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types of time in serialized storytelling

(Disclaimer: most of these are terms I made up)

Real Time: The time of the story in-universe moves at the same pace as the story is being released. If an episode was released a year after another episode, it’ll also be a year (more or less) between the events of the two episodes in-universe.

Examples: Adventure Time, Rick and Morty, Steven Universe

Chronicle Time: The length of time of the story in-universe is determined in advance,and will not be affected by how long it takes for the story to be released in real life. The first episode will be the beginning of this time period and the last episode will be the end.

Examples: Gravity Falls, Phineas and Ferb, Avatar: The Last Airbender

Hyper Time: There’re little to no breaks between events in-universe, regardless of how long it’s been in real life. A chapter’s events will likely take place immediately after the previous chapter’s, no matter how long it’s been between their releases in real life. These stories often feature time-skips where the story skips forward several years to signify the flow of time on the characters.

Examples: Homestuck, most Shounen Mangas

Sliding Time: Time in-universe is retroactively shrunk down no matter how long the story has been told in real life. The events of chapters that are decades apart will only take place several years apart in-universe. This prevents the characters from ageing too much, keeping them timeless while also maintaining decades of continuity.

Examples: Marvel and DC superhero comics

Now it’s time for Best Girl Uraraka to shine! Another study of a fan art for @miraimisu  ‘s fanfic These Stones We Skip featuring a very harsh and bratty Barbarian Bakugou and a sassy yet kind-hearted sorcerer Uraraka! This ship is killing me, I love both characters ❤️ well, I have to ship Katsuki with someone besides myself HAHAHHA hope you like it! *Please, leave my name/ signature and my tumblr’s name on the image to give me credits as the artist :)!

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So, I just read a post you reblogged about the anon saying Hinata save the world in the last and all Sakura did was cry. But anon forgot that if it wasn't for Sakura punching Kaguya their precious hyena would have died in the infinite tsukuyomi. It was Sakura who helped Naruto and Sasuke save the world.

exactly! and that was actually canon… hinata was useless where sakura was useful – that was how the manga showed every (time-skip) plot-line that featured a threat.

[1] pain invasion arc:

→ sakura healed the entire village (shinobi & civilians) and took out an animal path; saving lives. she even saved hinata’s life!
→ hinata blindly attempted suicide, admitted to knowing that she was no match for pain and was merely there to confess and “die protecting” someone – someone who she didn’t even actually/competently try to help (like by attempting to remove the blades pinning naruto to the fucking ground, which she didn’t do in canon). she lasted seconds on the battlefield without even touching the opponent and thus put naruto (and herself) in further danger. her (self-described) “selfish” actions would have killed him, if not for minato appearing and saving his ass by repairing the seal – the seal that she unleashed by putting him under distress and provoking trauma.

[2] the war arc:

→ sakura again saved countless lives; saved fucking naruto’s life! she prevented the zetsu ambush, unleashed the byakugo and took out more of the juubi army than anyone else. she rescued sasuke. and yeah, actually secured kaguya’s defeat.
→ hinata again blindly attempted suicide by shielding naruto from an attack that subsequently killed neji (so that he could “die as cupid”). tripped on a literal rock, and gave up trying to help naruto.

[3] the boruto movie (which is arguably considered canon since kishi said that it was the first screenplay he’d ever actually written):

→ sakura, again, saved the lives of everyone in the stands by effectively shielding them from the arena roof concaving. she healed the injured, including hinata!
→ hinata needed ino to protect her and her child. she needed sakura to heal her. she sent her 12-year-old to save his dad from an evil and insanely powerful enemy.

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Write me a protective!Skinner drabble where he finds out about them being romantically involved and threatens to kick Mulder's ass if he ever hurts scully.

Alright, my love! I changed it just a bit, it’s unbetaed, and sappy af! Enjoy!


He barely catches himself as his dress shoes slip across the slick tile of the hospital hallway when he rounds the corner. Doubling back, he wipes the sweat from his balding brow as he makes his way down the opposite corridor, toward the man who just called out his name.

He spots Mulder pacing in front of a closed door clutching a bundle to his chest. “Mulder, thank God. How is she?”

“She’s better now. She lost a lot of blood; they’re going to have to hold her for observation for a couple of days.”

