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(Specifically for Mod Evie but the other mods are welcome to answer) Which of the Paladins do you think handle spicy food well and which don't...?

Hmm! As a spicy food lover myself this was fun!  -Mod Evie

Loves it: Zhin, Sha Lin, Skye, Mal’Damba, Ash, Grohk, Drogoz, 

Likes it, but can’t take too much: Fernando, Viktor, Tyra, Maeve, Lex, Torvald, Ying, Seris, Barik, Buck, Kinessa

Will need the fire department on standby: Evie, Pip, Cassie, Androxus, Willo, Grover, Inara, Makoa, Rukus

What is spicy: Bomb King, Bolt (bonus!)

13 reasons why playlist

I made a playlist for a few characters from 13 reasons why. Not all of them have 13 tracks, but I tried my best lol. Feel free to add on / edit, but give credit :))

Better than me - The brobecks
All of the drugs - The brobecks
Make me wanna die - the pretty reckless
The cold - exitmusic
Time to say goodbye - twenty one pilots
Breathe me - Sia
When the story ends (piano) - the fray
Nothing - the script
Unsteady - X Ambassadors
Goner - Twenty one pilots
You found me - The fray
I gave you all - Mumford and sons
Empty - the click five

Get on the road - tired pony
Always on my mind - Elvis
If I could fly - one direction
Love you all along - La strada
All I want - kodaline
Turning page - sleeping at last
Angel - theory of a dead man
Johnny boy - twenty one pilots
I found - amber run
Talking to the moon - Bruno Mars
Six feet under - Billie Eilish
Hurts like hell - Fleurie
Terrible love - birdy

She’s so mean - matchbox twenty
Primadonna girl - marina and the diamonds
When you were young - the killers
You’re such a - Hailee Steinfeld
All the boys- panic! at the disco
Down - Jason walker
You don’t own me - Grace ft. G-eazy
When you’re gone - Avril Lavigne
Never say never - the fray
Photograph - ed Sheeran
Oceans - Seafret
Total eclipse of the heart - sleeping at last
Lovesick fool - the cab

My life - billy joel
Gotta get away - the black keys
How could I have known - Keaton Henson
Six degrees of separation - the script
Not over you - Gavin DeGraw
If you’re gone - matchbox twenty
Breaking inside - shinedown
Jet black heart - 5 seconds of summer
Heartless - the fray
Look after you - the fray
Screen - twenty one pilots
Blue - troye sivan ft. Alex hope
Call me - shinedown

Broken - Lund
Golden - fall out boy
Teenage dirt bag - Wheatus
What a catch, donnie - fall out boy
How’s it gonna be - third eye blind
Yellow - coldplay
Truce - twenty one pilots
Not about angels - birdy
This is gospel (piano) - panic! At the disco
Drown - bring me the horizon
Better than me - hinder
21 guns - Green day
The funeral - band of horses  

Bulletproof heart - my chemical romance
Dirty little secret - the all American rejects
Take care - Beach house
Don’t dream it’s over - crowded house
Ends of the earth - lord Huron
The scientist - coldplay
Lullaby - nickelback
Build a home - the cinematic orchestra
Mercury - sleeping at last
How to save a life - the fray
Rewind - Paolo Nutini
Fake your death - my chemical romance
Heroes - David Bowie

Same mistake - James Blunt
Don’t like you anymore - the brobecks
Ghosts that we knew - Mumford and sons
Sleeping pills - the brobecks
I’m not okay - my chemical romance
Taken by sleep - Tyler joseph
Cut the cord - shinedown
Semiautomatic - twenty one pilots

Mr. Brightside - the killers
Bully - shinedown
Gives you hell - the all American rejects
I will follow you - Tolouse
Reject - shinedown
Teenagers - my chemical romance

Saturn - sleeping at last
If I die young - the band perry
Far too young to die - panic! at the disco
Losing your memory - ryan star
Far away - nickelback

Kissed a girl - katy perry
Secret love song - little mix
You’ve got to hide your love - Brian Epstein

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I'm not saying that Skye, Evie, and Maeve are in a polyamorous Flank relationship, but they're totally in a polyamorous Flank relationship.

I do like the thought of this! They seem to get along quite well, considering that we have multiple HCs that they pull ELABORATE tricks and pranks on everyone. Plus, they seem like the type to confide in one another, y’know! Listen to each other when the time calls for it. (Though Maeve might find opening up a bit hard at first, perhaps.) So here are just some things I thought off the top of my head!

-Evie and Maeve are a little more tolerant to the cold but Skye isn’t. Whenever they enter anywhere where it’s too cold, Skye finds herself covered in either Evie’s or Maeve’s coat. (Or something Maeve may have nicked off some poor fellow.)

-It’s common to find them asleep together in a pile after a long night of discussion and perhaps gossip. They stack up little pillows and make themselves comfortable. Maeve is always tucked right in between them because of how tiny she is.

-They’re always on the run to somewhere new! Maeve likes to take them by the hand to go exploring! Especially new places they’ve never been to before. Maeve loves telling them stories and showing them her little knick knacks. They’re all invested in one another’s stories.

-They’re always on the look out for one another in matches! Skye jokingly kisses Maeve’s and Evie’s injuries better sometimes. Evie probably doesn’t mind as much as Maeve does.

-Mod Skye


it’s been a long day without you, my friend
           and I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again 

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I really want a total black hair for Skye. I mean, it's probably her natural hair color, looking at it.

That would actually be so lovely! I do agree with what you have to say about it being dyed! If the Operative skin had anything to do with her line of work prior to the Paladins, I would say her roots grew out, you know? It sort of explains the little purple highlights at the ends of her hair!

I do like this headcanon though! Accepted!

-Mod Skye

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Who sleeps on the top bunks and who sleeps on the bottom?

Top bunks: Ruckus, Barik, Ash, Drogoz, Tyra, Viktor, Sha Lin, Willo, Evie, Skye, Buck, Maeve, Pip, Grohk

Bottom bunks: Makoa, Fernando, Inara, Torvald, Bomb King, Kinessa, Cassie, Androxus, Zhin, Lex, Mal’Damba, Grover, Ying, Seris


Scotland: Isle Of Skye & NW Scotland - The Quiraing, Sligachan Bridge, Glen Brittle/Fairy Pools, Kilt Rock, Eilean Donan Castle, Bealach Na Ba/Applecross, Mealt Falls/Kilt Rock, Loch Torridon, Loch Torridon, Bealach Na Ba/Meall Gorm