a little Shugo Chara and TribeTwelve crossover . May do this with Noah and Milo too XD

oh and yeah you better believe Rikki does have that outfit ( maybe missing a few details , not the shoes though i don’t think ) .

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Because recently I’ve watched Gravity Falls and I really love this show, so I though that my favourite YouTubers would be perfect as characters of it! So, here it iiis~!

  • Markiplier as Dipper Pines
  • PewDiePie(Duck) as Mabel Pines
  • CinnamonToastKen as Gruncle Stan
  • Cryotic as Waddles
  • And (Jack)SepticEye as Bill Cipher! 

You can download it here.

(Also, do not delete the caption.)

So it’s super late and stuff but I really wanted to upload this thing I’ve been workin extra hard on.

It’ll hafta count as Inktober Day #19.
Once again… a redo of this really old piece that I did way back when.
I call it…