• Cassian: *hiding in a bush* psst Nesta
  • Nesta: wtf Cassian is that you
  • Cassian: no...its your conscience
  • Nesta:
  • Cassian:
  • Nesta:
  • Cassian: Cassian is hot
Okay tog fandom, acotar fandom. This bitch has something to say

Yes, I want diversity in sjm books. Yes I want to see diversions from the norms. Yes I want certain stuff to happen that isn’t cliche. BUT I DO NOT WANT A FORCED PIECE OF DIVERSITY. It is so painstakingly obvious when an author tries to force something to please their audience. I can not stand to read it. So listen here, for a moment.

I am not afraid to admit that, sure, there are times when I’m left wondering why the opportunity wasn’t taken for diversity. But then again. When sjm started these books she was 16, at that age, a poc character, seeing female characters who were strong and capable, male characters who weren’t afraid to show weakness, someone exploring their sexuality, gay couples, people in the LGBT+ community, and more, we’re a big thing. They were unheard of to exist in the one story, without racism or homophobia, it was not done. Sure, you can say it’s typical the back character died to help the white character, let’s put it that bluntly. But do you honestly think, that it was done on purpose. Do you think, Nehimas skin colour would’ve made a difference. Because I can tell you if she was white you’d be asking for her to be black.

You complain we haven’t seen that much diversity. But then, have we been given the chance. This story is mainly taking place in a mainly white part of the kingdom, tbh, we have yet to see the other ones. And we will, because Chaol’s whole book is taking place in the Southern Continent, and if you’ve forgotten, Nesryn is a poc, from that world.

You complain, fandom, that enough hasn’t been done. But, there is still books to come and let’s be honest. Tog was published 2012, the need for diversity didn’t reach this level of want until 2016. That does not mean it shouldn’t have been included up until that point but it means that different things were looked for in books. But back in Lil old 2012 sjm would’ve been diverse. Not because of Nehima, or anything like that, but because of the way her characters were written. What readers have forgotten is that, diversity does not mean, the guy is gay, the girl is bisexual and there’s some pocs thrown in, JUST TO PLEASE US. Diversity means being diverse in your writing, moving away from social normality, and sjm does that.

Yes, more could be done. But more books have yet to be released, and as I will constantly say, she has created massive world’s, and we’ve yet to see more than the too of the iceberg. And anyway, who says you have to imagine them the way they were written. This world of fae and magic is sjm, she just chose to share it. Remember that. Remember, in the end, it’s only fiction. You can always write your own story.

This fandom is ridiculous as times. We’ve become selfish. We’ve forgotten sjm is an actual person. She is trying her best. As a writer, how you see your characters is how you see them. How they act and die and live is how they do it. And as any writer knows, you do not create your characters, they create themselves. What happens happens, and unless the author is racist or writing a particular genre or setting their book in a particular era, they do not kill a character just because they’re poc or part of the LGBT+ community.

It needs to be said. Yeah, more could be done, but, maybe, we could use our hearts, and be as compassionate to her as we are to her characters.

Where was the outcry and despair when SJMaas threw Dorian under the bus, when Chaol was shoved aside to make way for random Rowboat, when chaolxceleana met an abrupt end never to get the proper closure it deserved, when smaas succumbed to fanservice (some still say ‘fan pressure’) to force rowaelin down our throats for 80% of QoS, when a perverted colonist is labeled the ideal queen, when woc were murdered to add more dramatic flair to the whites’ pain, when Manon was completely ooc in her behavior with transphobic Dorian, when being bi is equivalent to forced prostitution, when Rhysand goes from the 'sexy douche’ to 'sexy feminist’ suddenly all to be Feyre’s deserving love interest, when self-made powerful women are only represented as eevviiillllll.

But NOW we have a problem with Mor being queer? The one time Sjm gets it right (albeit poorly), y'all are having hissy fits? NOW??


(while reading chapter 3 of the ACOWAR excerpt)

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  • SJMess fandom: Well, now that you have ONE bisexual in T0G those antis SHOULD be happy!! Sure, his sexuality is compared to forced sex work but YOU HAVE REPRESENTATION, HE EXISTS THAT'S ENOUGH WHO CARES IF IT'S RESPECTFUL? And Mor is gay NOW, you can't hate queen SJM anymore! It's a plot twist and she is 100% a token lesbian but AT LEAST SHE KNOWS LESBIANS EXIST. LGBT ALLY. QUEEN OF REPRESENTATION. Fuck the haters yass queen yass.