Fluttering India Ep 2&3

I ran out of patience and just watched it RAW. But may I just say that Kyuhyun was totally enjoying DDLJ, his hands were clasped together throughout the movie and his eyes were so focussed like a mother watching soap opera’s. Boys will be boys when Kajol danced in her towel Lol and Sunggyu was totally bewitched by the beauty of the Bollywood actresses’ photos, and ofc the others too. They mentioned ShahRukh Khan sooo many times ! I got frustrated not knowing what they were saying about him, but I love that they know him :) This show is so good , I’ve been waiting for something like this since 10 years of being into bollywood and 7 years of being into kpop. So many feels are just rushing through my body, gahdamn neomu johwa! Mein bohot khushi hoon yaar!

EXO-L’s confesions to their parents

“Mom, I participated on Youth Push Up Love Up Competition not because I want to, it’s because I want to see EXO.”

“Sorry Mom, I went to their concert 3 times and purchased 8 album copies but I couldnt go to fansign.”

“Mom, you know why I am majoring in Chinese Lit. right?…”

“Mom, I didnt pick up your calls not because I was sleeping on the bus… I was jumping around inside Olympic Garden with EXO…”

“Honestly I didnt go to art exhibition… I went to Kim Minseok fanpics exhibition…. The kid who Mom said looks like cat….”

“Professor, I lied that I was sick. That because my heart always in pain because of EXO.”

“I didnt sleep on my friend’s home because it’s holiday, I was sleeping in front of MBC….”

“Mom, I lied that my money was lost. I used it to watch EXO concert.”

“Mom, I’m sorry. Last Friday I said I was in school because I had an assignment…. actually I was staying up all night for Music Core.”

“Mom, sorry.. actually I went to Japan because of EXO…”

“Mom, everyday I say I sleep on my friend’s home but that’s all lie. I has been sleeping on the floor (t/n:waiting for music program)..”

EXO-L’s confessions to their parents