For those that claim that Skye only became a badass in season two here is some facts about the girl you claim was weak in season one.

1) Skye hacked Shield. They were so impressed they brought her on as a consultant.

2) Skye got herself invited to Ian Quinn’s party in a second just using her phone whilst Shield just stood around talking about how to do it.

3) Trained.

4) She got what she needed for Shield, then was held up in a room full of security, got told she has balls, turned a gun around on them and jumped into a pool getting away from then without injuring a single person.

5) Got Shield into various places by using her brain and skills.

6) Stood up to everyone at Shield and got Fitz and Ward back when everyone else didn’t question the system, and if it wasn’t for her then two agents probably would have died because of not having an extraction team. 

7) Talked like a human to a person that Shield thought had powers and got her to calm down by just speaking to her.

8) Stole and crashed a car which led to her being able to break into someone’s house, hack into records and she was the one to find Coulson whilst the rest of Shield argued over their regulations.

9) Wasn’t scared to tell people when she thought they were unfair or wrong and called out things Shield did that was not right.

10) Got herself shot by refusing to lose a lead on a suspect for Shield even though she wasn’t trained.

11) Fell apart of a single moment after finding out the man she loved and trusted betrayed her and then managed to outsmart a specialist that was top of everyone and plant a hack into Hydra even whilst she was threatened.

12) Became an agent by working hard and training.

If you couldn’t appreciate Skye for the character she was in season one, because she was annoying, weak and a Mary Sue then maybe you don’t truly appreciate her now because she was tough. 

You know, Skyeward is the kind of ship that drives me insane.

Sometimes, I remember that Skye shot Ward 4 times.

Or that she told him “you should have run faster”.

Or that he betrayed her.

Or that he lied to her.

Or that she called him a psychopath.

Or that he kidnapped her.

But then I remember that time she couldn’t let him die.

Or that his feelings for her have always been real.

Or that he lied because he couldn’t face the truth of what he felt.

Or that the reason she called him a psychopath was because it was so real for her that it hurt her to the bone.

Or that he kept his promise to her because he wanted to show his genuine loyalty to her.

Or that after months of not seeing each other, after months of not even knowing if the other is alive, 3 seconds of longingly staring each other is enough to bring all their memories back.

And that’s when I know that whatever they do, it’s always because of how much they care about each other.

It always comes back to them.

They always end up on the same road.

One way or another, they will always cross paths.

They will always affect each other.

Because some things are meant to be.

And this one will be.

I had been thinking about why a lot of the critics, who tend to be male, hated season one Skye. 

It’s because Skye was us, she was the fangirl, she got excited over Mike’s powers, she geeked out over someone being invisible; and fanboys don’t like fangirls (because they feel threatened by females in a “traditionally” male space, because if girls are just as geeky as them they can’t use their geekiness as a way to pretend that is the reason why girls won’t date them, etc, etc).

But now she can fight, now they can have a good wank over her and fetishise her  being badass, now they like her.

Common misconception about Ward and Skyeward fans:

1. We don’t ship Skye with Villain!Ward because we know that is going to be unhealthy. That is exactly why we are fighting and still hoping for Ward to get a redemption arch that we believe he deserves, thus the #standwithward movement.

2. We don’t support Ward because of his looks (although admittedly he’s hot) but because of his potential to have a great character development. He could very well be a symbol to all abused victims to rise above the darkness that they were forced upon. That they could break the unending chain of abuse victim turned abuser.

3. We are not shipping a WOC with a “Neo-Nazi”. Ward is not a “Neo-Nazi”. First he was never loyal to Hydra, only to Gareth (you know the guy he believed he owes his life to). The second time he joined Hydra was to reunite Skye with her father. Third time is to give Kara closure (whatever that meant). There is always a personal motive over him joining Hydra and it’s never because he believed that some race are better than others.

4. He never tried to rape or kill Skye. Where the hell are you getting these from? I believe it’s the other way around. Skye was the one who shot him, remember? Are we really watching the same show?

