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The members who actually were performing in the theater that day were also shocked that Aya ranked at 8th place!

120109 SKE48 no Sekai Seifuku Joshi ~Matsui Rena Part 2~ episode 14

SKE48’s Melonpan Correspondence! SKE48’s World Domination Girls!

It’s the… 30 minute S-Girl Wars! (Since I never watched this show before last episode when someone requested it, I didn’t realized that S-girl was short for the show name until I was catching up on those older episodes! xD)

At the beginning, just a flashback of last episode, where the super pampered Rena came in and Mieko said they were all going to fight against Rena. And also where Rena mentioned that she wanted to change the show’s name, and the MC said it was possible to change it!

It’s Matsui Rena versus SKE senbatsu of 21 members (Captain: Sato Mieko)

As long as they get the OK from their sponsors for the name change, then they can go with it. They’re seriously going to be fighting over the title!

There are the 21 senbatsu members from Teams S and KII, and Sato Seira too.

Rena’s feelings: She’s just going to try to have fun.

Teppei: How mature of her!

Mieko is wondering what’s up with Rena’s outfit.

Rena: What? You guys don’t wear this?

The members never have!

Her initials are even on it (the “R”). Her shoes are decorated too.

Mieko: We just wear jerseys.

Mieko’s older sister personality comes out with the jerseys.

They do the usual INP code… but then Rena points out that it should be IP, not INP (to be a proper acronym).

Mieko: It’s fine, it’s been INP for three months after all.

Round 1: Who’s the sweet one?

Basically, Rena has to figure out which one of the members has the candy in their mouth. The other ones will be eating something else. Rena has 3 tries to get it right. It’s all about their acting power.

Rena’s wearing cute (the only part in pink text for some reason. xD) earmuffs so she can’t overhear the other members. And she’s not allowed to look back there either.

The members can choose from a lot of their favorite snacks. They’re doing it like hide-and-seek I guess, where Rena asks if they’re ready, and they reply that they’re ready or not. They’re not ready yet.

Since they’re talking really loudly, the MCs think that Rena can probably hear them.

So all the members just walk by with the candy (or not) in their mouths. Some of them are clearly not eating the candy, while others are trying to fake it.

Rumi’s failure:

The angle of the stick and where she’s putting her tongue (to make it look like the candy is in her cheek) are totally off!

Sato Seira comes over with three different things in her mouth.

Teppei is just like… what kind of flavor is that?

Suda Akari and her whistling Lifesaver. She just kept whistling until Rena was like “That’s enough, that’s enough, because it’s definitely wrong anyways”.

Rena thinks Nakanishi Yuka might have it…

Rena: Is it good?

And Shawako might have it too.

Rena: Is it a weird flavor?

Rena got some seaweed from Wakabayashi Tomoka.

With that, the Appeal Time is over!

Amongst these 22 people, who really has the candy?

Seira stuffed too much into her mouth.

Akarin with her whistle -“Warning!!”

And Aki-chan’s clearly-not-the-lollipop has gotten a lot shorter since before.

Rena’s first guess is Seira. The lollipop might be hidden within all of that camouflage food. Also, Rena wants to ease Seira’s suffering quickly.

But nope, not her!

Rumi is still doing it wrong, haha.

2nd guess: Mukaida Manatsu. Wrong again!

Last chance: Ishida Anna

She has the stick and some karikari ume (a type of umeboshi/pickled plum). (So tricky!)

Round 1: SKE’s win!

Tomonyan had it. I think she said that she was chosen because of her lack of presence.

Rena: Don’t say something like that!

“Tomonyan, don’t say that, Tomonyan”

Round 2’s game: “What is the SKE catch phrase?”

The members are going to come through that door and say their catch phrase. If she gets the 10 people’s phrases right, she wins.

Mieko: Everyone just naturally knows them, right? (Hear members in the back mention the word “concerts”.)

Just in case, Yuka asks if everyone remembers their own, haha.

Yuka: Hello. If you can’t remember it, I’ll be sad.

Kumi: Rena-chan, you know it, right?

Rena: Probably.

Rena missed the Nyahan, but otherwise, safe.

Teppei Rule: If it’s roughly the same, safe.

Rena got through all of Team S without a problem, but…

Rena: Gosh, even though it’s the last one, the answer won’t come out.

Yuria: It’s something rather common.


Rena: If I’m really unable to say it, I’m going to cry…

Rumi gave her a small hint.

Rena: Somehow, everyone is being so nice. Is it really okay like this?

MC: As long as you get the answer right.

Rena: Ane-san (elder sister)’s is the most difficult one!

Mieko: Yeah… kind of like that.

Teppei: Well, it’s correct.

Yukko recently changed her’s… *Rena hasn’t even seen it once.

Rena: It’s like rap, right?

Rena apologizes because she really has no clue.

Even though Rena lost… Yukko’s regret-filled one shot picture.

Yukko: It can’t be helped! It’s okay!

Because of Rena’s schedule, she doesn’t go to the stage performances much.

And then the last person, since they’re there anyways.

Rena: Eh? This is seriously scary. Because I haven’t even heard it once.

*Rena hasn’t seen the “Ramune no Nomikata” stage.

For Rena’s sake, Seira started putting full effort into trying to give her hints.

Teppei: Sorry, is it okay if I butt in? It looks like it’s a lot of fun, but WRONG ANSWER.

Seira: You tried your best!

Team SKE Senbatsu is 2. Team Matsui Rena is 0.

Meiko: WAIT A SECONDDDD! Rena-chan tried her best, so let’s call it a tie! Because for those three months, we were always waiting for Rena… so WELCOME, FROM S-GIRLS! RENA~!! Welcome!!

And with that, the 30 minute battle is over. For the sake of making SKE more popular, Rena has always been trying her best in the media.

Aki-chan is touching members’ butts again.

Teppei: Aki-san, you’ve been reported!

Thanks to Rena, their reward in this episode is melonpan!

Eating Rena’s favorite food, melonpan, together. And furthermore, as members, they’ve just deepened their bonds together. For the 2012 year, everyone will be striving towards the time when their hearts can be one.

Teppei wraps up the episode with: “Beautiful bonds (between members)”

Next episode is… SKE48 Impressions Battle:

Ogiso: Love me a little. Love me for a long time.