Skinner’s eyes look the agent up and down taking in his appearance. Mulder looks exhausted but strangely serene and neither one of them seem to want to take their eyes off the tiny baby in his arms, a small spattering of reddish-brown curls peeking out from underneath the soft knit hat that adorns his head.

He takes his glasses off and uses the edge of his tie to wipe down the smudged lenses. “I uh, rushed to the airport to catch the next flight to Atlanta after you called. I had to flash my badge and I might have erroneously threatened an air marshall or two, but I got here as fast as I could.”

Mulder finally looks up at the Assistant Director and a smile briefly skips across his features. “Thank you, sir.” He drops his voice to a whisper as he continues, “What about Krycek?”

“Handled. Don’t worry about all that, you have enough going on now. How did you find her?”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” he chuckles. “The important thing is that we found her at all.”

Skinner nods his head in agreement and reaches forward, softly brushing the back of his knuckle along the newborn’s downy cheek. “Wow,” he breathes.

“Yeah, I know.” They share a look of wonder and awe between them as they gaze at Mulder’s sleeping son.

“My God, he looks like the both of you.”

Mulder beams with pride, tears in his eyes. “Those eyes are all Scully though.”

A fierce wave of protectiveness for Scully washes over Skinner as he thinks about everything that woman has been through over the past year. As much as he respects and even cares for Mulder, he doesn’t know what he would do if he had to once again sit idly by and watch Scully go through what she did when Mulder was missing. He knows the love that exists between the two agents is strong and he is envious of the connection that they inherently share, but he needs to say something while he has Mulder here.

“Mulder,” Skinner begins, nervously clearing his throat, “I know you already know this, but I can’t walk out of here without speaking my mind. That woman in there loves you more than you could ever know or frankly deserve. And that baby… My, God, Mulder. If you ever do anything to–”

Mulder’s laughter cuts him off and Skinner fixes him with an unwavering glare. “I’m not laughing, Agent Mulder.”

Mulder stares at his boss for a beat, a somber sincerity chasing the laughter from his eyes. “Sir, with all due respect, you don’t think I know that? My entire life has been spent on this quest for the truth.” His voice grows in intensity as he speaks, “The truth behind The X-Files, the truth about my sister. But now, I’m here with a woman who I can’t imagine breathing another breath without her by my side and I’m holding–”

Mulder chokes down a sob that threatens to escape and lifts his watery eyes to Skinner’s.

“I’m holding my son,” Mulder continues, despite the gravel in his voice. “When my sister was taken, my family fell apart. My mother withdrew into this cold, distant mockery of her former self and my father…” He shakes his head in disdain.

”This whole quest to find my sister…don’t you get it? This whole time I’ve been searching for my family,” he drops his gaze back down to his son and gently caresses his nose and cheek, ”and I’ve finally found it.”

A nurse comes out of the door behind them and smiles sweetly before addressing Mulder, “She’s asking for you two.”

Mulder begins to turn back towards Scully’s room, but Skinner stops him with a hand to his shoulder. “Congratulations, Mulder. I mean that.”

“Thank you, sir.” He turns and leaves and Skinner remains in the hall and watches Mulder rejoin his family in the next room.

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Can you direct me to a good way to get up to speed with The Originals while being able to skip the gross parts featuring Hailey? And... pretty much everyone else that isn't Klaroline?

Okay so @klarolinemag does these recaps for TO that you can find here. They’re obviously quite biased because they’re written by well… Klaroline shippers so, if you ship KC you’ll probably enjoy them. They also comply twitter reactions from each episode but I’m not sure if those were just for TVD.

The wikia pages for each season give you a good concise breakdown of each of the season in chapters which describe the events that took place.

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

I’ve compiled a list of all Klaroline/Caroline/The Originals related scenes that occurred since The Originals was announced. Below that, you can find a summary of the back story to the Originals.

Here are all the Klaroline bits that have occurred since The Originals began.

KC Family Please let me know if I’ve missed anything!

