being fat doesn’t make you any less deserving of medical care.
being fat is not bad.
fat is not a bad word.
being fat does not make your illness less real.
being fat does not mean people can dismiss your symptoms.

being fat does not make you any less deserving of medical care.

keep fighting for the care you deserve.

My immune system as an incompetent army:

Me **catches minor viral infection**

“Oh no something’s wrong! We’re freaking out!”

Chill out its a cold, just attack the virus and we’ll be fine

“We’re not trained for this! Better just bomb EVERYTHING to be sure!!”

No please don’t do that it’s totally unnecessary


The amount of people on this site who twist things to suit them, whether making them out to be a victim or to dehumanize someone else, is too many. I can’t even begin to respond to them because they twist things so bad. And they throw words like “transphobic” or “racist” or “sexist” around like candy at a birthday party, which is desensitizing people to their meanings.

Like oh, another person is being called a transphobe… *yawn.* Overreacting spiteful petty people who make mountains out of molehills. They will only accept an apology if you grovel at their feet in forever repentance, as defending yourself, or even trying to explain, is further proof you’re “problematic.”

I’ve seen this happen so much it’s formulaic. It doesn’t matter what the accuser is “fighting” for, whether they talk about race, gender, sex, politics, etc. They mislabel their enemy or say they have “internalized ___.” Insults are fine for them to use, ad hominems, defamation of character, and the accused must accept them at their word. Any accusation the accused lobs at the accuser is seen as pitiful, and again, further proves their guilt.

It’s called Kafkatrapping. It’s dirty, underhanded, and there’s really nothing one can do against it because it has nothing to do with facts or evidence, but merely on the accuser’s feelings vs accused’s reaction. Similar to what happened during the Salem Witch Trials, Struggle Sessions, the Inquisition, and any other number of “the accused are automatically guilty.” It needs to be made known, so that people can stop themselves before they reach the point of using Kafkatrapping.