for no particular occasion i’m doing a follow forever/to let my favs know how much i appreciate them

i’m still not over this moment also i took this picture from the toronto star and literally made this in ms paint lmao because i have no clue whatsoever how to do anything real

in alphabetical order: (ps i’ve definitely forgot ppl i’m super sorry ://)

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I meant to make one of these a while ago but hey, better late than never. Here are my follow forevers!

(I do follow A TON of blogs, but I love them and they’re all amazing okay)


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I’ve been meaning to do this for a while and figured since it’s the new year I’d get off my butt and do it, I’m not really one to wax poetic so I’ll just say that I love you guys!! (senor bunny fanart by @ponypops, half assed header by me & my phone)

@guixonlove ❤ 

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anonymous asked:

How do I join the hockey fandom where do I start

Now THIS is the kind of ask I like to receive. I WILL HELP YOU NONNIE AND I WILL ENJOY IT. 

Step 1 - if you aren’t familiar with hockey, read this primer: Link

Step 2 - follow the OP of that primer, regardless of fandom or love of hockey, she is hilarious, case in point: Link

Step 3 - read some fic. (It’s off season, what else are you gonna do??) Here are some of my personal faves: Link But honestly just do an AO3 search by descending kudos and immerse yourself: Link

Step 4 (optional) - choose your non-fandom team. If you already have a hockey team that you love, you should continue to love them. Mine is the Flames. Sean Monahan is really boring and it delights me and others.

Step 5 - choose your fandom team. (Below a cut because I have no self-control with pictures)

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its that time of year again, the “fareha finished another year of uni so heres a follow forever cause she has nothing better to do”. first of all thank you to every one that follows me, i dont know how you guys deal with both my hockey & arrow stuff, you guys are the real mvps. second, shoutout to all the great blogs i follow, you guys are the SOLE REASON WHY I FAIL TO PAY ATTENTION DURING LECTURES (thanks for that). this is gonna be super long, i can never make a short one. those in bold yall are reall cool. 

the squad

daddyjensen ❀ queenollies ❀ smoakamell ❀ smoakingbillionaires ❀ olicittys ❀ colindonnell ❀ patriceberg ❀ isengard ❀ felicity-oracle ❀ thearoy ❀ contrasts ❀ felicityswoak ❀ oliversjonas ❀ themanunderthegreenhood ❀ kingmalkin ❀ vanqoh ❀ obiren

all the rad hockey blogs 

sheercompulsion / brandonsprust / patkanesmullet / zmalik / nhlprayoffs / cutesaad / pricethenice / bennmeover / hattrickteddy / t-o-ews / johnttavares / ekblaad / chiassons / craawford / troysbrouwer / anttisraanta / tylerseguin / 91-tavaress / gauncer / crosbees / patrick-kane / evgeniemalkin / nathanbeaulieus / konecney / samsreinharts / saaders / filipscoresberg / dallas41chicago88 / davidperrons / kindymaling / josephpavelski / stantonryan / mattsnieto / philipkessel / riemsdyks / vrrbata / bortuzzo / daddytomwilson / connorsmcdavid / jasndemers / taazer / hawkeytime / jordanspieth / modanos / pyatts / theyslayedthedragon / malkinisms / saadertoews / savetheoppressedwhitenhlers / lindenveyys / mcandrefleury / sidmalkin / valnichushkin / vrbadass / southasians / martybiron / darthtulip / scandellas / lehteras / americanghetto / fili-please / sidneyc / toewsharpy / coreyscrawf / notsochubbybenn / unitedstatesofkessel / druncankeith / gnyquist / kesselphil / baeubennett / urrone / philkess / carlhagelins / denniseverberg / sirtoews / kingduchene / jonthantoews / mannersmakth / mycaptaintazer / crosbye / whereisthemullet / joshmorrisseys / jonathndrouin / topkaner / bbieksa / toewscrosby / glovehand / jakesvirtanen / crosberle / lidstroms / andrighettos / letangs / nikolajehlers / fucale / girlalmightis / franson / colbornes / hossprey / alzner / robertoluongo / cvxcvxc

all the rad fandom/arrow blogs (you thought the last list was long..oh buddy)