Here are the Spoilers we know about Klaroline in S5

Here’s The Originals SDCC trailer for S5 (it has kind of a flash back so does the s4 trailer tbh)

Back Story

  • Basically, TO began because as you know Klaus originally used Katherine for the doppelganger sacrifice in the 1400 but she escaped and became a vampire ruining his plans. As revenge, he hunted her for years. In order to buy her freedom, she offered him information.
  • The information was about Hayley, a werewolf that came to MF to track down the family she was separated from her whole life. 
  • Tyler met her in the Apaltions when he was trying to break Klaus’ sire bond and she helped. She then came to Mystic Falls and made a deal with Shane that she’d get him 12 unsired hybrids for sacrifice to complete the spell to wake Silas. 
  • So she betrayed Tyler and got the hybrids killed. 
  • This happened because Tyler and Caroline were going to ruin her plans so she told Klaus about the hybrids unsiring themselves and he killed them. 
  • Hayley had briefly met Katherine in New Orleans and exchanged information with her in exchange for info about her parents. When Katherine sends someone to kill Hayley, Klaus rescues her and they have sex. Hence mystery magical miracle baby is conceived.
  • The witches of New Orleans get wind of this information about Hayey and use it as leverage as they want to get rid of Marcel (a vampire Klaus saved from slavery as a child and the sired as an adult) who was ruling New Orleans and restricting the witches freedom. 
  • So they lured Hayley to New Orleans and link her to another witch Sophie Devereux (who’s sister was publically murdered by Marcel). Once Klaus is convinced that’s his child he then becomes enraged and jealous because Marcel has control of a city he once had control of and TO begins.

ZAYN & Taylor Swift’s “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” holds #1 on the US iTunes store as of Saturday evening. Katy Perry’s new “Chained To The Rhythm” is #4.

Thanks to ample momentum, a discounted price point and the release of “Fifty Shades Darker,” ZAYN & Taylor Swift’s “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” remains the song to beat on the US iTunes sales chart.

The soundtrack single dethroned Lady Gaga’s “Million Reasons” to capture #1 very early Friday. Having held off Ed Sheeran’s similarly hot “Shape Of You” and Katy Perry’s new “Chained To The Rhythm (featuring Skip Marley)” for over forty hours, it still has the crown as of 5:15PM ET Saturday.

Just; C.H. 4

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

“What the fuck is wrong with my head?” I groan loudly, slapping one of the fluffy sofa pillows over my head to evade the incoming sunlight. I hear a dry groan to my right and I know Sarah is experiencing the same difficulties as I am, probably hangover and regretting earlier life choices. 

“Come on it can’t be that bad.” Sherilyn chirps happily and I want to throw my phone at her face, hopefully breaking her nose. 

“You puked your guts out last night, of course you feel fine.” Sarah barks back and immediately after groans loudly. After I had tumbled asleep last night, Sarah and I had been alternating about getting up to hold Sherilyn’s hair while she puked her guts out. The first time I joined in, not standing the sound she made as she tried to get the gin tonic out of her system, desperately.

“I’m going to die, I’m sure of it.” I laugh dryly, turning onto my back and throwing my arm over my closed eyes. “Water and aspirin.” Sherilyn nudges me and I slide the pill past my lips and sit up long enough to swallow a bit of water to get it down smoothly before dropping back onto the sofa softly, eyes squeezed closed tiredly as I listen to my shallow breathing.

“Could you give me a ride home? I really want a shower.” Sherilyn wearily asks as I feel the sofa dent near my head, her small hand landing on my hair to tangle the knots out. “Shower here and leave me the fuck alone.” I groan loudly, slapping her leg with my right hand and trying to push her away without moving another inch. Of course she’d want a ride home. Of course she had to pester me about it, even though Sarah was perfectly capable of getting Sherilyn home, seeing as how she’d have to leave eventually.

“I want my strawberry shampoo. Come on, I’ll buy you breakfast.” I know for a fact that bacon and eggs will cure this amazing hangover. I contemplate it for just a few seconds, groaning loudly as I turn on my side, slowly opening my eyes again.

“You won me over. Let’s go. I’m going to change.” I push myself up with my hands, crawling out of the sofa and waddling upstairs for a change of shirt. My hair is up into a messy bun on top of my head and a pair of sunglasses is in my back pocket to shield my sore eyes from the sunlight. 

“You look like shit.” Sarah laughs. “Oh looks who decided to show the living all of a sudden.” I smirk and am quick to dodge the pillow that is swung my way. “You coming?” I question as I grab my car keys from the bowl, Sherilyn already by the door, looking like she’s about to perform the walk of shame in her dress and her hair unruly sticking in every possible direction.
“Nah, heading home for a nap.”

