So lately I’ve been getting more active in fandoms and on Tumblr in general, and I just thought, what the hell, I’ll make a follow forever list!  This list is by no means complete, because there are so many more blogs that I will never unfollow!

This is a list of my favorite blogs that post original artwork or edits or writing, my precious babies, and really just all-around A+ blogs!  If you’re looking to follow more blogs or even if you aren’t, you should check out these people, they’re all really quality and great blogs :)

A-C: analpha ; b1r ; bilesandthesourwolf ; bralpha ; chadleymacguff ; characterdevelopmentwrites ; corageoushale

D-N: designercadavers ; dylanofuckme ; haagendazstilinskli ; halesparkles ; j4ya ; laurahalee ; lionheartandtonic

O-R: ohbabyitsmark ; perseused ; queerwashing ; reallyinspirationalsongquote ; robbsnarkk

S-Z: sassyunclepeter ; shewolves ; sidmalkin ; squattmccall ; sterekandstuff ; stereksextape ; tacoposey ; thegreatkhaleesi ; tifferini ; werewolfetude

Hockey Streams MasterPost

So this is for you, dear hockey fan, that have to suffer through online streams to watch your favorite teams’ games and suddenly have to google a new one because the hockey gods hate you. I hope this masterpost helps! (and i’ll probably add more links later!)

  4. (pens games)
  5. (pens games)
  8. (thanks van-tango!)
  9. (in french, according to chirpasaurus)

Please feel free to reblog&share your links as well!

Thanks mostly to sidmalkin​slipintoentropy and the holy Google for the links :)


UPDATE: gave someone a virus, so I deleted it from the list!


UPDATE 2: More suggestions!

  1.  ( @carey-price-stuck, @janmarrk​)
  2. ( @janmarrk)
  3. Reddit’s /r/NHLStreams/ ( @oddmanrush)
sidmalkin replied to your post:has anyone done and found successful results with…

you won’t look like michaels after 30 days. i’ve done them. they require dumbbells so i got a lil definition in my arms that’s all. the workouts are ~25 min max so that’s cool. they’re actually tough. if you diet &stick w/it you’ll see results

thank you! hahahaha I dont want to look like Michaels I just want to get fit and shed a few for summer! Ill give it a shot!