I’m still confused by what Skip was trying to say about sociopaths? I would dismiss it but I felt like the way Harper and then Frankie repeated ‘sociopath’ that the episode had something to say about sociopaths… which I’m not really sure what they’re trying to convey?

Especially since a couple of episodes before Skip the show had Shaw, and then Root specifically saying: She (Shaw) does care.

And then there was Root in the episode too going through extreme lengths to keep the (few) people she cared about safe. 

Like, really, what in the world was the message supposed to be? It’s all very confusing to me. 

It’s like one half of the episode went: Sociopaths are horrible people who don’t care for anyone. The other half of the episode: except for a few people. Sort of. 


modmad has helped me so much lately and said a lot of very kind things and I don’t have a way with words to express how grateful I am and how enormously much it means to me and I just aaahhh I’m sorry you are amazing and I love you and thank you so much again from the bottom of my heart.

(They are already advertising the Nutcracker at every metro stop where I live, therefore it’s definitely not too early to post this.)


a super kind Anon requested an Arthur and there was red in the palette and oh my god I’m so sorry I just still think about Skip Revamped a lot.