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Craig always uses different words to call Tweek (ex-friend twice, and sidekick. Plus ‘you know what I mean’ dialogue) Do you think that means he’s too afraid to call Tweek his boyfriend out loud? Too embarrassed? Am I just looking way too into things?

perhaps? craig can you pick weather you want to be super out with him with all ur petnames and hand holding or if you wanna be shy

A Sidekick Compilation:

Anonymous said:Do you mind if I ask for some snippets of the villain sincerely consoling their lackey after the lackey failed a important task and feeling bad about themselves thank you

loyaltrencher said:Do you have any (or could you make any) hero/underappreciated sidekick prompts? I kind your hero/ villain ones, and thought it’d be awesome!

Anonymous said:Hi there! I’m sure your ask box is super full, but if it’s not too much trouble, could I have some prompts for the villain’s right hand/closest assistant being crushed after the villain is defeated, dies, or loses their mind? Thank you, and I adore your writing!

1) “I’ll take whatever punishment you see fit.” The lackey braced themselves, surrendered themselves over without hesitation. The guilt churned nauseous in their stomach, clenched in their throat. “I’m at your mercy.”
“You’re always at my mercy,” came the villain’s reply. “Fucking up doesn’t really change that.”
The lackey flinched at the reminder of their failure, however resigned they were to their fate. 
The villain’s hand closed around their throat - but not constricting, secure and firm. “Look at me.” The villain waited until they did. “Your life is mine, your mistakes are mine, you have sworn yourself to me. Don’t trouble yourself over this. If a weapon fails its because the one who commands it didn’t do so well enough. It’s not your fault, so be at ease, and help me fix this. Alright?”

2) “You want me to hurt you, is that it? Tell you that you’re a failure? Punish you?” 
“I would deserve it if you did.” 
“That’s not what I asked.” 
“I - no.” They didn’t think they could bear that, but they were equally unsure they could bear being forgiven. “I don’t know.” 
“Were you disloyal to me?” 
“I failed you.”
Were you disloyal to me?”
“No - I would never - I’d rather-” the lackey shuddered. The villain’s hand smoothed over their bruised temple. 
“Then there is nothing to forgive, and no punishment necessary. You did your best. That is all anyone can ask of you. Now, be calm, and tell me what happened.” 

3) “You’re a wonder,” the hero stared at them in astonishment. 
The sidekick’s heart slammed. Normally, people didn’t really pay them much attention at all, let alone look at them like that. They cleared their throat - a pleased, too hot, fluttering feeling squirming in their chest. “It was nothing.”
“It really wasn’t.”

4) “Any chance you can yell at me when my brain isn’t splitting open?” Everything hurt. They really didn’t need a lecture on how they should have done better, been braver, or stronger - more heroic. 
“Actually, I wanted to apologise,” the hero said softly. “I feel I’ve rather treated you badly, as of late. 

5) The hero watched the villain’s sidekick - the violence, the eruption, the throwing themselves against the walls of their cell, snarling at anyone who got close.
Vicious. (Sometimes it’s kinder to put a rabid dog down, said their commander.)
Hurting. Heartbroken. Hollowed.
The hero approached, shutting the door quietly behind them. They adopted the same mannerisms, the same way of speaking, as the villain once possessed. 
“Enough of that, now. You’re opening your wounds. Be still.” 
The sidekick froze, quivering, responding to the tone on dazed and hopeless instinct. 

4) “It’s over, you don’t have to do this.” 
“You don’t understand, do you? You took my world from me. So now I’m going to take yours from you.”

Heh ya know

I have seen a few fics about either Lance or Keith having a diary and it always makes me giggle because ‘psh as if the other one is finding that shit, there’s is only one person in the entire team who is able to find that kind of stuff.’


Just, picture it, because I think it’s adorable. Let’s pretend both Lance and Keith have diaries (jorunals thx v much) and they gush about the other there, because it helps.

Can you imagine the conversations tho? 

Keith: ugh, Lance is dumb to think anyone would fall for that pick up line.

Hunk: That’s not what you said in –

Keith: huNK!!


Lance: ugh, Keith is so insufferable, when is that mullet going to dissapear anyways –? 

Hunk: July 21th at 23:45 pm, you wrote about it being, and I quote ‘a black mane with stars stuck on it.’

Lance: I hate you, how dare you, I put a password on it

Hunk: bondingmoment is not a strong password

Pidge: told you

Keith poping his head from the door: I heard bonding moment. 


Lance: Hunk, buddy, you gotta stop reading pivate stuff, man, it’s not ethic and fair and –

Hunk: Keith wrote that your eyes are pretty

Lance: carry on


*Keith and Hunk meeting in a dark corner of the castle*

Keith: do you got the stuff?

Hunk: he wrote that his dream date is next to the beach

Keith: your service is appreciated


Lance: Is it too much to ask to just have that one person who is smitten with you and so in love and that would do anything just to make you smile? I just want someone to loooooOOOOOOOooooooove me, ugh.


Keith: *tackles hunk*


Shiro: Hunk, you need to stop readin your team’s diaries –

Hunk: Keith stole your eyeliner to write Lance a poem in the training room’s wall

Shiro: keITH! 

“I’m yours,” the sidekick said carefully. “You know I am. And I don’t expect you to spare them, I know you can’t but - I only ask you show them mercy. A quick, dignified death at least.”

“You know I’m not one for personal favours. ”

“I know.”

“You must care about them a lot to use one of yours. You may not get another.”

“I know.”

hey if y'all want books with queer main characters that aren’t all about being queer you need to read Not Your Sidekick. it’s superhero/mild dystopia/conspiracy goodness with a whole cast of queer characters, including a bisexual girl as the lead and a very thoughtfully written trans boy. nobody gay dies (yay!) or suffers for being queer. sexuality and gender are a nonissue, outside of “oh no I like her but does she like girls???” it’s a lot of fun whole dissecting a bunch of superhero tropes. I got in this morning and finished it in about twelve hours. 10/10, would recommend

Look, if you wear a dress and have an animal sidekick, you are a Princess

Maui, Moana

☑ Dress

☑ Animal Sidekick

☑ Princess


I love how Jon repeats what Damian said to him in the second panel. Even though he bickers with him and they fight a lot, Jon does listen to what Damian says and takes his words to heart. I love that about their relationship. They act like they don’t get along but in the end, there is this kind of grudging respect between the two of them. It’s great and I honestly can’t wait for them to become real friends.