SCANDAL x Silent Siren @ Kaze to Rock 2015 IMONY LAND

“Girls musician selection” - Silent Siren’s Hinanchu

“Artists selection. With everyone of Team SCANDAL. Suu is with Team Fukushima selection. #KazetoRockIMONYKai2015” - Silent Siren’s Yukarun

In order of members (Left to right) → Ainyan, HARUNA, Hinanchu, RINA, Yukarun, TOMOMI, MAMI
Ao Haru Ride OST "Ao Haru Ride 'MUSIC RIDE'" Announced

Ao Haru Ride’s movie compilation album “Ao Haru Ride ‘MUSIC RIDE’” will be released on December 10th. The album features Rina Sumioka, 7!! and many more.