SM artists

I finished it!!!! I might change the colors tho idk the background is probably. Too pastel???? So maybe it’s not finished but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ have my tiny gaymer bf anyways


The deterioration of Lusamine’s mental state


As I’m playing through the game, I really starting to feel for her. I imagine younger/stabler Lusamine had less shieldy hair up until Mohn warped off into ultra space. After that, her hair got cocoon-ier as more family started leaving her – as if to shield her. In that same logic, Gladion probably takes after his mom more since he too has half his face covered (which I assume happened after running away with Null)


First piece of Yuri on Ice crossover with Pokemon Sun&Moon!

I was staring at Yuzuru Hanyu’s photos all the time while painting this, tried my best to make Yuri’s coat looking as close to the real one as possible TvT

Chose Alola Vulpix because Yuri is supposed to be young and naive and innocent ahahahaha I just want a chance to draw Alola Vulpix