Arthur Recap Season 9 Episode 6 Arthur Makes Waves

Buster tells us that throughout history, there have been groups of kids who don’t play well together. Neanderthals and cavemen never played well together, farmers and cattle ranchers never got along, and we all know about the infamous rivalry between greasers and Socs.

The only rivalry that really makes sense is the greaser/Soc one, especially within the context of modern times. Arthur and his friends ride their bikes and visit the library and hang out in their tree house while the Tough Customers do some light bullying and listen to heavy metal. I know I should side with Arthur and his gang on this but the Tough Customers look so badass in their greaser jackets and ducktails while Arthur and the gang look so boring–but cute! Everyone looks cute in 50s period costumes.

Anway, Buster tells us that these rivalries have always existed and will continue to exist…or will they?

It’s a hot day in Elwood City. “It’s so hot, my hair is crying,” complains D.W. Arthur reminds her that it’s just sweat and relief is just around the corner when they visit the community pool. However, the pool is closed. They decide to visit their friends who have pools but they all suck for different reasons: the Tibbles are too rambunctious and pop their own inflatable pool, Muffy only lets them pulls her around in a boat, and Grandma Thora’s water aerobics class is too boring for little kids. 

“It’s like taking a bath only with lots of ladies,” says Arthur. “And not in a fun way.”

They decide to go enjoy the library’s air conditioning but that’s also broken. “What does a kid have to do to cool off in this town?” complains D.W.

Suddenly, they hear splashing and children’s laughter coming from nearby…

It’s James, one of D.W.’s classmates from preschool. D.W. asks if they can swim in his pool and after checking with parents, it’s decided that the Read kids can swim over so long as Arthur stays to keep an eye on the kids.

Arthur is coolio dealio with the plan until he hears a voice that makes him stop from enjoying the cool water. “Step into that pool and you’re entering a world of pain,” threatens Molly. Yep, in the greatest plot developments ever, Molly is revealed to be James’s older sister and Arthur’s bully.

However, despite the fact that she is only four years old, D.W. is not going to be pushed around. She yells at Molly that she and Arthur have their parents’ permission to swim and orders Arthur to get in the water.

Damn, sometimes D.W.’s sass can be used for good. If only Francine used her powers the same way.

Not to be bossed around by someone half her age, Molly calls Rattles for advice. He suggests that she make it hard for the kids to have fun in the pool and they’ll go away on their own. However, the kids are clever enough to get around Molly’s sabotage and eventually, she breaks down and joins their playing. Surprisingly, everyone has a lot of fun together.

Afterwards, the kids get ice cream together. Rattles sees Molly and Arthur talking together and demands to know if they’re friends. Arthur quickly recovers and pretends Molly bullied him into buying her ice cream. Rattles believes the lie and Molly and Arthur sigh in relief.

The kids play soccer in the park as they discuss what happened.“My friends would never let me live it down if they knew I liked you,” says Molly. Arthur adds that his friends would be too scared of Molly to understand that she’s actually cool. D.W. suggests that the two hang out in secret but publicly ignore each other.

Molly and Arthur shake hands in agreement but Molly sees them together from afar.

Even though Molly and Arthur were clearly just shaking hands platonically, Muffy tells the gang that Molly and Arthur were holding hands and are in love.

I do sense some Molly/Arthur chemistry, but Muffy is just starting drama. Although, to be fair, Community pointed out how with the right background music, any two people can be a ship.

Buster refuses to believe these lies and goes over the laugh about the whole thing at Arthur’s house. However, Molly is also at his house which makes him believe the rumors are true.

Other people are noticing the cracks in the facade: Brain overhears Molly and Arthur making plans to shoot hoops together and Slink sees Molly walk off with Arthur after she insulted Arthur in front of him.

Slink and Brain report to their respective friends what happened and each group worries that Molly and Arthur will morph to be like each other. Arthur’s gang worries Arthur will become a bully while the Tough Customers worry that Molly will start wearing frilly dresses and suggest naming state capitals for fun.

Both groups decide to confront Molly and Arthur. They find Molly lounging by her pool and ask where Arthur is. Molly just stutters but both groups take this to mean that she is no longer hanging out with him and are satisfied.

“Thank goodness we nipped this in the bud,” says Rattles. “Before we call became friends or something.”

Binky suggests they all get a milkshake together in honor of not being friends.

Arthur comes by after they leave to give Molly back her basketball and reveal that now the community pool has reopened, they don’t have to hang out together. After trading insults, they wink slyly at each other as they go their separate ways.

It’s a shame they can’t hang out together but Arthur doesn’t want to make waves.

Grade; A+. (This was amazing, start to finish. Not only do we develop Molly more, but we developed what the Tough Customer’s perspective on Arthur’s gang. We always knew that Arthur viewed them as a bunch of mean bullies and I thought it was hysterical that the Tough Customers thought that Arthur and his friends hang around and list state capitals for fun. Plus, there was so much shipping fodder.)

Rating: 100% intense. Pretending not to be friends is intense.




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