tfw you double a quad combination and so you then throw in a quad-double and a triple axel and end up with a season’s best high score 

We’re sad that Yuzuru didn’t win, but we are very proud of him for making that gutsy change to his layout after popping his 4S to make sure he still had 4 quads. (We’re also so proud that he didn’t Zayak or REP anything in the process… smart kid…) We’re also very pleased that he won the FS.

Ganbare Yuzuru!! Be strong for Worlds!

Man that was a crazy 4CC. It was such a deep field! Usually this is an easier competition (relatively speaking), but it was basically Worlds minus Javi. PyeongChang is definitely making its mark with the showing of top skaters here. But geez – the curse of the silver medal for Yuzu! I guess he’ll add this one alongside the 3 Skate Canada silver medals he has pinned to the wall across his bed. Anyway, I just wanted to pop in here to appreciate Yuzu’s quick thinking, because that was impressive.

He popped the planned 4S+2T into a 2S+1Lo, so he had to immediately consider what to do with the other four jumping elements. Of course he was aiming for four quads in the FS here, so the question is where to put it? He left the 4T and the 3A+2T alone because they fit the choreography, took out his golden 3A+1Lo+3S combo to avoid the zayak rule, and added the 4th quad there – he wouldn’t have the stamina to place it at the end (no one in the field does at the moment). He made that fourth quad a combo to substitute for the 3A combo and make up for the earlier failed attempt. That’s a 4T-2T as his penultimate jump.
THEN, he exchanged the final 3Lz for the 3A he wasn’t able to use in combination earlier – that way he still has two 3A’s in his program, and gets more points than the 3Lz would gain. All while avoiding zayak and REP rules. No one else would be crazy enough to put the notorious 3A as their final jump with the intention of salvaging a program.

That 3A. It’s come through for him more times than I can count.

All of this he figured out while skating – as we hear him tell Orser afterward in the Kiss&Cry – and earns him over 200 points.

Congrats to all the skaters, and I’m off to hunt for the uploaded YouTube videos and rewatch the programs now that I’ve had time to process these last two groups of Men.
(Ugh. If this was just 4CC, Worlds will be… )

of-moon-and-stars  asked:

Do you know any fics where Yakov, Lilia and/or the Russian skate team take Yuuri under their wing?

Wow! Thanks for all these requests! I can’t wait for season two when Yuuri is totally immersed (and accepted!) into the dysfunctional Russian skate fam! 

P.S. If anyone knows more fics like these, please let me know! I love these fics and would like to expand this list!

Yuuri & The Russian Skate Fam

Katsuki Yuuri Fan Club by Katyaton, Teen, 2.2k
Yuuri has been adjusting well to life in St. Petersburg, making friends with the Russian skaters and slowly adapting to the new culture. When Viktor starts obsessing over something on his phone, though, Yuuri starts to worry. He suspects it’s something related to him and wants to find out what has Viktor so transfixed, but will the ensuing embarrassment be worth his curiosity? LOVE THIS FIC!

My Heart of Constellations by LFMH021, Teen, 59k (WIP)
Yuuri, Viktor and Makkachin lives in one apartment in St. Petersburg, Russia now. Viktor is still coaching him. Yakov and Lilia are actually growing fond of Yuuri. Mila, Georgi, and the other skaters had begun adoring Yuuri and his shy personality. Wow, this is a fantastic fic! Must read!

Friendship Training with Phichit by krazieLeylines, Teen, 32k (WIP)
In which Yuuri Katsuki lives in St Petersburg with Viktor, and has a difficult time fitting in with his new rinkmates, so Phichit takes Yuuri under his wing and teaches him how to make friends. Cute!

The Goddamn Tie Has Got To Go by Katyaton, Teen, 4.5k
The powdery blue monstrosity was not only unfashionable, it also reminded Viktor, with shocking clarity, of a sweaty, half naked, pole dancing Yuuri. The night where he was finally, and without warning, lifted from the fog that had crept up on him in his last few years of skating. LOL I LOVE THIS FIC

better than sliced bread by ebenroot, Teen, 8.1k
In which we all assumed yuuri is the one to own a dakimakura but maybe that isn’t entirely the case. THIS IS GREAT AHHAHA

Only You by alisayamin (sh_04e), Gen, 1.1k
It’d only been a month since Yuuri made his home rink in Russia. He was almost always in control of his practices after the Grand Prix Finals in Spain, both in jumps and program rehearsals. But it’d been awhile since Victor had seen him so riled up. Fun!

Everybody Loves Me(?!) by Chrysanthos, Teen, 1k
“Oh come on, Yuuri, it’s much easier if I do it like this,” And before Yuuri could stop him, Phichit turned towards the table, “So, anyways, who here’s had a crush on Yuuri at least at one point?” To Yuuri’s mortification, almost every hand at the table was raised in an instant. Not just the russian skate fam, everyone loves him!

Shimmering Silver Souls by Belvedere_The_Butler, Gen, 947 words
Little snippets of Yuuri’s life with Viktor in St Petersburg. The Russian skate fam appears and gushes over Victuuri!

185/120 by RC_McLachlan, Gen, 1.1k
Yuuri begins training in St. Petersburg and Yakov is shook. So fluffy and a quick read!

you’re like heaven to touch by lazulisong, Mature, 3.1k
Victor is one hundred percent obsessed with Yuri wearing his Russia jacket, which would just be a shame and embarrassment to the entire country, if only he would do it private like a normal man. Russian skate fam is only mentioned, but they’re there!