I follow Sherilyn out of the door and stop in my tracks to hiss once from the harsh sunlight. “Don’t act like you’re a vampire. You’ll live.” Sherilyn chuckles and I groan loudly, shuffling tiredly towards my battered car. I miss the times when I was younger when I would never get a headache after a night of heavy drinking, or where my stomach wouldn’t be upset at all. But those are bygone era.

“Oh stop here. They have great pancakes.” Sher points to a little diner on our left, seeming almost deserted. My kind of place. Especially now that I feel like a sumo wrestler has been dancing the Macarena on my back all night.
I make a sharp turn and roughly step on the breaks, Sherilyn groaning as she roughly is spiralled forwards but gets pulled back by the seat belt.
“That’s for waking me at shit dawn.” I laugh and kill the engine, already getting out of the car before she replies. “It’s almost eleven!”

“We’re in college, that is fucking early.” I laugh as I push the glass door open, the little bell above me chiming its shrill noise making me wince. “That’s for being mean to me.” She points her finger accusingly in my face, evil grin masking her normal cute features before skipping over to one of the booths near the window. It’s eerily quiet and then my gaze meets his. Calum and his posse of three are on the other side, eyeing us while they pick at their meals.

I take my sunglasses off, wandering after Sher after awkward eye contact with Calum. I was still rather disappointed by his actions from yesterday. I somewhat was into a one night stand to celebrate ending another year of college. I would never think it would be with someone like Calum, but it seemed as if I had a chance last night. I slide into the booth, resting my head on the plush red cushioning while letting out a tiny grunt. “Not a great start of the summer.” I breathe out, crossing my arms over my chest as I listen to Sherilyn scoff.

“I thought that party was rather dashing.” I shriek and immediately my hands fly to my temples to rub them, glaring at Ashton who was now leaning beside my head. “Hi to you too Ashton. So great to see you again this fine morning.” I huff out, I know deep down I should grant him a smile but his unexpected voice in my ear, followed by my shriek, gave me a new sense of headache all together. I glare at him as I turn my body to his lounging frame.
“Auwtch, Y/n. That hurt my tiny feelings.” Ashton smirks as he lays his hand over his heart, winking before turning to my friend in front of me.

“Sherilyn, lovely to see you again. How are you?” I think he swoons her off of her feet when I hear the tiny giggle and see the blush creeps onto her cheeks. “Yo Y/n, see you found your friend.” Michael appears besides me, beaming brightly at the both of us.
“Yeah, thanks for that.”
“I wondered what happened after.” I sit up more straight and turn to Michael for an easier conversation.

“Oh we went home. Hangover is being a bitch.” I laugh, both boys laughing alone as well before we’re interrupted. “You done? We have shit to do.” Calum appears now, sunglasses resting on his nose and a scowl on his lips.
I raise my eyebrows, my lips set into a thin line as I see Ash and Michael raise to their feet warily. “I’ll see you around, Y/n.” Ashton squeezes my shoulder and heads off, Luke and Michael following closely behind but Calum seems to linger for a tad longer.

I can’t see his eyes due to the sunglasses but I see the smile he grants my way and his teeth sinking into his plump bottom lips before he turns, his fingers threading through his unruly locks. He disappears through the door and my eyes follow him for as long as possible before I turn to a wide eyed Sherilyn. Why is he such an attractive human specimen whom I have had the pleasure to meet? Why do I want him this bad? If I had never spoken a word to him, it would’ve just been one of those silent crushes where you swoon from a decent distance.
“What was that about?”

“That was nothing. I don’t even know what’s wrong with me. I understand my brain shutting off during an exam but this is shit to a whole new level.” I groan loudly, smiling at the waitress who places a cup of coffee in front of me, both Sher and I ordering bacon and eggs to cure our hangover.

“You’re crushing on Calum, aren’t you?” I roll my eyes as I bring the hot cup to my lips, blowing steadily to get the surface to cool. “I thought you knew that, with all the teasing lately.” Sherilyn’s eyes widen before she shakes her head rapidly, her fingers clutching the side of the table. “We were only joking, because, well yeah. I didn’t know you actually liked him!” I shush her almost immediately, my hands waving in front of her face to shut her up.