dylan-obriens / dulcinae / biathenas / rumplestitlskin / withglowinghearts- / fehroohz / herrolds / deeplys / craniam / starfishlove / kikkomen / illlouminati / amelliwood / dougstyles / sikestyles / yellowbeta / quillsandink / deadpotter / malfoysheart / coldstyles / romanvoff / acekieren / hopedreamlovepray / definetender / woahzayn / intersectionalfeministaf / goldhemmings / stehpenamell / ronnieraymonds / adrianforrester / olliequeeens . allons-youwish / felicitys-smoaks / ohremus / elephant-ine / littlegirlinvisible / olicitydiggle / smoakandswan / mattmurdosck / mezbeleyer / starlingsmoak / lovelysmoak / romanoffs / olicityalways / fe-li-ci-ty / andyouweremine / olicities / glamorous-enterlude / oliviapopes / rosetyleres / lydia-martin / amellrickards / wifeysmoaks / jbuffyangel / belarked / darevdevil / lissmoaks / arthurdrvill / griffinskye / pegicarters / wittyfelicity / olversqueen / olicit / steveogers / pansexualsmoak / sunshinesmoak / fadingtales / fitzwardz / snowbarry / tommymerlyns / justanother90sbaby / owenselliot / magnueto / slowburnsmoak / kindymaling / olicitykisses / remember3x20 / felicity-smoakqueen / justolicity / jamiefraserz / alwaysbemygirlfelicity / clarkegrffn / snnowfrostt / any-true-love / sstephenamell / simonliwis / leasrafati / stevewithbucky / octaviasblakke / everlarqhs / felicitycaitlin / blondefelicity / alsaheemsmoak / snowssmoak / eliesaabrina / captainevanschris / kaliindasharma / canarysarrow / smoakandswan / haynesrickards / lieutenantsmoak / rovharper / feilicitysmoak / olivirqueen / fponthedl / tcddylupins / aaronswarnerr / redpendreaming / sentence-fragments / chrisnevans / hisfairassasin / barriyallen / callistawolf / barryalleins / daredeyil / barryscaitlinn / murdocksmatthew / oliversmoak / cllarkesmoak / royharperh / revivepietro / bcrrieallen / oliveroy / oliver-q / mihlkovich / aaronswarner / bobbymorse / theaqueenz / smoakinamell . brotherlyfeels . no-choice-to-make / mattimurdock / b-allens / arsenalroy / flicitysmoak / tommemerlyn / montying / dxredevils / brokenoliver / banshye / stilinksihales / verabuckley / felicetysmoak / stydiaislove / ricekripkes / amellthirst / monicagellar / smoakswans / amellsbett / bloodymischa / smoakarrows / ahrsenal / felicitymsmoaks / vigilcntes / emilybettrckards / olilverqueen / oliverssqueen / snowbarry

here’s to the hockey-loving, stucky-shipping, shitposting, and overall insane bunch of dweebs i follow. every single one of my followers is amazing, but these people hold a special place in my heart, keep up the amazing work guys my life and dash would be ded™ without u all :)

best buds:

@barca-penguins@criminalreid ♕ @fourblackhawkfeathers ♕ @hockeyinspires ♕ @jackalltimelow ♕ @jordanstaalsmugshot ♕ @mattmarns ♕ @notkilljoy ♕ @penguinsbest ♕ @woahitsbegna ♕ @yookihyeun ♕ 

amazing others:

@antoinerousssel ♡ @asskicks ♡ @authoranna ♡ @b-e-n-n ♡ @birdmother ♡ @brianugent ♡  @closetsocialist ♡ @crocby ♡ @denisgodlas ♡ @flawsofbastille ♡ @highstik ♡ @hjalmarssoniklas ♡ @hockeycaptain ♡ @hohohoforcarlo ♡ @jeffscarter ♡ @lawcrouse ♡ @leocuccittini ♡ @marcandresfleurys ♡ @midnghtsun ♡ @mikemussinastractors ♡ @mo-riddly ♡ @penaltybox ♡ @planes@provorovs ♡ @saaders ♡ @samreinharts ♡ @sarniasting ♡ @sheaweebs ♡ @sidmalkin ♡ @sidnezcrosby ♡ @spencerrwatson@stanleycup@stlouisramz@strmedaddy@teuvo@thatsmoderatelyraven@trevordales@troystecher@yzerman@zdenocharazard ♡

once again, thank you to anyone and everyone who follows me. it’s you guys who have made the last three years of running this blog incredible. a happy and healthy holiday season to all! (also if we’ve talked/i reblog from u a lot and ur not on here i probs just forgot u bc I’m dumb pls don’t hate me <3) **this keeps being edited to add others cuz im dumb af :)

So I felt the need to do a follow forever because this has probably been one of the best years in the hockey community. I’ve met a whole bunch of new people and with the wjc going on right now, I feel like people can relate to my bullshit. oh and i also reached 700 thank you for that!!

