Ways of waking up
  • Sonic:*curled up sleeping as he feels a soft touch on his head and the warm smell of coffee nearby. Opens one eye.* Hm?
  • Mumen Rider:*knelt down by Sonic* Good morning. Want to wake up?
  • ----------
  • Mumen Rider:*fast asleep as Sonic wakes up next to him*
  • Sonic:....*pokes Rider's face*
  • Mumen Rider:mmm *still sleeping*
  • Sonic:*ducks down under the covers, rustling around*
  • Mumen Rider:Mmm~ hm? Eh! *face flushes red as he snaps awake* this early?! *hiccups*

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Birthday: 26 de augusto 
Relationship status: Single
Zodiac sign: Virgo 😘
Siblings: Un hermanito👦
Favorite color: I don’t have one 🤔
Pets: un pero, Roxy
Wake up & sleep times: 12am on weekends n 6 during weekdays pero i sleep at 11-12pm
Lemonade or iced tea: how bout them mixed😉
Pepsi or Coke: neither, fanta
Night or day: noche
Text or call: text! U call me I’m hangin straight up
Makeup or natural: Both are 👌👌
Met a celebrity: nopeee
Smile or eyes: smile 😊 but if ur eyes r 👌👌 then both
Light hair or dark hair:dark
Shorter or taller: tallerrr
Intelligence or Attraction: both tbh
Chapstick or lipstick: Chapstick pero me gusta nude lipsticks too 
City or country: city🌆

Dosadno pa ajd da izodgovaram na ovo.
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Rule: Tag 10 people you want to know better
Birthday: 21.02.1991.
Gender: Bradonja
Relationship status: Single ko ptica na grani.
Zodiac: riba
Sibilings: Dosta mladji brat.
Favorite color: crvena, crna
Pets: Cats, dogs, parrot…
Wake up & sleep times: Spavanje je precenjeno.
Love or Lust: Both
Lemonade or Iced Tea: Ladno pivo
Cats or Dogs: Dogs
Coke or Pepsi: Šveps
Day or Night: Noć
Text or Call: pfff
Make up or Natural: Prirodno i ništa osim toga.
Met a Celebrity: A lot of them
Smile or Eyes: blue eyes
Light or Dark hair: dark
Intelligence or Attraction: intelligence
Chapstick or Lipstick: 
City or Countryside: countryside
Last song I’ve listed to: URGH! Povratak pozorišta surovosti
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The last two night I’ve been sleeping like shut. I wake up every 45 min either sweating, lower back pain, blankets falling off the bed from me tossing and turning, and then the one that sucked the most was having an anxiety attack in a dream and waking up still in an anxiety attack

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Imagine Mars pulling a prank on the other commanders by putting hundreds of tiny braids in their hair while they sleep. Even after they wake up and take them out (which takes at least 2 hours) their hair is super wavy and won't stay in place and there are always a few, like in the back or under a layer of hair that they miss and Mars and the grunts try not to giggle at the tiny braids.

:D  yes, I can totally see that! I think Mars is very creative when it comes to pulling a prank on others. (also she put effort in it too.) And maybe she has the best relationship with the grunts, so they won’t tell the commanders who was the culprit. (And if they finds out, Mars use her puppy eyes, (often failed) or run fast XD ) I still headcanon that being commander is also very tiring, because everybody pull prank on eachother.


luhan with spiky hair (any era) wallpapers ; iphone 4 (download)
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Today was the first day in a long time that I’ve woken up in a complete state of fine .

People think you need to spring out of bed with the energy of a child. They think if it’s not magical, it’s wrong. 

But fine is good. Fine is wonderful. Fine is perfect. 

When you expect magic at every turn, it makes the mundane bad. Magical mornings should be saved for holidays and big moments. 

Because when you'e had a thousand awful mornings, fine is just dandy. 

Fine takes away exhaustion, fine means no sleepy eyes and pulled blinds. Fine is the bed made. Fine is extra time for breakfast. Fine is pretty damn magical when you’ve had so many downright awfuls. 

Fine may not be ideal, but it’s not awful and that’s exceptionally perfect.

—  KJS // Excerpt from the book I’ll never write #18