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  • Anti-sj blogger: Oh so you're just going to use a gif? You don't have an argument do you?
  • Me, to myself: Actually, I do have an argument. I know what it is, and you know what it is because both of us have done this song and dance with other people in similar situations a million times. Repeating my argument is a useless, draining attempt at getting you to understand basic concepts of social justice that 15 year olds already understand. You don't care about that. You want me to waste my time and get riled up because you thrive off the attention and you enjoy painting people who disagree with you as angry, unreasonable marginalized people who are only hurting themselves by not being complacent.
  • Me, to them: You ugly
A handy guide to tumblr terms
  • Racist: used to silence white people criticizing those of another race
  • Homophobe: used to silence straight people criticizing homo people
  • Misogynist: used to silence men criticizing women
  • Bigot: used to silence anyone with a different opinion
  • Transphobe: used to silence cis people criticizing trans people
  • Islamophobe: used to silence anyone criticizing a Muslim
  • Ignorant: used to shame those who don't know much about a certain subject
  • Diversity: only PoC, but only my kind of PoC
  • PoC: black people
  • Black Lives Matter: only care about blacks dying when white people do it
  • Internalized misogyny: used by women to silence women against feminism
  • Add any I may have missed

anonymous asked:

What's so bad about Steven-Universe-Official that equates them to Islamaphobia?

It’s been a while since I’ve seen them on my dash (thank god) so I can’t recall specifics off the top of my head, but they’re distinctly an Anti-SJ Blogger™ of the sort that uses “oh these Ridiculous Tumblr Politics” to say gross shit and then act like everybody is blowing up at them over something totally inconsequential.

sj blogger: talks about a concept that has literally been around and discussed in both academic and real world circles for decades

anti sjw: fucking tumblr sjws making shit up

Ankh-Morpork City Watch & Social Media Headcannons

(brought to you by maesonc​ and hardly-questionable​)

Angua and Sally are the Watch’s biggest Twitter users. They regularly live-blog Watch mayhem.

Cheery, on the other hand, is an avid Vine and Instagram user.

Cheery: “Do it for the Vine, sir!”
Unfortunately, due to irreconcilable height difference, most of Cheery’s Vines just feature Vimes’ knees.

Vimes has no idea what a Vine is and wants to know why everyone keeps shouting his name and what they are doing for him.

Sybil runs a rather popular, very informative and debatably cute Instagram for her Dragon Nursery.

Nobby Nobbs does have Vine, Twitter & FB accounts, for public safety reasons they have all been deemed ‘unsafe for human consumption’

he is, however, a rather avid SJ blogger on tumblr

Carrot does NOT have a Twitter account (its for his own good)

Carrot tried to start an ‘Official City Watch’ Twitter account. Angua shot it down. 
They let him manage the FB page

The #FuckingCarrot tag is NSFW

Angua did not start the #FuckingCarrot tag
Neither did Sally. 

In Uberwald the trending hashtag is #pullingaVimes which is the Discworld equivalent of #YOLO

71-hour Ahmed started a hashtag in Klatch that roughly translates to #Vimesdid. People use it when suggesting impossible/highly improbable acts

example: “Swim the Circle Sea in only on breath? #Vimesdid”
It is a very popular tag

(will hardly-questionable and i stop? who knows)

lintmaster1989  asked:

👌👌👌Loved your response to that person shaming "fuyoshis". I am bisexual (more closer to gay but whatever) woman as well but don't get mad when dudes wank it off to lesbian porn or yuri. It literally has 0% affect on me. It is all in their heads or even in their bedroom if all parties are consenting. Heck, I might even ENJOY IT MYSELF. Golly the horror. It is simply what they enjoy sexually cause it gets them horny. Let people live and enjoy fiction, Jesus Christ.

yeah no kidding. as if women/fem-people don’t already have to deal with being attacked by the sexuality police for virtually every sexual thing we like or do that isn’t nice and vanilla, now we got these sj bloggers on our ass too. unless I’m asking you and your boyfriend to make out for my amusement I think you can calm down, Greg.

reflections on the revolution in france would be one of those absurdly long discourse posts that takes 3 hours to scroll past with like five even longer arguments on it (shut up mary wollstonecraft would’ve been a sj blogger and you know it) and then like 20 people going “lmao gt REKT burke” and that gif where the guy is smirking and all his friends are losing it

I think Tumblr is trying to delete my blog. This is actually a sideblog of my main account. Lately whenever I try to reblog something, the option to reblog on this blog disappears. Trying to shut me up, Tumblr?

How about you focus on silencing the blogs of people who have threatened me and attacked me for voicing my opinion?

