Alternate Title: 50%* of Figure Skating History in the Last Decade 

(*) conservative estimate
Red = current world records (as of May 2017)
This list is not exhaustive, many wonderful things he achieved have been left out due to lack of space and a desire to keep this post within not-too-extremely unreasonable length
This list will need to be updated in due time

Tessa X Hairstyles: The Famous Bun

I call this one the ‘famous’ bun, because she is often wearing this hairstyle for skating as the hair doesn’t get in the way. 

She is exploiting different ways of styling as you can see on these pictures that @canadiansfigureskating helped to put together (Thanks a lot !).

Sometimes it’s a tighter bun (Funny Face, 2012), a looser bun (Mahler & Seasons), a side bun (2011 Short dance), a bun with some curls (Seasons).

It’s a beautiful & practical hairstyle for sure. 


Legendary musician and skateboarder Ray Barbee got first dibs on the Cuervo x Fender Stratocaster made at the Fender Custom Shop, made with agave plant.