, as eiji is actually packed in a kneeling position.

Really cool little extras! A re-useable Smart Doll Tote which the doll was packaged inside and a little pack of Moekana cards!

The apparel set and default wig! At this time I had already put the pants and socks on my doll, but the packaging is sleek and beautiful, very well made and you certainly get a sense of the quality! The apparel and default set comes with a pair of eyes (though I bought a green pair in the smart doll shop I felt was better suited) a pair of perfectly fitting jeans, a t-shirt, wig, socks, boxers, and shoes. Admittedly though, I will not be keeping the default wig or t-shirt.

Out of the packaging! He looks excellent in person. One of the reasons I held off on buying him was the Developer’s version’s face shape. It was very different from this one, and this one looks great! However, I do intend to make him a new much shorter wig and repaint him as soon as I can.

One of the coolest things about smart dolls is this little telescope stand! Its a lot like a little radio aerial that inserts into a slot on the back of the doll. It comes with a basic doll purchase but can be bought on its own.

Stand spot!

Its pretty simple and extends to basically be a tripod! The doll is quite sturdy on his own, but this adds much more stability and peace of mind.

And if you position it right it is unseen in pictures! :)

The smart dolls don’t seem altogether huge on their own, I’ve owned a few SD bjds, but they all felt too big for me, I suspect that the light weight might help for it not to seem so breakable! Next to a DDS, he seems a lot larger. 

The hand mechanisms are very similar, and strangely enough the smart doll system is much smaller, despite having bigger hands. 

With a bit of modification, or using the large sized dollfie dream hands, its entirely possible that the dolls hands could be hybrided. Admittedly though, these hands look comically small on him in person.

All in all he’s a wonderful doll. Posing is amazing, the face is masculine and its a much needed breath from all the girl vinyl dolls! Hurray! I hope to share him again once he’s more customized and maybe has some new clothes


Konrad & Tanderson Feat Fozzy Bear - Give it up

Delving deep into my youtube favourites I find the electro dance classic! The Legendary milky way team SMDB! My all time favourite electro dance video to emerge from France, this was one of the first videos I had ever seen and it really made me want to learn the dance myself. This is a very old form of electro dance based on the flow of body movement (hands, feet etc) to the beat. Electro dance today is far more complex and incorporates street and sometimes even break. Check it out guys, just so damn sweet!


I wish I had some sweet moves.

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