DC Superheroes’ social media presence
  • Superman: Facebook is all links to Daily Planet articles shared from Lois’ page. Tumblr is also all his Daily Planet clips which are posted as photo posts with a vaguely relevant stock photo attached. 
  • Batman: Mass emails. Has never heard of most social networks. 
  • Nightwing: Avid Instagrammer. Obnoxiously spams overly corny pictures of himself and whoever he’s dating at the time. Makes a point of getting selfies from ridiculous angles. 
  • Supergirl: Immediately popular on every social network. Fandom/SJ blogger with a focus on bandom. Instagram is linked to tumblr. 
  • Red Robin: Runs a blog full of musings. Also runs social media accounts for Bruce Wayne because Bruce doesn’t know how and the “international playboy” cover works better with social media. 
  • Red Hood: Hates reddit but is somehow always arguing on it. 
  • The Flash: Memes
  • Damian Wayne: Odds are what he’s actually angry about is something another player on World of Warcraft said to him
  • Wonder Woman: Is like 70 years old. Constantly asking Supergirl to help her with the computer. Tweets like Cher. It’s incredible for everyone involved. 
  • Cyborg: Alternates between heavy activist stuff, livetweeting movies, and selfies that go viral almost immediately. DEFINITELY participates in every blackout.
  • Oracle: Remember how someone was bothering Damian on World of Warcraft
  • Green Lantern: Hal is a viner who uses his ring to do stunts. John uses facebook to keep in touch with old classmates, he has exactly one picture on facebook and it’s the profile picture he uploaded on the first day the account was opened. 
  • Green Arrow: Basically just the way Mark Ruffalo is irl
  • Aquaman: Somebody at some point managed to trick him into thinking twitter is google and now he tweets all his google searches. 
  • Martian Manhunter: Wikipedia editor

Noah fence but if non psychotic sj bloggers on this site could stop pretending to support psychotic people WHILE attacking them that would be great.

Be honest with yourself. You only “support” psychotic people with Good and Moral delusions that aren’t Problematic.

Like I’ve seen so many of you reblog posts that say “don’t tell psychotic people their delusions are wrong it won’t help uwu” (which is true) but then you’ll literally attack psychotic people who legit 100% believe in their delusions. As if you can change them. Because you don’t like them and you’re the good one.

(Non psychotic people can reblog this)

the thing that always gets me about the whole “WOW, TYPICAL TUMBLR” thing people always say when they complain about ~the SJWs~ is that I’m almost absolutely certain that sj bloggers aren’t the majority on tumblr as a whole. the average tumblr user is, like, a photoblogger, or someone who almost exclusively reblogs random popular posts from big blogs like did-you-kno or thefrogman or pleatedjeans or one of the many cute animal picture blogs

Sam - vegan/animal rights blogger Ashley - fandom blogger, esp for book fandoms Jess - aesthetic blog Emily - part-time SJ blogger, full-time shit starter Mike - porn blog Matt - doesn’t really get the whole Tumblr thing, but likes to watch over Emily’s shoulder while she drags people on her blog Chris - too busy lurking r/technology and being a reddit atheist to bother with tumblr Josh - horror blog Bonus: Hannah - low-res quotes about love with a million watermarks that she finds on google and then posts to tumblr herself

  • <p> <b>Anti SJ Bloggers:</b> Sjws are just babies and special snowflakes desperate for attention<p/><b>Anti SJ Bloggers:</b> Ethan. 21. I'm cis AND white AND straight aka straightwhiteoppressor. Lmao are you offended yet? I spend my time "oppressing" poor Tumblerinas by finding them and teaching them about a little thing called logic. If you're here to send me anon hate, go right ahead. I do it all for you, folks. 😂<p/></p>
  • French side of tumblr : Writes masterposts about french laws, culture, issues with racism, islamophobia and antisemitism ; explains the whole context of the march and french politics about freedom of speech
  • Foreign SJ bloggers : lol such a bunch of racists wow the hypocrites
  • French side of tumblr : est-ce que tu m'entends hey oh

What do anti-sj bloggers tell people when they’re asked what they do in their free time.

“Oh, I harass the most marginalized people in our society for daring to have an opinion and expressing it in a way I don’t like.”

  • anti sj bloggers: im cis and i say that im not transphobic and whatever u say IS transphobic also isnt u overly sensitive child
  • anti sj bloggers: im white and i say that im not racist and whatever u say IS racist also isnt u overly sensitive child
  • anti sj bloggers: im a man and i say that im not misogynist and whatever u say IS misogynist also isnt u overly sensitive child
  • anti sj bloggers: cisphobia, racism towards whites, and misandry are the literal worst things in the world everyone.. can u not see me over here being so heavily oppressed on the internet and crying? this... what im facing is true bigotry.

I’ve noticed that non-Black people like to label Black people (or other PoC) who talk about the racism we experience “SJ bloggers” when we’ve never given ourselves that label. Us talking about the racism we experience does not make us “SJ bloggers” I’ve seen that thrown around a lot. Unless someone has actually labelled themselves an “SJ blogger” do not call them an “SJ blogger.” I’m tired of seeing these passive aggressive posts like “Notice how the SJ bloggers aren’t talking about [insert topic].” or “Funny how the SJ community isn’t discussing [insert topic]” Like we know you’re either referring to Black people/other PoC talking about racism, or just Black bloggers in general. I see right through you.