SM wont do anything about this

just saying but SM put their rookies into EXO’s new show

and istg imma kill a bish and set SM on fire if those rookies get more screentime than EXO ,esp china line who barely get any screentime

i know they gon do this but i hope they wont be too shameless by shoving those rookies everywhere or just unnessarily, it’s an EXO’s show and we’ve been waiting for so long, it better focus on EXO themselves

do it right SM, tho i know we gon have to put up w this shiet since it’s SM tradition and i dont have anything against rookies,im not interested whatsoever and EXO helps promoting them too but i hope SM have the decency to actually make it a show for EXO and about EXO

On the other hand, EXO gon learn a lot bout variety and get owned by their own sunbaes lol its H.O.T and esp SHINHWA we’re talking bout lol i cant wait fot the remake MV and pls bring TVXQ too, i’d like to see EXO turn into peasant fanboys over TVXQ senpai and Yunho w dancer line and basically just EXO being made fun of and destroy their image haha

petalvelvet replied to your post :wanna be aggressively queer but i also dont feel…

i wanna be like, “hell yah go out there and be fuckin gay as hell!!” but also like,,,, be safe,,,, it’s a scary world and high school kids are esp. cruel and close-minded. heck i didn’t even kno i was anything but straight and cis until after i graduated. but good luck w/ whatever u decide to do!!

thank u sm ily ;_; i feel that,, ,
idk i probably wont do anything as always, highschool isnt really a big part of my identity and i have no feelings towards my school,,, maybe during college i’ll be more loud and proud about it
but still, ,, i just ppl to kno they’re not alone ;_; bc i feel pretty damn alone in my school, like, ,, im so tired of cis ppl,, i dont mean to be rude but ,, its just draining