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I have the best primary care physician in the country.

Yes, she’s that amazing and understanding and helpful and generally a kickass human being. Even the nurses, nurse practitioners, and office staff are wonderful. To top it off, their office is open 7 days a week. 

The weather fucking up your lupus flare? They’ll see you as soon as you can get out of the ice and up to the clinic. Migraines of doom? Yep, they’ll help with that too. Asshole broken foot? Yeah, they’ll xray you to make sure said foot ain’t gonna fall off.

Long story short, thanks Obama. My insurance coverage due to the ACA has allowed me to get healthcare from a great doctor instead of having to wait ‘til I’m so sick I have to go to the ER for treatment. 

Illness is a world of its own, another plane of reality, that is quite apart from the one we normally inhabit in the ordinary dailiness of health. It has its own geography beneath deeps of darkness, its own gravity at the farthest bottom of life, its own laws and commandments that strip us of all notions of the mind and the desires of the heart. And it offers an extraordinary—if at times frightening—vantage point from which to view the terrain of one’s life.
—  Kat Duff, The Alchemy of Illness, “The Invisible Underworld of Illness”