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no matter the quality of the music or performance, anyone from SM/JYP/YG is automatically going to get more attention than other groups. a group from a smaller company could do something completely incredible/unique but so long as the big labels keep churning out their stuff they’re going to keep getting more views/sales and their wins pretty much gift-wrapped. please, keep that in mind when discussing an SM/JYP/YG mv getting 50 million views versus smaller company getting 50 million views

Fake Rumours

Member: Suho || BTS

Genre: Angst, Drama, Conflicts

Short Summary: When he’s hanging out with an idol for way too much but gets angry of his girlfriend hanging out with another male.

Words: 798

Warnings: Foul language

The vibrations in her jeans back-pocket were her queue to wake up from the drunken slumber she’s been in for the past couple of days. Cringing upon seeing the name of the caller that had disturbed her, she sullenly declined the call and had set off to her bathroom to make herself look half-decent.

When done, it was time to move on from her dark house that was thrown into an unrecognizable mess and call a cab that would take her to her boyfriends house. Oh how she dreaded this meeting.

“Where were you?” his voice sounded from somewhere inside his massive house that could in no way be compared to her small, one-roomed loft. When no answer came out of her mouth, she heard his steps loud and clear, approaching closer to where she stood.

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Them Finding a Potential Mate but She’s Already Dating: EXO


Would feel deeply conflicted since he didn’t want to take away your happiness but he also wanted to be happy with you; to become your happiness.


Suho’s a sincere man and therefore he would want for you to fall in love with him. Because of this he would completely ignore your boyfriend and instead befriend you, taking it one step at a time.


If he saw just how happy you are I don’t think that Lay would interfere in your happiness, instead resolving to simply being your friend. Of course, he wouldn’t mind steal glances at you and the occasional friendly hugs that you shared.


He would silently get rid of your boyfriend after being good friends with you for a long while. Then you, being full of desperation of your boyfriend disappearing on you like this, would instead come to him.


Chen would become very competitive, challenging your boyfriend in different sports and games all to show his superiority over your lover. And it didn’t matter how childish his plan was, it seemed to charm you, anyway. With time, you discovered his manly side, too.


Would bluntly come up to your boyfriend and tell him how much he loved you. After that, he would try and impress you with different moments of affection and little surprised such as flowers and sweets; the things you loved.


He would not interfere and would not even come in close proximity with you. He knew that if he decided to come between you and your current boyfriend he would destroy that relationship but seeing just how happy you were with that man, KyungSoo did not want to make you suffer.


Would very awkwardly come up to you and invite you for a meeting anyway, asking for your phone number and name so that you two could arrange a meeting place and time. He knew that he was full of charm and no man will stand in between of you and him.


He would plan an instance where your boyfriend cheats on you and you saw him doing it directly. In that way, you would be open for him to date.

BigHit: Okay the coast is clear! No super groups are having a comeback at the moment so we should let BTS drop their new song and win all the awards and sweep the charts!!

StarShip: I think we finally have the timing right! If we drop Monsta X’s new comeback rn we’ll get out first number one annnd finally prove ourselves in the industry!!

JYP: THIS IS THE PERFECT TIME!! Let’s have 2pm and Got7 comeback and just SLAUGHTER everyone and win EVERYTHING! *laughs* And I mean we totes can do it cause who’s big enough to stop us anyway??

SM: *smiles knowingly*

SM:*slithers out of the shadows*

SM: *whispers* SHINee’s Back




JYP: Damn

The likelihood of a male kpop idol taking off their shirt (according to the three major companies):


Idol: Hey can I take off my shirt.

Sooman: yes but only when you’re old enough

Sooman: now go do crunches so you have sick abs


Idol: Hey can I take off my shirt.

YG: Yeah go ahead

YG: In fact do it before you debut

YG: That way you can accumulate more fans before you’ve released a single song. Then when you do you’ll make me lots of money muahahaha


Idol: Hey can I take off my shirt


JYP: But you can crossdress on stage

Idol: But

JYP: shhhh *hands him a dress and wig*

*BONUS* Big Hit Entertainment

Idol: Hey can I take off my shirt

Bang PD: is your name Park Jimin

Idol: No.

Bang PD: Then no

Jimin: lol sorry guys