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10 Pride Animal requests finished!! I’d tag everyone who suggested but there’s a lot of you- but thank you for recommending a flag and animal for me to do!

I’m actually glad I was able to hit a rounded number, it makes it all worthwhile!

If you guys like these you can find them on Redbubble as stickers and such!

Happy Pride Month!!

losttostardust  asked:

To be fair, Endeavor is TOTALLY the guy who calls anyone he dislikes a Millennial even if it doesn't make sense.

Chapter 18_

Endeavor, points to Noumu: USELESS MILLENNIAL!!!!!!!!!!

High-end Noumu, naked and afraid: ??????????????????????????????????

Dabi + Shigaraki, bamboozled: ?????????????? ¿ ¿ ¿ ¿ ¿ ¿ ¿ ¿ ¿ ¿ ¿

Hawks: bruh he is clearly Gen Z

[TL] Drama Track 2 - Just a Friend

[phone rings]

Gentaro: Hm? Dice? Why is he calling if heโ€™s just next door?

[answers the call]

Gentaro: Beep! Hello?

Dice: Oh, Gentaro! Sorry to bug ya, but can you come pick me up?

Gentaro: Pick you up? Are you not in your room?

Dice: I was just heading out for a little, but I got roped into a bit of a situation that I canโ€™t get out of. Thatโ€™s why, I need you to pick me up now.

Gentaro: Good grief. I understand. Where are you?

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-Imagine your favourite character talking about you
-Imagine your favourite character calming you when you start writing your thesis


-One shot: Stay with us
-Imagine watching the worldcup with the avengers

Who are you? Soulmate au 
-Part 1

Steve x Reader

-Imagine not being able to sleep
-Imagine losing someone close
-Imagine failing to keep your relationship with Steve a secret
-Imagine Steve teaching you how to dance
-Imagine being dumped right before prom
-Imagine annoying Steve
-Imagine Steve kissing Sharon while he is in love with you
-Imagine Steve returning from the War
-Imagine liking Steve, but thinking he doesn’t like you
-One shot: You’re not coming with us
-One shot: Flirting in the 21st century
-One shot: Cannonball
-One shot: Intergalactic
-One shot: Righteous 
-One shot: Birthday girl

Bucky x Reader

-One shot: Why me?
-One shot: You’re beautiful
-One shot: My little sister (Stark!reader)
-Imagine cuddling with Bucky
-Imagine being trained by HYDRA (platonic)

Loki x Reader

-Imagine wandering around the asgardian palace and meeting Loki
-Imagine Loki showing up at your house, after he died
-Imagine showing Loki how amazing christmas is
-Imagine visiting Loki in prison
-Imagine being afraid of love but Loki falls for you
-Imagine Loki wanting to talk before the wedding
-Imagine seeing Loki after frigga’s death
-One shot: Loki don’t

Tony Stark x Reader
-Imagine Tony accidentally sneaking up on you
-Imagine being in a secret relationship with Tony
-Imagine Tony looking for you
-Imagine Tony meeting your daughter

-A relationship with Tony would include

Natasha Romanoff x Reader
-Imagine flirting with Black Widow

T’Challa x Reader
Imagine being affraid of lightning
-Imagine being afraid of dogs
-One shot: Meeting the King

Peter Parker x Reader
-Imagine dancing with Peter
-Imagine being Peters sister and being kidnapped
-Imagine being immortal and getting to close to Peter

-Song fic: Dua lipa - New Rules 

Peter Quill x Reader
-Imagine trying to comfort Peter

12 Days of Christmas
-Day 1 - Steve Rogers
-Day 2 - Thor Odinson
-Day 3 - Peter Parker
-Day 4 - Tony Stark
-Day 5 - Clint Barton
-Day 6 - Natasha Romanoff
-Day 8 - Sam Wilson 
-Day 9 - Bruce Banner
-Day 10 - Wanda Maximoff
-Day 11 - Bucky Barnes
-Day 12 - The Avengers

Star wars

Luke Skywalker x Reader

-Imagine fixing droids with Luke
-Imagine kissing Luke under the mistletoe
-Imagine being Luke’s daughter

Kylo ren x Reader

-Imagine celebrating christmas with Kylo
-Imagine Kylo walking in on you changing
-Imagine Kylo being stressed 
-Imagine Kylo secretly watching over you
-Imagine finally realizing you love Kylo
-Imagine comforting Kylo 
-Imagine Kylo playing with your daughter
-Imagine having children with Kylo
-Imagine training with Kylo
-Imagine going to Disneyland with Kylo
-Imagine flirting with Kylo
-Imagine calming Kylo when he has a panic attack
-One shot: I don’t know
-One shot: The last kiss
-One shot: Blind date
-One shot: Orion
-One shot: Her choice

I will find you serie:
-Part 1
-Part 2
-Part 3
-Part 4
-Part 5
-Part 6
-Part 7
-Part 8

Rose Tuco x Reader
-Imagine on your first day Rose shows you around

General Hux x Reader
-Imagine falling for Hux while being in a arranged marriage to Kylo

Poe Dameron x Reader
-Imagine Poe worrying about you
-Imagine Poe comforting you after a hard day

Rey x Reader
-Imagine Rey thinking you’re dead when you don’t return from a mission

Once Upon A Time

August x Reader
-Imagine flirting with August when he arrives at storybrooke 

Killian Jones x Reader
-One shot: Captain vs Captain
-Imagine not remembering Killian
-Imagine somehitting on you while on a date with Killian
-Imagine being Killians daughter getting in trouble

Regina Mills x Reader
-Imagine not telling your mother about your boyfriend

Henry Mills x Reader
-Imagine being Henry’s sister going through a break up

-Imagine being Will Scarlet’s goddaughter

Jane the Virgin

Rafael Solano x Reader
-Imagine leaving Rafael
-Imagine Rafael being in love with you

The 100

Bellamy Blake x Reader
-Imagine dying in Bellamy’s arms
-Imagine dying giving birth to Bellamy’s child
-Imagine Bellamy getting drunk

Jasper Jordan x Reader
-Imagine a snowball fight with Jasper


-Imagine meeting the Pevensies when they return to Narnia


-Imagine watching Horror movie with Tony

Harry potter

-Imagine being last minute invited to spend christmas
-Imagine all of your siblings being sorted into slytherin and you in hufflepuff


-Imagine Moriarty stalking you
-Imagine being threatened by Euros instead of Molly
-One shot: Lab rat


-Imagine being a legend in France and Francis former lover