Anonymous said:I am requesting more villain using pleasure as a weapon on the hero prompts please! Thank you  

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dentist-why said:I really like that prompt where the hero had the villain at there mercy and they felt like a god could you do more of that if it is not to much trouble. (P.S thanks for doing my last prompt suggestion you are such a great person.  (A/N: refers to this. I think) 

Anonymous said:More prompts about the hero forgiving the villain plz!

1) “There.” The villain carded their fingers through the hero’s hair. “Isn’t it better to feel clean?” No more blood or grime or gore on battered skin - instead, fluffy towels, steaming water, soothing scent and oils which soothed all aches and pains.
“It would feel even better if you weren’t in the room. Bit creepy, that.”
“You know you can’t be trusted not to abuse my hospitality.”

2) “Stop it.” 
The command, the quiet authority, cut straight through to the villain’s brain.
“You’re overthinking,” their sidekick said. “You know what you get like when you start overthinking. Come here.”
The villain moved over, thoughtlessly. 
Their sidekick guided them gently down onto their knees, taking the villain’s head in their hands. Their fingers massaged soothing circles and the villain’s eyes fluttered closed. 
“That’s right,” their sidekick murmured. “Good. Just focus on me. Take some breaths.” 

3) The villain panted for breath, hands bloody - a little dazed. Starting to shake. “They were going to hurt you - I - I panicked - I know it’s bad that I-”
“Shh.” The hero held out an arm, and the villain crumpled against them. “It’s alright. You were only trying to protect me, weren’t you?”
The villain nodded.
“Then I forgive you, it’s okay. But you know there are going to be people who don’t see it my way, who wouldn’t understand like I do.”
“But you can make that go away. You can do anything,” the villain said.
It took everything the hero had not to shiver in delight.  

4) “Take it back,” the villain hissed. “I don’t want your forgiveness.”
Forgiveness was far too crippling a shackle to bear, a debt that they couldn’t possibly repay. It suffocated them. Made the hero something grand, something more than the villain wanted them to be. They couldn’t breathe. 
The hero watched them, quietly, as they unraveled. 

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I know you do prompts, but I'm struggling with a video game I'm making. There's two people whose dark personas try to take over and make them fall into comas and then they have to fight the other's fears and demons with the help of the other's sidekick. They also are BFFs and romantically love each other but don't realize it. After they defeat the demons and fears, they have to fight together to stop their dark personas. It'd be mostly dialogue based I think and I have no clue where to start.

Sure, I do prompts, but I also do advice. My inbox is always open to talk about anything you want or need to talk about. My main point of focus is on writing help, but if anyone ever needs any kind of advice, or just someone to talk to, I am always willing to listen and help. 

So lets see here. This is a pretty interesting concept you’ve got going on. I think the best place to start would be to map out what their demons and fears are, and what order they would appear in. You should also figure out what exactly their dark personas consists of. If you’ve already got those figured out, then great. 

Next step would probably to determine the cause of the situation. Why are their fears and dark personas appearing? Is it a dream? A curse? Some weird science experiment? A lot of games like this have prologues in which they find some kind of whimsical like way to describe the main thing that triggered the events in the game. For example, say this is happening because the two characters are cursed? A neat prologue might be a fairy tale styled, almost poetic like little story that explains the who, what, why and when (Sometimes where as well, but thats only important if you need to establish a special location like a mythical world or an alternate universe.) So who made what for who, why they did it and when did they do it? “Long ago in a far away land, an evil witch decided to set a curse upon an entire village as revenge for killing her family” A little something like that, but usually longer, more specific and probably with more poetic wording. 

 Beyond that, Its usually best for games like this to be given large environments are locations. Places like Mansions, Amusement parks, Open Nature, Hotels and Abandoned Malls are often really good. Isolation is great for games like this as well, having your characters stuck, or locked in somewhere would force them to literally face their fears. 

I really hope this helps, and I wish you luck! If you have any other questions, or something isnt clear, please feel free to contact me! 

“I’m yours,” the sidekick said carefully. “You know I am. And I don’t expect you to spare them, I know you can’t but - I only ask you show them mercy. A quick, dignified death at least.”

“You know I’m not one for personal favours. ”

“I know.”

