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Update: Zombie week... Time for Sleep.

Well… Its not really fucked up, but I am a candidate for being a zombie this week from all the lack of sleep I’ve been experiencing.

Monday was easy. No big deal, I had things I had to do, but I thought I had enough time.

Tuesday. I had to take over for a buddy at my job, which essentially amounts to playing taxi for the company. Normally its a slow and boring job, but it seemed EVERYONE wanted to go somewhere. If I had a nickle for every person who asked me for a ride, I’d have somewhere around 2 dollars. Welll unfortunately this continued late into the night, So 4 hours of sleep and school work the next day. On the Plus side we began training for Offshore. I think it is going well. We’ll see the results next week.

Wednesday began my two days of playing catch up with all the school work I lost. But I wasted HOURS of sleep on a project I’ve been working on and it totally sucked. Nobody needs to know how to make databases.

Thursday was much of the same, and I had to study for a test. and maybe 3-4 hours of sleep.

Friday I ran errands, checked up on plans for my team. Worked out some personnel issues with the coach, and then had a surprise pick up of the Vehicle for another section of the team so they could go to their competition tomorrow. That night I spent it cleaning my room up so the RA could take a look see and ensure we weren’t living like slobs. And that is my life… in comparison not that bad.

…and now I’m falling asleep in my chair waiting on that damn RA.

One note of importance: I switched my avatar photo to a picture of me so that people wouldn’t think I was some sort of strange creeper, or a weirdo. I am just a guy, with a sailing addiction, a love for adventure, and a good time.

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it's hasn't slept in two days anon (actually fixed that I got half an hour of sleep and cursed myself for ruining my competitive record) and honestly this party of anons up too late. sleepless haven

Go the fuck to sleeeeeepppp