“Nobody has to know Sher, please keep it down. It doesn’t matter, Calum isn’t the dating type, I am not the dating type, he has enough busty blondes for his one nighters.” Now it’s time for Sherilyn to roll her eyes at my words, her own hands curling around her blood hot cup. “You dated, remember Sam?”
“Well, do you think Calum would be the right guy for me to date?” I raise an eyebrow and I can’t contain my smirk when I see Sherilyn’s smug grin disappear into a frown where her lips are in a thin line as she tries to form a decent response in her head.

“Uh – I don’t know. Probably not. Doesn’t mean you can’t try and find out. Who knows.” I smile and grin even brighter when I see the waitress approach with my food, immediately taking a bite off of a strip of bacon as soon as it’s placed in front of me.
“I really love your naivety Sher. But please, keep this between us for now?”

Part 5

June-July 2017 Update

Hello everyone, Luna Chai here! This update will be a little more on the personal side.

The above video shows some gameplay footage direct from the engine, featuring the skip function, day change function, and various screens. (You can also catch a quick glimpse of partial voice acting and music!)

Keep reading for some more screenshots and art!

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Katy Perry’s “Chained To The Rhythm” generates over 3 million first day Spotify streams – and sets a new record for a song by a female artist.

This past summer and fall, some criticized Spotify for not sufficiently supporting Katy Perry’s NBC Olympics anthem “Rise.”
The streaming service has certainly not skimped on support for Perry’s just-released song “Chained To The Rhythm (featuring Skip Marley),” and the impact shows.

According to Spotify, the lead single from Perry’s forthcoming album era generated 3,062,293 global first-day Spotify streams. The tally represents a first-day record for a song by a female artist.

“Chained To The Rhythm” was one of the service’s Top 10 overall songs Friday.

(With well over 7 million daily streams, Ed Sheeran’s “Shape Of You” was #1.)

Spotify is providing substantial support for the new Katy Perry single; a Bloomberg piece detailed the service’s involvement.

Source #2


Mod Calendar?

Ok… oh god… I think… I think I got this…

1. modmad I’d like your blessing on this blatantly obsession feeding calendar.

2. Am I right in thinking that caramelkeks did the coloring for the Gravity Falls collaboration/trade between you two? I’ll need your blessing upon this as well. 

3. I couldn’t fit all 12 months because there’s a 10 photo limit. (Thumbs, Cover, and 8 months.)

4. I’ve added the post number and the date to every single image involved in this calendar. (#HASHTAG# ALL THE REFERENCES. I’m a stickler for sources.)

5. There’s a promo code that lasts until Dec. 28th so printing this will be hella cheaper if I can submit it to print before then. 

6. [Insert link to post of the last 4 months/images]

7. [update] oh god… OH GOD! ALL THE REBLOGs!! I will update this post if I get permission (so ya’ll can know about it.) and if I officially DON’T get permission I will take this post down in respect! 

8. Please don’t print this or anything. 

9. FYI It took a full week to compile this!


Kylo x Reader

Song : Light by Sleeping at Last

A/N : Klaroline relationship inspired this fic. I can’t get enough of them. lol. Hope you enjoy! 

Originally posted by skylorennn

He could feel the pleasure of the darkness wash over him as he tortured Poe with the power of the force. It fed into his pain, and also the anger that had engraved deep inside of him.

“I will destroy you and all who works for the resistance.” He gritted, choking Poe without a single touch.

“Kylo! Stop, please!” You begged, cringing at the sight of the man you loved screaming in agony.

He turned his gaze to you, slowly feeling guilt wash over him.

“Let him go.”

He swallowed hard, as he released the grip off of him. Allowing Poe to breathe once again. He looked over at the storm troopers, and stiffened in his stance. “Let them go.” He demanded. “We no longer need them.”

You felt your body loosen as your mouth twitched into a soft smile. Even though Kylo was horrible, who killed whomever got in his way, you always somehow saw the best in him. Which scared you more than ever.

Both you and Poe were released from the straps, and immediately, you ran over to his side.

Kylo watched you, feeling an ache in his chest form. There was something about you that intrigued him. That managed to pull him out of the darkness, even if it was just for a moment.

You captivated him. The way you carried yourself, and never allowed anyone to take advantage of you.

The troopers helped drag Poe out, and before you could slip away, Kylo closed the doors. Leaving you alone with him.

Turning on your heels, your furrowed your brows. “What the hell are you doing?” You asked scrunching your face at him.

He removed his mask off his head and placed it down.
“Let’s talk.” He smirked, patting the seat down.