(Submitted by farmgirlusa - I know it’s a little boy in the pic, but I went with my own Skyeward OC babies – I hope it’s okay :) Also, the credit for Captain’s name goes for ticklish-super-spy, because according to her, “Skye is the same Steve Rogers trash as Coulson” :D)

Mini Heroes

Skye was supposed to buy a few things for Ada (her second baby girl was due in three weeks, and although they still had most of Haylie’s stuff from when she was a baby, they were still short on some things), but it was so cool and cute at the same time, she just couldn’t leave it at the store. And when she found a matching outfit for Captain it was like a sign from above.

Now she just had to get Grant agree on the idea.

But before she could have come up with a plan for it, her husband caught that something was up.

“What’s in that bag, Skye?” he asked as soon as she walked into the living room upon returning home, pointing at the shopping bag in her hand, holding her newest purchase. Skye bit into her lip. She hesitated for a moment then held out the bag for him.

“Surprise?” she asked tentatively as he took the bag, then she sat down on the couch (slowly; honestly, if this baby decided to come a little early, she wouldn’t have been against it). “You said you’d take Haylie trick or treating.” For the record, he really did, and he even seemed enthusiastic about it. And anyway, they had just moved to the freaking D.C. suburbs with a toddler, and, apparently, taking their kid trick or treating was what suburban families did.

Grant nodded slightly, then delved into the bag, pulling out first a tiny black overall, then a small, red wig. The corner of his mouth twitched as he held them up.

“You bought a Black Widow costume for our daughter?” he asked. She could tell from his voice that he was on the verge of breaking into a laugh, but she still just nodded timidly, caressing her belly.

“Look again; there’s something else there.” When he reached into the bag again, she added, “That’s for Captain.”

The dog in question, who until then was sleeping peacefully in front of the unlit fireplace, hearing his name raised his head, started drumming with his tail against the floorboards, the stood up and trotted over to his mistress, settling down against her legs.

Grant actually let out a chuckle as he pulled the last item from the bag – a Captain America costume designed for dogs, equipped even with a shield that doubled as a Frisbee.

“Oh, Skye…” he laughed.

“You are okay with it? I mean, I didn’t go overboard, right?”

Without saying a word, Grant put down the bag and the costume, walked over to her, leaned down and kissed her.

“I love it.”

Skye smiled at him.

“Great. Because I’m already all over the idea of sending pics to Coulson, and I’d hate to miss out on that.”

His forehead resting against hers, he chuckled, then, after an affectionate rub to her belly, he stood up, grabbed the Black Widow costume, and started walking towards the stairs.

“Where are you going?” she called after him.

“Haylie should be up from her nap soon. I’m going to see if the costume fits her.” And with that, he went upstairs.

Skye leaned back against the cushions with a wide grin on her face.

“Baby girl,” she said softly, placing her hand on her belly. “Your daddy is a big dork.”

As if she agreed, Ada kicked against her palm.

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Pieces Scattered Everywhere | Skye/Antoine Triplett | R | 10,000 words

Five people who find out about Skye and Trip (and one person who doesn’t). 

Thank you to ardentaislinn for the beta!

“That’s not what I wanted to talk to you about, Skye,” he says. He’s got his hands clasped together and they’re resting in front of him and oh—oh. This is one of those conversations. The one where he’s not Coulson or AC, he’s Agent, now Director Coulson. Where he’s Principal, “it’s spelled p-a-l, cuz I’m a pal” Coulson. 

She fucking hates these conversations.

They’ve begun to occur less and less over time, especially with Coulson being away so often, but it sort of makes her feel like a puppy being hit by a newspaper. The shame lingers, but is the lesson really learned? Right now, she’s not exactly sure what she’s done, but it’s probably something. It always is.

She waits, staring him down. Skye can wait a really long time. She was raised by nuns. She can tap into that Catholic-upbringing patience when the time properly calls for it.

Just as she suspects, Coulson breaks first, taking in and letting out a deep breath before he talks. “As you know, I’ve made some changes during my time as Director. Gotten rid of Levels, those sorts of things that I think will help S.H.I.E.L.D. as an organization run more effectively and more openly.”

