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Hi Steph! I just rewatched TBB after a long time and tbh I had forgotten how smol they were back then. Like nothing has been normal since The Fall and then Mary. Everything has become so complicated and dark (not that I'm complaining. It's beautiful in a way.) I was just so taken aback you know? What if The Fall never happened? What if the boys never had to go through that kind of suffering? What if they kept solving crimes not directed by a psychopath? How different would things have been then?

Why are you making me think of better times *cries* 

~~~T H E Y  W E N T  O N  H O L I D A Y  T O G E T H E R.~~~

They were happy.

Fuck Moriarty for fucking up their lives.

just me doodling but this is for attoliancrown, mydearsourwolf and finduilasclln
don’t let the darkness get to you tonight/this season! ♥

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tbh in 2010 “promposals” weren’t even a thing yet like one day my friend turned to me in health class and was like “hey, neither of us have prom dates, wanna go together?” and like 5 years later we’re living together

which also makes me wonder if the actual marriage proposal will be just as underwhelming like we’ll be getting groceries and he’ll grab some yogurt and be like “hey let’s get married” and i’ll be like “might as well”