# - D: @157cms @50shadesoftoews @72panarin @88-kane @a-bgally @aaronekbald @agally-bgally @alex-brindecat @alex-wennbergs @alexeiemelinstwin @aliceinhabsland @andrewshawmademedoit @andrewshawshankredemption @andrewshawty @anthonybeauvilliers @anttiraanta @apriceity @artemipanarin @artemisergeyevichpanarin @ausmatthews @ayyyblackhawks @baby-crowdaddy @babyhawkteravainen @babykaner @barzaldown @barzalmat @batgirl-87 @beau-tiful-bennett @beautiebennett @beauts-and-hawks-hawkey @bennguinislife @bennyandthestars @bieksasjuice @blackhawks-little-mutt @blackhawks-shuffle @blackhawksandrevelations @bournival-carnaval @braaydenpoint @brandonesutter @brassardsbae @brendanngallagher @brrrakovsky @canadianhockey-eh @canadiens-not-canadians @captain-crosby @carey-pric31ess @carey-price-31 @careys-price @carnavaldhiver @catlady31 @chi-town-mistress @cmcdavid @coach-qs-stache @connor-mcbaevid @connormcdavid @connorsmcdavid @crackpoutine @crosbye @crosbyeh @crowmygoodness @darthtulip @dayumpens @deckthehallberle @dylanstorme

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K - O: @kane-and-toews @kaneraf @kaners @ketnep @kingkreider @ladysstardust @landessblog @lars-hella @larsellers @lawcrouse @leaveamessageatthebeep @lefutureisbright @lehteras @lesglorieux @letangier @lurtis-cazar @m-a-lkin @mac-n-g @marianyossa @marnstrome @massholehackey @matt-barzal @maxd0mi @mcdavidaf @merrymcdavid @mistle-toews @mitchmarners @mozzarellasticksaregreat @my-hockey-obsession @nailyakupv @nature-hippie-cowgirl @nemoniemi @nhlfucale @oh-ebs @oilers-ftw @oscarklefbomb @overtimeherobrentseabrook

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T - Z: @teamcanadaaf @tempe-toews @that-hockey-girl-1988 @themutt65 @theshawgoeson @thewolvescomecrashing @thisisahockeyblog @thisismydivision @tinyteuvo @toewsaf @tom-wilso @troubaa @true-bromantics @tuochy @wepartycesoir @x11secondsofmylife @you-saad-bro  @zdeno-charizard

Once again, thank you so much and have a happy new year!!!


Hey kids! I finally hit 1500 followers, so here’s my first follow forever. These are the people that I tend to reblog and/or interact with the most.  I love you guys (and everyone else that follows my shitty blog)! 

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HA! the semester is now over so heres my holidays follow forever. i want to wish all of you merry christmas and happy new year and if you do not celebrate these holidays, i still wish you a great times with friends and family :)


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I reached 980 followers and started this blog in may, so I’m super proud and surprised I got this far, cause when I first started out, I was doubting I’d get anywhere 😊
SO yeah these are some of my favourite blogs 😊
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Hi everyone! So this is my very first follow forever (sorry if I’m doing it wrong).

I recently hit 300 followers which is insane! I want to thank you all for following me, and making me laugh and smile with all your posts. I still don’t get why anyone wants to follow me let alone so many awesome people. Thank you so much everyone!

If you’re not here I’m sorry it’s not because I don’t like you I just follow a lot of people.

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Again I’m sorry if I forgot you I still love and appreciate you!

(p.s. also this is my way of showing that i want to talk to you and become friends but I’m too shy)

So during Game 6 I hit my first thousand follower mark! So, I decided to go down the line and make a follow forever, so I can appreciate everyone I love on this website. I have heart eyes for everyone I follow, literally everyone. If you’re not on this list, it’s because I’m dumb and can barely remember what I had for dinner last night, so it’s hard to remember every single person I love. I’d also like to take this time to thank Scott Darling for existing, and to say that I’m still accepting apps for the Scott Darling Defense Squad, if you missed that earlier!

the defense squad: jamebenn pouliot somethingnerdythiswaycomes horseshitfuckingcall natesbeaulieu bunny-benny jamibenns saintcrow tazerschinbeard

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