that was a perfect shot, too.

understanding polar/sister signs

it seems to begin like a blurry mirror that’s all foggy and patchy. you think you understand this person for a moment, and they do something that is startling, they are so difficult to figure out, and it all seems so confusing. they shatter delusions about themselves that you come to learn are truly about yourself. as you get older, more self reflective, or conscious of your own shadow, you come see the reflection more and more clear, it’s a part of you that you have known forever 

#aries and libra 
taurus and scorpio
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leo and aquarius 
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Imagine: Being Stiles’ sibling and telling him you’re dating Jackson. [x] [x]

Stiles: Jackson? You’re dating Jackson?! 
Y/N: Ur.. Yes. But, Stiles, you have to understand that-
Stiles: -Understand what? That he’s somehow magically become less of an ass and is a genuinely nice person?
Y/N: Yes? Look, you don’t need to understand it… I just need you to know I like him and we’re together.
Jackson: Y/N! Hey babe. *kisses you on the cheek* Stiles. *smiles*
Stiles: D-did you just smile? At me?

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Ugh I’m in such a Dia + Ruby sister dynamic mood rn so here’s a couple headcanons. Many of these build off of each other because it’s my general belief that they help each other learn and grow into better people:

  • What initially made Ruby so interested in idols was a small comment Dia made nonchalantly while distracted by something else. She said, “Your hair reminds me of all the famous idols with cute hair.” Dia didn’t really think much about her comment, but Ruby really took it heart. 
  • Dia was born a timid child, but once she realizes Ruby has a near paralyzing fear of strangers, she feels determined to be braver. Whenever Ruby feels anxious or afraid, she hangs onto her sister’s arm like Dia did with Kanan when she was younger. Dia really appreciated Kanan’s outgoing, confident personality because it gave her a sense of security, so she swallows her anxiety so she can present herself the same.
  • Both of them act as counters to each other’s greatest weaknesses. While in Dia’s presence, Ruby feels confident, as though she can do anything as long as she has her sister’s support. In her effort to fit the older sister image, Dia assumes a lot more responsibility, and spending time with Ruby allows her relax and have fun in a stress-free environment.
  • Ruby is the only person who has ever seen Dia hardcore ugly cry. The first was when Mari left and Kanan distanced herself, and the second was when they all came back together. Ruby is grateful for these moments because it allows her to take the supportive “older” sister role for Dia when she needs it. 
  • Actually, a third time Ruby saw Dia ugly cry was during the performance that won Muse the Love Live. Dia was screaming, crying, and waving around light blue glowsticks. Ruby was ugly crying too, so she felt as though that experience helped them bond even more.
  • Ruby is the only one who knows how to buy gifts for Dia, and it’s solely because she knows what Dia truly wants. For every gift-giving occasion, Ruby buys Dia merch, specifically Eli Ayase merch. 
  • Occasionally, Dia gets flack from people for being too hard on Ruby, and Dia doesn’t really know how to respond because she’s aware of her own strictness, but Ruby never fails to defend her. She knows how great Dia is and how hard she works, and she would never wish for a different sister. The feeling is mutual because Dia knows she has the best of companions in her sister.

can we just…disregard the whole civilian identity of queen bee for a minute…and just focus on queen bee herself. like, a new hero. why. how. what.

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Who's are your favorite loud character(s) and why?

Here are my TOP 3
 #1 we have Luan

I love Luan because she is so funny! she is literally my spirit animal i love puns.

#2 we have Luna

I like Luna because she is so chill and she has a beautiful voice ( tbh i feel she would be a stoner when she got older lol)


Lynn is a precious bean and i love her.i played a lot of sports when i was younger BUT soccer was my favorite.

hope that answered your question and thanks for asking !!