Skye knows, of course. It’s something that she agrees with, almost 100% (that small 2% hold out is the part of her that thinks it would be really cool to be like a Level 8 or 9 and be super in charge, probably left over from the fact that she only got to be Level 1 for like a day, but in general she totally disagrees with hierarchies). “Yeah, Coulson, I know.”

“One of the things I did not get rid of is the anti-fraternization clause.” 

 Oh shit. 

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zoroark3496 asked:

PROMPT: Everyone in the PLAYGROUND have to get used to basically never being able to use the couch ever again because it is essentially Skye and Ward's second bed (for as many reasons as you want it to be).


It’s been a very long weekend for Bobbi, a mission gone wrong, plus having Hunter with her moaning and bitching about this or that and she just wants a shower, a clean set of clothes, a beer and a good movie on TV. Maybe she’ll even let Hunter get lucky later if he behaves himself.

What she doesn’t expect however is for the couch in the lounge to be occupied by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, otherwise known as Grant Ward and Skye, again. Since they’ve been back together the couple seems to be inseparable and it’s cute most of the time, how they always kiss and cuddle. What’s not cute however is the fact that they keep hogging the furniture that should be shared with everyone.

She stands at the of the couch, looking at the couple with a raised eyebrow waiting for them to notice her and perhaps even move so she can sit too? They seem oblivious though as Skye is laying down with her head on Ward’s lap while he plays with her hair. A moment later Bobbi clears her throat loudly and a little more annoyed than she’s aiming for.

“Oh! Hi, Bobbi!” Skye barely even spares her a glance before turning her eyes on the TV screen again where Kitchen Nightmares is on. She’s pretty much left standing there like an idiot waiting for something that won’t ever happen. They all know that no one gets to sit on that couch when Skye and Ward are in the same room together. Bobbi gives up on her plans of relaxing while watching My Strange Addiction and goes in search of Hunter.

That’s one entertainment that will never fail her.


Leo is not a very athletic person but one sport he does watch religiously is soccer. No matter what, no matter where, the UEFA Champions League is one thing he never misses since he was 7. So he’s dressed in his team’s colours, has gotten his snacks and his beers and he’s marching proudly to the lounge to set up the satellite so he can watch the match in peace.

His plans are shattered around him however when he spots Skye and Ward cuddling on the damn couch, again!, with no intentions of moving of course. To be honest Leo doesn’t have the patience or the will power to go through this argument again, they’ve already spend four family meetings analysing the whole ‘sharing is caring’ rule and why everyone are entitled to that couch but the duo seems to ignore it.

So he picks up his things again and marches back to his room to find Mack so he can vent. The mechanic is always up with hearing Leo’s rumbles anyway.


Jemma has a bounce on her step as she makes her way towards the lounge. It’s a great day, there were no missions, she’s about to make a break through on her project and Coulson complimented her on her work which always makes her feel good. Not that she’s vain or anything but it feels nice when people of authority, like her boss, give her approval.

There’s also an amazing documentary on Animal Planet about mermaids and if it’s possible for them to be real that she’s just dying to see. Okay, maybe it’s kind of far fetched but come on, if there are aliens, and humans with superpowers surely there’s some true behind the theories of mermaids being real, right? Right?! She’s not crazy!

Her face falls though as soon as she enters the lounge because Skye and Ward got here before her, again!, and they’re hogging the couch. And maybe they’re super cute what with the way they’re sharing the couch, Skye’s on one end with her laptop while Ward’s on the other with a book, but that doesn’t make it okay!

Jemma knows better than to start that argument again though so she turns on her heels and goes in search of Trip. Antoine will have the perfect way to comfort her and what the hell? She can catch the documentary on line later!


Fury never told him that running an agency would be that hard and Phil is mad at him for that. Not that he’ll ever go straight to Fury and give him a piece of his mind, bitter as he might be no one can bad mouth Nick and get away with it! Not even Phil.

