Practice Makes Perfect - Part 8

The Some Kind of Wonderful AU I’ve been dragged into semi-reluctantly.

Previous parts and their authors:

Continuation of the Some Kind of Wonderful Verse.

Part 1 by jaybear1701

Part 2 by tatarrific

Part 3 by twig-height

Part 4 by soundreason-truereligion

Part 5 by thecirclesquare

Part 6 by @trylonandperisphere

Part 7 by cophinaphile

Part 8:

Cosima strained her neck, turning so that she could see out into the parking lot from the partially fenced in patio. She was beginning to wish that they could just go to the party thing Shay was insisting they go to after dinner. A few beers might help with the nerves.  And getting decked would be a relief at this point, they seem to have run out of topics of conversation.

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