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What girls think about new champion Lex ?

Inara: She thinks he is a warm welcome! A lot of the other male champions have a background with thievery, and having one that devoted their life for good is great in her eyes. 

Cassie: Also thinks he is a nice addition, but is a bit more weary around him! Zigs really loves Lex, and Cassie trusts his instincts. 

Kinessa: Doesn’t talk to him. She’s a bounty hunter, and has killed many people, good and bad. She doesn’t think what she does is evil, but Lex sure does. 

Tyra: Eh, doesn’t care too much. She tries to look very intimidating to Lex, and it works. He stays out of her way, and she stays out of his. They work very well in combat together!

Evie: Love/hate relationship. She loves pestering him, he hates it! Evie tries to make Lex as mad as she can, and bugs him way more than she should. If she doesn’t want to do so, she just ignores him.

Skye: Much better friends with him than expected! They have talks a lot. Skye rants to him about some of her problems, and he understands. She likes that he doesn’t have much to say about her issues unless they are against the law. 

Maeve: Hates him with a burning passion. He thinks she’s helpless in battle, and she goes out of her way to prove him wrong. He doesn’t understand Maeve’s past in the streets, and does not approve of how much she steals. 

Ying: She loves having anyone new! She and Lex sit down and chat for a while, and then they get up and go their ways for the day. They both enjoy the others company, but don’t consider them their ‘best friend’. 


In light of the recent horrifying Cap twist, I have seen far too many “stop saying they made him a nazi, HYDRA aren’t nazis!!!11!1″ so I thought I would bring back this scene to remind everyone that yes they are