Superheroes and their sidekicks

MattConley (Community Director) Featured Comment: “These are some really interesting characters designed for “Sidekicks.” They look like they could be background characters in the Bar scene (that scene begins at 2:31 in this Reference Edit: Who’s up for adding a bit of animation to these characters? The movements could be subtle (eyes blinking, heads moving, slight facial expressions, etc.) – curious to see what Visual Artists would come up!”


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Tony’s blase attitude towards superheroes under the age of 30 makes me lol every time. He has zero interest in sidekicks or proteges and he lets the mutant schools handle the mutant kids.

Ordinarily I would be more pro-mentoring, but I feel like Tony understands the superhero gestalt that requires you to get at least two sidekicks killed per career, and is having none of that bull. 

[Nova Special 1, 2014]

Was watching ‘Young Justice’ the other day, and a thought occurs in regards to DC Comics:

There are male superheroes with boy sidekicks

 There are male superheroes with girl sidekicks

There are female superheroes with girl sidekicks

But female superheroes with boy sidekicks?

Make of that what you will.