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Contrary to the vitriol being spread by social-justice bloggers, intelligent people are allowed to like problematic things.

(As are unintelligent people, obviously. SJ-ers tend to completely ignore those who are, for whatever reason, uneducated or lacking in intellect, however.)

There’s so much shit going around Tumblr at the moment relating to what we are and aren’t allowed to like. We’re supposed to be ‘better than that’, we’re supposed to 'have more brains than that’, when it comes to being a fan of something that someone else has deemed inappropriate, problematic, or otherwise unworthy of their own time/appreciation.

Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself here. Let me give you some examples! I have been told that I am not allowed to like: Tyler the Creator, anything to do with Odd Future, Australian hardcore, Hole, Big Bang Theory, Bikini Kill, Rookie mag, wearing a goddamn bindi on my forehead, Oasis, anything Seth McFarlane has ever been involved with, Kanye West, and so many more of the things that I am into, simply because someone else on a social networking website has decided that they have some kind of problem associated with them. This is what I mean by our interests being policed.

“How dare you love Bikini Kill when you don’t identify as a feminist.”

“How can you listen to Tyler when he raps about killing women?”

“Do you SERIOUSLY find Noel Gallagher’s personality acceptable?!”

My answer to all of these questions, is who fucking cares? I am smart enough to recognise that perhaps Tavi Genison(sp?) doesn’t cater to anyone but white teenage girls - however, as a white teenage girl, some of the shit she writes about does in fact relate to me. I am not braindead; I know that Family Guy is in poor taste but none of this takes away my right to damn well enjoy these things. Nor should it take your right away, either.

“But how can you justify it?”

Number one, NOBODY has to justify their interests to anyone else, ever. Especially on Tumblr. Secondly, though, there is an inherent implication within these questions and these demands, that the responders of these types of media are unaware of what we’re being exposed to, and that we don’t understand how and why certain elements of this media may be wrong. Recognising that there are dangerous undertones to something doesn’t have to lead to active rejection of whatever that thing may be - as long as we are aware that it’s not cool to kill women, putting Goblin on repeat isn’t going to fucking change that. Stop assuming that we are mindless drones capable of being brainwashed by a song or two; we’re better than that, and you’re better than that accusation as well.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some offensive rap music to be getting on with.

  • white person:*goes to Africa as a missionary, donated to charities*
  • social justice warriors:OMFG what are you even doing, white savior? Minorities and the poor don't need your help.
  • Government:affirmative action and quotas work to the advantage of minorities, because remember, they are always poorer than whites and therefore deserve to get into colleges and get jobs based on their race. Also, Obama recently proposed a law in which any school who punishes minority students mire than a certain number of times, even when they deserve those punishments, will be investigated for discrimination. We care about true "equality."
  • social justice warriors:OMG! How honorable and humanitarian of you!

Lately, there’s been an explosion of controversy over Disney’s The Lone Ranger, with claims that the portrayal of Native peoples is racist and offensive because of the character Tonto’s strange characteristics. But I say, never mind THAT movie. I’m about to show you something worse than the holocaust and Justin Bieber’s singing put together.

At the end of Despicable Me 2, a dance number ensues, in which one of the most offensive things to cross the silver screen was unleashed. 

A minion in a War Bonnet. This yellow corn chip, swinging around with a full crown of feathers sticking insultingly above its little one-eyed head. The crowds gasped.

Don’t tell me it’s because they were parodying a singing group, the Village People, in which one of the members would wear a War Bonnet. And that he was Aboriginal himself and started the band. In fact, you didn’t hear me say that just now. Context never matters. Thinking never matters. This little mustard stain swinging it’s stubby mutant asests to the the music is all the matters. Both people sitting beside me were equally appalled. 

I was offended. She was offended. He was offended. The Dog was offended.






if you can’t tell this is a parody of social justice bloggers (also based on this) then I don’t know what to do.


nobody’s perfect! | superzombiepower

there is an extremely loud minority in the social justice community whose actions i feel need to be addressed. thefrogman answered an ask on this topic last week as well (but i’d recorded this video before that post was made).

i’m just so sick of watching people get inundated with hateful comments instead of constructive criticism okay??? IT’S A PROBLEM.

