SM Ent Loses More Than $60 Million In Just 2 Days After Dropping Jessica, Will they Bounce back This Time? See What people are saying...

After dropping Jessica from SNSD, SM has lost more than $60 Million dollars so far in just a few days. Many netizens are saying, they may have been able to recover in the past, but they have now hit every single one of their groups, except SHINee.

“…They will milk EXO even more now to get that money back! be prepared for Kai breaking another bone. It’s SM we’re talking about, making money is their specialty, they will find a way to get that money back, no matter who they’re going to have to sacrifice

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S.Korea blasts BIGBANG,IU & SNSD songs to counteract N.Korea’s threats? + Netizens’ Comments!

South Korea has been broadcasting its cross-border propaganda to North Korean amid high tension between the two nations since earlier this month when land mines went off in the DMZ and maimed soldiers on border patrol. The tension has gotten even higher after an exchange of fire this past Thursday.

The cross-border propaganda broadcasts from South Korea to the North have started again after a 11-year hiatus. They are generally deemed to be part of psychological warfare.

It became known on August 24 local time, that K-pop songs were being broadcast as part of the broadcast; namely IU‘s “Heart,” BIGBANG‘s “Bang Bang Bang,” Girls’ Generation‘s “Genie,” and veteran singer No Sa Yeon‘s “Meeting.”

The cross-border propaganda is broadcast about eight hours per day at 11 locations, but not all around the same time. News about South Korea’s progress and North Korea’s “true state” is also included in the broadcasts.

Source: KyunghyangShinmun

Translated by: Soompi


Netizens’ Comments: 

1. [+2,196, -78] Turn on Big Bang’s ‘Loser’ too. “Loser, loner, coward acting tough” these are lyrics for Kim Jong Un.

2. [+1,849, -95]
Don’t move, don’t move
Don’t move, don’t move
Let’s put an end to this tonight
Put an end to this tonight
Bbangya, bbangya, bbangya
Let’s go with 'Bang Bang Bang’
- They’re already playing this song too, it’s in the article

3. [+1,320, -42] Raise the volume

4. [+191, -2] It’s game over if they play 'Cultwo Show’

5. [+170, -1] It’d be fun if they played a radio show like 'Cultwo Show’… Shows that we’re at least a society that knows how to have fun and laugh.

6. [+144, -0] Just put up a huge TV screen and play makjang dramas. They’ll go crazy with suspense and try to come to the South to find out what happens in the next episode.

7. [+141, -2] I remember this one story where this North Korean runaway was always used to hearing an ajumma announcer on radio but he randomly came across a South Korean FM show and was captivated by a South Korean woman’s voice and became determined to escape. It seems like little things like this on the human psyche does end up having an effect.

8. [+126, -4] Turn on Stellar’s music video for them. On the largest screen possible.

9. [+116, -1] Just turn on Melon’s top 100

10. [+114, -2] F*ck, the lyrics are freaking appropriateㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ “nobody move, lets see the end of this night, bang-ya bang-ya bang-ya”

11. [+88, -4] Wow, they actually played Big Bang’s 'Bang Bang Bang’ on the radio ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

12. [+33, -0] ‘Bangbangbang’, ‘Ringdingdong’, ‘I’m your man’, if you play these songs really loud. they’ll hold guns and fight while humming..

Translated by: netizenbuzz@blogspot; bbnetizen