“You must care about them a lot to use one of yours. You may not get another.”

“I know.”

Look, if you wear a dress and have an animal sidekick, you are a Princess

Maui, Moana

☑ Dress

☑ Animal Sidekick

☑ Princess

A Sidekick Compilation:

Anonymous said:Do you mind if I ask for some snippets of the villain sincerely consoling their lackey after the lackey failed a important task and feeling bad about themselves thank you

loyaltrencher said:Do you have any (or could you make any) hero/underappreciated sidekick prompts? I kind your hero/ villain ones, and thought it’d be awesome!

Anonymous said:Hi there! I’m sure your ask box is super full, but if it’s not too much trouble, could I have some prompts for the villain’s right hand/closest assistant being crushed after the villain is defeated, dies, or loses their mind? Thank you, and I adore your writing!

1) “I’ll take whatever punishment you see fit.” The lackey braced themselves, surrendered themselves over without hesitation. The guilt churned nauseous in their stomach, clenched in their throat. “I’m at your mercy.”
“You’re always at my mercy,” came the villain’s reply. “Fucking up doesn’t really change that.”
The lackey flinched at the reminder of their failure, however resigned they were to their fate. 
The villain’s hand closed around their throat - but not constricting, secure and firm. “Look at me.” The villain waited until they did. “Your life is mine, your mistakes are mine, you have sworn yourself to me. Don’t trouble yourself over this. If a weapon fails its because the one who commands it didn’t do so well enough. It’s not your fault, so be at ease, and help me fix this. Alright?”

2) “You want me to hurt you, is that it? Tell you that you’re a failure? Punish you?” 
“I would deserve it if you did.” 
“That’s not what I asked.” 
“I - no.” They didn’t think they could bear that, but they were equally unsure they could bear being forgiven. “I don’t know.” 
“Were you disloyal to me?” 
“I failed you.”
Were you disloyal to me?”
“No - I would never - I’d rather-” the lackey shuddered. The villain’s hand smoothed over their bruised temple. 
“Then there is nothing to forgive, and no punishment necessary. You did your best. That is all anyone can ask of you. Now, be calm, and tell me what happened.” 

3) “You’re a wonder,” the hero stared at them in astonishment. 
The sidekick’s heart slammed. Normally, people didn’t really pay them much attention at all, let alone look at them like that. They cleared their throat - a pleased, too hot, fluttering feeling squirming in their chest. “It was nothing.”
“It really wasn’t.”

4) “Any chance you can yell at me when my brain isn’t splitting open?” Everything hurt. They really didn’t need a lecture on how they should have done better, been braver, or stronger - more heroic. 
“Actually, I wanted to apologise,” the hero said softly. “I feel I’ve rather treated you badly, as of late. 

5) The hero watched the villain’s sidekick - the violence, the eruption, the throwing themselves against the walls of their cell, snarling at anyone who got close.
Vicious. (Sometimes it’s kinder to put a rabid dog down, said their commander.)
Hurting. Heartbroken. Hollowed.
The hero approached, shutting the door quietly behind them. They adopted the same mannerisms, the same way of speaking, as the villain once possessed. 
“Enough of that, now. You’re opening your wounds. Be still.” 
The sidekick froze, quivering, responding to the tone on dazed and hopeless instinct. 

4) “It’s over, you don’t have to do this.” 
“You don’t understand, do you? You took my world from me. So now I’m going to take yours from you.”


I should be working on school gosh. But @geek-fashionista, @edendaphne @kaethemonster,and @powerdragonmoon ya’ll are so enabling and I thought I should draw Sidekick!Adrien AU again.

More Ladrien makeouts ¬ 3 ¬



hey if y'all want books with queer main characters that aren’t all about being queer you need to read Not Your Sidekick. it’s superhero/mild dystopia/conspiracy goodness with a whole cast of queer characters, including a bisexual girl as the lead and a very thoughtfully written trans boy. nobody gay dies (yay!) or suffers for being queer. sexuality and gender are a nonissue, outside of “oh no I like her but does she like girls???” it’s a lot of fun whole dissecting a bunch of superhero tropes. I got in this morning and finished it in about twelve hours. 10/10, would recommend