(prepares for the inevitable tidal wave of hate that i’ll get for asking people to be civil to each other)

I always feel kind of conflicted about the whole social justice scene on tumblr. Like, most sj bloggers do have really good points and really good ideas, like about representation and privilege, but the way some go about things is just not okay. Although, thinking about the way some fandom blogs act on here (like bullying people into deleting their blogs because they didn’t know some obscure fact from one tv show or book) it’s really not surprising.

sneferie replied to your post “What about we call ourselves “social justice soldiers” or “social…”

Nah, I prefer this route:

OMG I LOVE THIS!!! TY sneferie!! Here’s a sneak peak, friends ~

Social Justice Class Pins Are Things You Can Buy Now

No love for social justice barbarians?

As far as misguided insults from Internet-based jerks go, the new hotness for the past couple of months has been “social justice warrior.” As a slur, it’s quite effective. I mean, clearly some of us are social justice bards and social justice wizards, and being mis-classed like that can be very upsetting. Luckily, there are ways to combat this kind of hurtfulness before it starts—with buttons!

Here’s a better look at the pixellated weapons found on each button, as gorgeously designed by Sarah “Chip” Nixon, aka @Chiparoo.

Nixon says on her Twitter that the buttons will be available for $2 each, or $10 for the whole set, at Seattle’s GeekGirlCon next weekend (oh, if only it weren’t the same time as NYCC! *fist shake*). Even better, she plans to give the proceeds to Planned Parenthood. Is there a button for social justice queen? Because I think this person absolutely deserves one.

~ From here on out, just call me "Social Justice Wizard.” SJW FTW LOL!!!

I just realized something thats incredibly ironic...

According to SJ bloggers, “gender is a fluid concept. They immediately turn a blind eye to the numerous scientific studies that have been done to prove that males and females actually process information, rationalize, and react quite differently than the other. Men and women are psychologically different, but does that make either one superior to the other? Of course not God made us all different for a reason. Imagine if we DID live in a world where gender was fluid and we all behaved and reacted exactly the same. Nothing would get done! There would be no opposition, no critical thinking…just many blind and numb head nods.

Anyway, the irony at stake here is that SJ bloggers DO believe that race immediately determines what kind of person everyone is, just not gender. There have been no studies to prove that being white makes you "privileged” and a racist. These people like to pretend that all white people live pristine lives with everything laid out for them on a silver platter. If you’re a minority, by SJ standards, you must live a horribly disenfranchised and “oppressed” life and could never be a racist, even if you make racial comments about white people daily. There certainly hasn’t been any proof of this, either, yet SJ bloggers like to twist relevant information into something to benefit their bigoted and racist agenda.

Oh, the irony and hypocrisy…its never ending

Dean women,

When man holds the door open for you, pulls your chair out for you, pays for your meal, hails a cab, or something along those lines, he is not trying to tell you, or insinuate in any way that you cant do those things. He is just trying to do something nice for you.
Please dont read into our actions without asking. If we do something you don’t like, tell us! We wont do it anymore (at least try not to)

The men.

religionfliesyouintobuildings  asked:

Do you think blogs like ours, that mostly focus on the issues we have with the structure of our society. Should start to include issues we face environmentally and the treatment of animals? Cause we are fighting a battle, while we're losing a war that a lot of us don't know about.

While I agree that animal rights and environmental issues are extremely important, I want to know:

1. What makes you think that “blogs like ours” [I assume you mean social justice bloggers?] don’t already do that — bc I already do, I dunno about you? and;

2. Why do you think SJ-bloggers are all responsible for covering all social justice issues under the sun? 

Bc I believe that what SJ-bloggers choose to cover is a very personal thing and it is not for me, you, or anyone else to determine for them (us).