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“Krystal debuted in f(x) when she was 14. Now she’s soon 21. Years gone and it feels like Krystal lose her childhood of training in SM. So…? To make her happy atleast is to make f(x) popular than before or we will see poor Krystal cry.”

confession by anonymous

I completely support Tao leaving and especially to take time off to heal, but I can’t help but think selfishly that

  • I’ll never see Tao in another EXO M/V
  • I’ll never hear his husky voice paired alongside EXO’s vocals again
  • I’ll never see him on stage with EXO again
  • I won’t get as much updates on him
  • I’ll really, really miss him…
  • I’ll never see him alongside his hoe, Oh Sehun
  • I’ll never see him cuddling Suho and holding him tight
  • and so much more

But I know that, without SM

  • He’ll be treated as an actual human being
  • He’ll be with his family who are always there to protect and guide him
  • His injuries will hopefully heal
  • He’ll still be able to dance and produce music with nothing holding him back
  • He’ll now know not to take anybody’s crap, and that he only deserves good things
  • He’ll still know that he has fans who love him and look up to him so much
  • He’ll always be my baby who’s older than me
  • He’ll always still be a fashionable wushu panda
  • He’ll still wear shades inside buildings like he ain’t got no sense
  • He’ll still cherish the good memories he had at SM, and with EXO
  • His life will be a lot better
  • My baby’s gunna be free
  • He’ll still inspire me to work hard
  • and maybe… just maybe… he’ll reunite with Wu Yifan, and will maybe be able to rekindle their strong bond
  • He’ll be happier (a bit later, though)
EXO-L’s confesions to their parents

“Mom, I participated on Youth Push Up Love Up Competition not because I want to, it’s because I want to see EXO.”

“Sorry Mom, I went to their concert 3 times and purchased 8 album copies but I couldnt go to fansign.”

“Mom, you know why I am majoring in Chinese Lit. right?…”

“Mom, I didnt pick up your calls not because I was sleeping on the bus… I was jumping around inside Olympic Garden with EXO…”

“Honestly I didnt go to art exhibition… I went to Kim Minseok fanpics exhibition…. The kid who Mom said looks like cat….”

“Professor, I lied that I was sick. That because my heart always in pain because of EXO.”

“I didnt sleep on my friend’s home because it’s holiday, I was sleeping in front of MBC….”

“Mom, I lied that my money was lost. I used it to watch EXO concert.”

“Mom, I’m sorry. Last Friday I said I was in school because I had an assignment…. actually I was staying up all night for Music Core.”

“Mom, sorry.. actually I went to Japan because of EXO…”

“Mom, everyday I say I sleep on my friend’s home but that’s all lie. I has been sleeping on the floor (t/n:waiting for music program)..”

EXO-L’s confessions to their parents

[NEWS/TRANS] 150416 SM Entertainment releases official statement in regards to the rumor of Tao leaving EXO

Sm Entertainment addresses the rumor regarding EXO member Tao’s contract termination.

SM Entertainment Officials on the 16th of April said to Star News “The news regarding Tao’s contract termination from Chinese News Media is completely not true”.

This morning Chinese media reported that Tao is “withdrawing from EXO”.



“Tao’s Choice” is not just Tao’s Choice

I’ve seen a lot of rhetoric so far about trusting Tao, waiting for Tao’s decision, seeing what Tao really wants. And that’s all well and good. Tao’s opinion is important and we do need to hear it.

But we need to remember that in this situation, it’s not just a matter of what Tao wants. This is not just a “stay with SM or not” decision. I’m sure he’s considering his career, his health, his fans, and his family and I’m sure he’s really feeling the pressure from both his family and from his company. On top of that he’s been injured, overworked and exhausted for God knows how long, which doesn’t contribute to optimal decision making skills. And besides, whatever Tao decides is most certainly going to have a major impact on him personally and professionally.

If Tao decides to leave, that doesn’t mean at all that he doesn’t care about EXO or EXO-Ls or even that he personally wanted to leave. If Tao decides to stay, it most definitely doesn’t mean that SM hasn’t been treating him absolutely terribly and that we have no grounds to criticize them. It also doesn’t mean that his father is wrong in being worried for him.

Basically my point is that it’s not like Tao’s decision is going to clear up this situation one way or another. This seems like it’s going to be a messy situation no matter what, and it sucks. But keep in mind that it’s a lot more complicated than just figuring out what Tao wants, and also keep in mind that in the end, this is not an isolated incident; this is a reflection of the fact that entertainment companies are not treating their idols with any respect and are pushing them to the point where they have to choose between their career and their mental and physical well-being.