Review index list

here is a list of restaurants I have reviewed on this blog since I started it back in May of 2013, I put the date next to the review, to enable you to scroll back in the blog to find the review that interests you. Enjoy!

Jan 02     Review: Luma Restaurant, Toronto.

Dec 28    Christmas dinner

Dec 14    Review: Pangaea Restaurant, Toronto

Dec 08    Review: Canoe Restaurant, Toronto.

Nov 30    Review: Pistache, West Palm Beach, FL

Nov 04    Review: Biff’s Bistro, Toronto.

Oct 21     Sherried Shrimp Bisque recipe

Oct 13     Review: Black Angus Steakhouse, Etobicoke, ON

Oct 07     Review: Escabeche (Part II), Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

Oct 02     Le Grand Comptoir, Montreal, PQ

Oct 01     Review: Main Deli, Montreal, PQ

Sep 26    Review: La Flambard, Montreal, PQ

Sept 25   Review: Maison Boulud, Montreal, PQ

Sep 19    Donalda Club, Toronto, ON

Sep 13    Review: Jacques Bistro du Parc, Toronto, ON

Sep 5      Recipe: Gatsby Lemon Tea Cakes.

Aug 28    The New Yorker Article by Gopnik: The Humanities Matter

Aug 27    Review: Auberge du Pommier Restaurant, Toronto

Aug 26    Tiffany & Co Great Gatsby Cufflinks - my pair just arrived!

Aug 22    Review: Il Posto Restaurant, Toronto

Aug 21    Reminder: Food Contest is now on!

Aug 17    Sexcereal

Aug 15    Peach Season in Ontario

Aug 14    Recipe: Pasta with Bolognese Sauce - simple & complex

Aug 12    Ice Cream Review: Belly Ice Cream Company

Aug 10    Food Contest: Win a Dinner for you and your friends

Aug 8      Review: La Societe Bistro, Toronto

Aug 7      Follow Up Review: Origin North

Aug 4      Buffy the Vampire Slayer Contest Winners Announced.

Aug 2      Tracy’s Dinner Party

July 31     Recipe: Chicken Alfredo

July 30     Great Gatsby makes me think of Emma

              Review: Escabeche Restaurant

July 27     Recipe: Mango shrimp salad

July 22     Jeri Ryan’s tomato harvest

July 20     Review: Pangaea restaurant, Toronto

July 17    Recipe: waffles with wild blueberry syrup

July 14    Recipe:   Halibut with chives and Hollandaise sauce

July 12    Review: The Breakers, Palm Beach

July 10    Michelle & Tracy make me a lobster dinner

July 8      Review: Cafe L’Europe, Palm Beach

July 6      Review: Testa’s, Palm Beach

July 4      Review: Graze, Palm Beach

June 20   Review: Tundra, Toronto

June 18   Review: Peller Estates Restaurant

June 16   Recipe: Ribs & Crepes Suzette

June 15   Review: Origin North, Toronto

June 14   Food & Art - Emma as Lady Caroline

June 13   Review: Fabbrica, Toronto

June 12   Recipe: Steaks

June 11   Recipe: Hemingway’s Tournedos

June 10   Patrick O’Connell wins Silver Spoon

June 9     Gatsby-style Afternoon house party

June 8     Review: Cafe Boulud, Toronto

June 7     Michael Pollan Interview at UofT

June 4     Review: Jean Georges, New York

June 2     Review: Carlyle Restaurant, New York

June 1     A Hotel Bathroom fit for Gatsby (and Daisy too) New York

May 31    Movie Review: The Great Gatsby (2013)

May 29    Review: Le Cirque, New York

May 28    Review: 21 Club, New York

May 27    A Funny Take on Freud and Food

May 26    Review: The Four Seasons Restaurant, New York

May 25    Review: Meet me at The Plaza, New York

May 19    Review: Bosk, Toronto

May 18    Understanding my blog’s star rating system

May 17     Welcome to my Blog