So he does the next best thing, he gives May the weekend off, orders some KFC and loads a bunch of Supernanny episodes on that Media Player thingy Skye got him for Christmas to marathon. There’s nothing better and more relaxing than spending a weekend on your couch with no interruptions watching your favourite show. That is until his eyes lock on something he has repeatedly made clear he doesn’t want to see ever again!

Ward is on top of Skye and it looks like if Phil doesn’t break it up, like any proper Supreme Dad would do, soon they’ll have little Skyeward babies running around and to be honest? Phil is just way too young to have someone call him Grandpa, though it might get him score points with May. Melinda always liked children. This is just unacceptable, they’re not allowed to fornicate in plain sight.

“Oh, come on!” He calls loudly and if he wasn’t so horrified by watching Ward trying to get Skye pregnant he would laugh with the way the couple moves away from each other. One moment Ward is on top of Skye and the other he’s laying flat on his back on the floor with a dazed look on his face. “You people have rooms for this! Keep it in there!”

“Weren’t you supposed to be on a business trip?” Skye asks him leaning over the back of the couch, cheeks flushed and hair a mess. Does he really have to see this? Can’t he go the rest of his life thinking that his adoptive daughter led a life of celibacy? Can’t he? Does Ward have to rub it on his face that he’s defiling Skye and without even putting a ring on her finger! Though Phil suspects that Skye’s the one that doesn’t want that ring.

“So what? Just because I was supposed to be on a trip you decided to defile my couch?” He asks in his dad voice and watches as Ward gets on his feet.

“Sorry, Sir. It’s all my fault, I got caught-”

“Oh shut up!” Skye butts in rolling her eyes. “We’re grown ups, DC. We were watching a movie, things got heated we ended up making out.” She shrugs and gets to her feet too, lacing her fingers with Ward’s and the younger man gets that love struck looks on his eyes even Phil finds sweet. “Let’s go back to my room, Grant.” She pulls lightly on Ward’s hand and he follows her like a lost puppy. “We’ll finish there.”

“Use protection!” Phil calls after them as he settles on the couch to relax. He’s probably the only one that can really get the young couple to give up the couch.

The Team:

“It’s weird.” Hunter says, they’ve been standing around the couch for the past half hour having no idea what to do with it.

“What’s weird?” Fitz asks from beside him eyes trained on the magical piece of furniture.

“It looks so empty without them hogging it.” Bobbi adds from beside Hunter. “I mean after so long it’s like they’re part of that thing.” Simmons nods from beside her along with Trip.

“Buts it’s not like they’re gone forever.” The young scientist says with a hopeful smile. “They’ll be back in less than four weeks!” Skye and Ward left for their honeymoon six hours ago finally leaving the couch to the rest of the team. Which no one is sure if it’s a good or a bad thing because they really don’t know what to do with it.

“Tell you what,” Mack’s deep voice echoes in the deadly silence and five pairs of eyes turn on him. “I’ll buy you all drinks because it looks like now that Skye and Ward are not here you don’t really feel like sitting on that couch.” Five heads nod along with his words and naturally follow Mack out of the room.

He’s right, the couch is ruined for anyone but Skye and Ward.


Melinda has a pinch of margaritas made with Nat’s special recipe, the sixth season of Sex & The City and a lot of chocolate. Phil’s cooped up in his office doing paperwork, the married kids, no surprise there, are on their honeymoon which means the base will get some kind of peace from being spared all those vibrations and the not so married kids are out on the bar down the blog getting drunk. A proper mother would be worried but Melinda knows they can handle themselves, plus Mack is with them and she knows he’ll never let them get hurt. Okay maybe Hunter, just a little bit, but the Brit tends to be an ass from time to time so he deserves it.

Which means the big, comfy, black and red couch she had very carefully choose is all hers for the next couple of hours!

Ah, that’s the stuff, she thinks as she gets comfortable, pressing 'play’ and the credits start rolling.

Who said only Skye and Ward can enjoy the couch?