So lately I’ve been getting more active in fandoms and on Tumblr in general, and I just thought, what the hell, I’ll make a follow forever list!  This list is by no means complete, because there are so many more blogs that I will never unfollow!

This is a list of my favorite blogs that post original artwork or edits or writing, my precious babies, and really just all-around A+ blogs!  If you’re looking to follow more blogs or even if you aren’t, you should check out these people, they’re all really quality and great blogs :)

A-C: analpha ; b1r ; bilesandthesourwolf ; bralpha ; chadleymacguff ; characterdevelopmentwrites ; corageoushale

D-N: designercadavers ; dylanofuckme ; haagendazstilinskli ; halesparkles ; j4ya ; laurahalee ; lionheartandtonic

O-R: ohbabyitsmark ; perseused ; queerwashing ; reallyinspirationalsongquote ; robbsnarkk

S-Z: sassyunclepeter ; shewolves ; sidmalkin ; squattmccall ; sterekandstuff ; stereksextape ; tacoposey ; thegreatkhaleesi ; tifferini ; werewolfetude


The Miss Congeniality AU for sidmalkin: When the FBI gets wind of a madman’s plan to bomb the Mr. United States competition, FBI Agent Sid is sent undercover as the representative for Pennsylvania.  His partner Geno investigates from the outside while Sid forms contacts from the inside.  Sid’s closest contact is Mr. California, who Sid eliminated as a suspect due to this answer stating, “There’s no way he’s smart enough to make a bomb.”


YouTube AU: Sidney Crosby is a fitness and well-being guru on YouTube. Evgeni ‘Geno’ Malkin is a popular vlogger and notorious prankster. Nobody thinks anything of the pair until they film a series of challenge videos together and Sidney starts appearing in many of Geno’s daily vlogs. Their fans become suspicious of their relationship status, leaving the comment section a constant mess of “are they dating???!??” and “i ship it!!!!” until finally Sidney uploads a video that gives them an answer: The boyfriend tag. 

sidmalkin replied to your post: Really hope losing 3-6 showed the ligh…

WHAT????? they called sid a crybaby???????? i was watching the ROOT stream what happened

I WISH I was watching Root!! But could only find a stupid Sun stream. 

It was during the fight when Sid took that guy down (don’t remember his name), 1st announcer said “And Crosby has (someones name) down on the ground!” and then 2nd announcer added “And crying!” and they both laughed and made fun of Sid’s “Had to take him down from behind, couldn’t fight him face to face blah blah blah” for a while.

Worst stream ever!  I spent most of the game YELLING at the announcers for being so rude!


FBI agents Sidney Crosby and Geno Malkin have been work partners for years.  A mysterious man named only as “The Enforcer” is threatening to place a bomb somewhere at the Mr. America pageant.  Sid must undergo a makeover and get a new American identity as Dallas Dillon Freebush, as the representative from Pennsylvania.  Sidney is entrusted to famous beauty pageant coach, Mario Lemieux.

The “Miss Congeniality” AU: that I desperately want someone to write.