Aaaand yet another love letter to my goddamn Nerevarine.

Finally done!  Hhhhoy shit.  This was getting to ‘please let me be done’ levels.  Hey so maybe the next time I jump back into digital painting, I should pick, like, something 40 times simpler.  But, uh, it was definitely good practice?  I think I am pleased.

Okay so imagine that Steve gave Tony his dog tags before Civil War because they were together, happily in love. But once the fighting begins, things get messy between them and at the end of it, they don’t really know where they stand with each other. But Tony is convinced that Steve has made up his mind so he plans to erase him from his life even though he struggles letting the only person he’s truly loved go. 

But imagine Tony laying in bed at night, curled up underneath the duvet as he clutches the dog tags that rests so well against his chest. Tony can never let them go and he’s tried so many times but it feels so wrong. It’s painful that they’re there because they remind him so much of Steve as well as a happier and more simpler time. Tony curses himself for not letting them go as it only shows that he’s weak. 

And in love with Steve. 

While Steve stays in his hideout, heart aching and cold at the thought of Tony no longer loving him or wanting him in his life ever again. The thoughts are so painful that they keep him up at night, eyes glued to the phone that rest on his bedside table. 

Hoping one day that it will ring.

He yearns for Tony more than ever. 

At the back of his mind, he can’t help but wonder if Tony still has his dog tags, wonders if Tony still kept that little piece of him despite everything. 

tbh in 2010 “promposals” weren’t even a thing yet like one day my friend turned to me in health class and was like “hey, neither of us have prom dates, wanna go together?” and like 5 years later we’re living together

which also makes me wonder if the actual marriage proposal will be just as underwhelming like we’ll be getting groceries and he’ll grab some yogurt and be like “hey let’s get married” and i’ll be like “might as well”

just me doodling but this is for attoliancrown, mydearsourwolf and finduilasclln
don’t let the darkness get to you tonight/this season! ♥

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