A Simpler Time, A Grander Fall (Let's see what ya guys think!)

What would you all do if I started writing an original story, based around a character that you all haven’t met? And told a story unlike any other? A story that takes place in the kingdom, but holds new characters. A story that I feel like I would really enjoy writing to some extent. A story with no defined end, and no exact plot, but that tells itself as it comes. One that I do not plan out, but rather, let it plan itself and tell me what it’s about and where it’s going. I have an idea of what it would be. And holy frick, am I loving it.

It would probably be just recounts of past events and such in the kingdom, but in the perspective of a young human girl whom, unlike most of the other humans, does not discriminate against and hate the creations of the Division. One who struggles with trying to make a difference and trying to protect the poor skeletons they toss into this horrid society, and whom also struggles with the pain and hatred she herself suffers from due to her protecting and defending these creations.

I just remembered I had a hit clip when I was a kid and I had like little baby Britney Spears and Kelly Clarkson “CDs” the size of a quarter . It was a simpler time

tbh in 2010 “promposals” weren’t even a thing yet like one day my friend turned to me in health class and was like “hey, neither of us have prom dates, wanna go together?” and like 5 years later we’re living together

which also makes me wonder if the actual marriage proposal will be just as underwhelming like we’ll be getting groceries and he’ll grab some yogurt and be like “hey let’s get married” and i’ll be like “might as well”

just me doodling but this is for attoliancrown, mydearsourwolf and finduilasclln
don’t let the darkness get to you tonight/this season! ♥

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