Framingham, MA to Providence, RI and Back!

Here it is guys! This is a pretty intimate look at who I am in primal beast mode. I put my heart and soul into this skate, learned a lot about what it takes to complete a goal, and set a new personal record.

Everyone’s support means the most to me. Being me, I wouldn’t do things like this if I didn’t have amazing followers and friends to encourage me to set the bar higher.

I have high hopes for the future. Please share, like and comment!

The plus side of it being 90+ degrees that past two weeks is that paint dries really fast. Design features the endangered San Francisco garter snake, poppies, and a mouse skull. Icons of my childhood, I suppose. This board and more will be on display later this month. #sk8life #skateboardartwork #skatedecks #skatergirl #skatedeckart #skatedecks #california #endangeredspecies #californiapoppies #copic #snakeart #skateboard #skullart #skullartwork