You swallowed hard, feeling your heart begin to beat rapidly. “A-Are you going to kill me?” You whispered.

He stared intently at you, pursing his lips. “Do you really honestly believe I would hurt you?” He asked.

You dropped your shoulders and let out a breath. “What do you want?” You muttered crossing your arms over your chest.

Kylo flashed a soft grin, locking his gaze with yours. “I know you love him.” He exclaimed. “But he isn’t enough for you. I know you, Y/N, you like passion, adventure, pain. You want more, so much more than being the pilots girl.”

You swallowed hard, lingering on every last word that fell from his lips.

He slowly walked over to you, making your breath hitch to the back of your throat. “I won’t hurt him. I will let him free.” He stated. “For you.”

Your stomach fluttered.

“You may love him, but I intend on being your last love. No matter how long it takes.”

You felt a shiver ripple up your spine and your heart skip. You studied his features, glancing at his lips, feeling the lure of wanting nothing more than to feel him against you.

But in that moment, the doors opened, and he left the room.


“I called Kylo.” You exhaled, running deeper into the woods, in hopes to hide from Hux and the first order.

Rey shot her gaze to you, her eye brows furrowing as she stopped in her steps. “You called that monster?” She gritted. “He’s one of them!”

“Look, I know he has done a lot of shit but-”

“He’s killed a lot of our people. Are you crazy?” She exclaimed.

You pursed your lips, breathing heavily. “We need him, whether you like it or not. We need him. If you want to get off this island alive.”

She shook her head, “you are so naive.”

Anger began to boil deep within as you scrunches your face at her. “Why? Because I see the good in him?” You asked. “Well I do. I see the good in Kylo and if that makes me a horrible person then so be-”

Before you could finish what you were going to say, storm troopers spotted you. Shooting their blasters at you both.

But within seconds, you watched them fly and hit against trees, killing them instantly.

You snapped your gaze back, and met familiar brown eyes. A soft smile appeared on your lips as he stood there, his hand in the air, not once taking his eyes off you.

Rey panted, glancing at you then at him. Her eyes widening.

“You must go. Now before they find you.” He muttered, breaking the silence. “There’s a ship just over the hill. Take it and leave. I’ll hold them off.”

You only nodded as you pulled on Rey’s hand.

And just before you sprinted off, you shot your eyes back at Kylo, “thank you.” You mouthed.

Kylo watched you fade into the distance, and memories flooded his thoughts.

Images of you, your smile, your laugh, they took up all corners of his mind. The day he told you just how he felt, he made a promise to himself. A promise he fought to keep.

That no matter what, he would do better by you.

It was a challenge. Everyday he battled to keep stray from the darkness that would creep up inside. He would fight the urge to kill and torture anyone that was close to you.


Three years have Come and gone, and the battle between the resistance and the first order still raveled among the Galaxy.

The supreme leader had targeted Poe, having all of his minions out in search of him, which only meant he had to run. Leaving you behind.

You sat alone in a cantina, taking a swig of your drink as you stared endlessly at the wall. It wasn’t until you heard someone clear their throat that snapped you out of your daze.

Looking up, you felt your breath hitch. “Kylo.” You whispered, voice shaky.

He flashed a soft smirk.

“W-what’re you-”

“I was just passing through.” He stated. Voice low.

You swallowed hard, as you shifted in your seat. “Poe isn’t here if that’s what you’re doing here.” You groaned.

Kylo furrowed his brows, “I’m not interested in Poe.” He exclaimed. “Besides, I made you a promise. I wouldn’t hurt him.”

“Oh.” You exhaled, nervously biting on your lower lip. “I just thought you would have forgotten.”

He shook his head, and took a seat across from you. “Not at all.”

He shot his eyes down at the little baby that slept beside you. A soft smile appearing on his lips. “He looks like you.”

You glanced at your son, feeling a warmth grow within you.

Kylo enjoyed watching you. Seeing you smile with no worries, being truly happy. It was the smile that kept him sane.

“Poe will be fine.” He muttered.

You shot your eyes up, furrowing your brows at him as your lips parted. “How do you know?”

He leaned on his elbows, gazing endlessly at you. “I’ll make sure of it.” He whispered. Kylo propped up onto his feet, feeling his lips drop and his chest ache. “Goodbye Y/N.” He exhaled.

You watched him leave, and immediately your stomach dropped.

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