snorting sugar
  • ENFP and INTJ are in spanish class and someone comes over and puts a pile of sugar in front of INTJ
  • sugar dude: snort it
  • INTJ: *starts rolling a dollar bill*
  • INTJ: *ignores ENFP*
  • INTJ: *snorts sugar*
  • INTJ: fuck that hurt my nose

patapachichi  asked:

How does Si work when it is in the PoLR?

Basically every function as PoLR will make you think “wtf? that’s stupid and useless” when you read about the function in theory and when you observe it irl in others.

So when Si is your PoLR typical Si-traits will be hard for you to comprehend. You would have trouble understanding that certain kind of Si-pickiness about food, places, and other sensory impressions.
Even when Si-user explains to you why they like or don’t like certain things, it just won’t make sense to you in the slightest. I mean, you could comprehend it in a technical sense, but you just can’t relate to it.
This could lead to communication issues with Si-doms and Si-auxs and will make you always feel a certain foreigness with them.

the story of how ENFP stole INTJ's shirt
  • ENFP and a few other friends are at INTJ's house for a small pool party.
  • they are all getting out of the pool and going to eat, so they are putting clothes on
  • ENFP: oh shit
  • ENFP: i only have my staff shirt with me and it's absolutely disgusting and drenched in sweat
  • INTJ: oh ah do you want to borrow a shirt?
  • ENFP: oh sure thanks man
  • INTJ: *gives ENFP the shirt*
  • (later that night when ENFP is leaving)
  • ENFP: *stuffing borrowed shirt into bag*
  • INTJ: wait ENFP
  • INTJ: isn't that my shirt
  • ENFP: haha gotta go bye

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poketin  asked:

you say you can ship anyone with satch? B)))) asagao!traci, asagao!ellie and asagao!elsa headcanons with satch and GO (ur choice if you want some weird au off of eyesagao :eyes: )

Oh I’m not sure when the heck you sent me this but here goes no thin g


S AL S A @poketin, Satchie @ellieofmidnight, Tratch??? Im l au ghing


  • The best pairing name ever really I just wanted to put that out there
  • Elsa normally meets up after Satch’s shift at the library so they can hang the heck out
  • He lowkey hooks her up with a bomb-ass bass system for all of her anime watching needs and it’s the loudest in the girls dorm and Satch is like ‘oops, I can fix that’ but elsa is like ‘ N O L E T M E K EE P I T’
  • Shes also the first one that volunteers to try out stuff like his vr machine. Shes always super interested in what he’s going to make next even though she might have no fucking clue how he made those things, even when he explains them.
  • Sometimes he starts explaining something quickly and Elsa just raises her hand like shes in class and shes like “ ‘scuse me teach, please run that by me again”
  • Elsa is definitely the ‘love’ to Satch’s ‘logic’
  • “Okay, but [pretty good reason why she shouldn’t have this thing]” “OKAY SATCH BUT CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING- I love it, so-“
  • Elsa usually pushes Satch to do more impulsive things and he lowkey appreciates it (even if it does blow up in their face- sometimes its just good to have the experience).
  • Any time Satch says ‘copacetic’ Elsa starts singing Copacabana knowing that it ‘annoys’ satch (but she makes sure it doesn’t actually annoy him every once in a while)
  • When Elsa gets down in a mood sometimes there’s nothing that can pick her up immediately so when Satch finds out, he just invites her over to his dorm (or goes over to her if she cant find it in herself to come over), and just plays some music for her (he has a v wide musical library) or puts on some anime or a movie she likes and he wont say anything but he’ll just chill until shes ready to talk or shes feeling better.
  • (Eyesagao bonus- He definitely notices the way Traci and Ellie treat her and steps in to find out whats going on??? Because not only Is it real unlikely that they would treat her that way, and over a boy, but Elsa is super-covering up her suffering, and he reaches out to her first as a friend, then ends up falling for her, and he hates it because its in the middle of all of this boy trouble, so romantically he keeps his distance, but he’s constantly there for her. His main problem is trying apply logic to where there is none. Do you know how hard it is to explain negative demonic influences and possession and the void to someone who is super-grounded in reality???)


  • Fuckin sketch buddies if nothing else, they get together and it’ll be super quiet and they just sketch.
  • Satch starts renting out the school drawing tablets out for him and Ellie because they both have one but the school’s are better.
  • Sneak-kisses in the library between the bookshelves where they cant be seen :eyes:
  • In fact, they first meet in the library!! Ellie takes down a book and comes eye to eye with satch, an isle over. This startles her and she drops the big-ass book and it makes like, the loudest sound ever, and shes super embarrassed, but when the librarian comes out to dish out some punishment, Satch apologies and says he accidently pushed the book from the other side.
  • Satch inquires whether Ellie is trying to better her Japanese because she checks out a lot of translation books (In spite knowing Japanese and English already) and she admits she just wants to faithfully translate some songs.
  • Satch is like ‘oh!! Maybe I can help’
  • She very low-key lets him help her with the lyrical arrangement of some things for a little while, and one day he pauses, recognizing the lyrics from the popular songaloid??
  • And shes embarrassed even more at first and then shes like “wait… you know what that is??”
  • So they start talking about it a little and finds out the other knows… a lot about it??? But Satch never really considered English covers, so they start working together like, forreal.
  • And the first time Ellie hears Satch sing shes like… fucking awestruck. Like… What- What the hell- What in the- How can— wow.
  • And then Satch hears Ellie sing!! And hes like woah. Amazing. Th e b e st. wow. And he immediately lets her know. And shes like ‘woah—no—but you??’ and theyre both fucking dorks who gush over each other??
  • That’s their whole god damn relationship really, just complimenting each other and getting embarrassed at the praise b y e
  • (Eyesagao bonus: this probably hurts the mo st because Satch probably, in seeing Jack and Ellie get together, never acted on his intrest in her, but remained a good friend- a good sketch buddy!! But then definitely falls in an awkward spot when he sees Ian and Ellie’s friendship crumble over Ellie’s new behavior, and Ellie then turns to him in support. He doesn’t want to hurt her, but this definitely isn’t normal, and this definitely isn’t healthy. And while its hard to watch your crush NONSTOP go on about her boyfriend and how he’s probably with your friend whos also been acting weird as hell. What the heck is Satch supposed to d o?????????????????)


  • Um let it be known that Traci was just fucking thankful that she wasn’t the only black student there that was her very first thought seeing Satch because she was just super nervous the whole time while making the move to the school.
  • But also she didn’t want Satch to think she just wanted to be friends with him just because he was black it was very complicated
  • So they started attending together, they became friends second year when Satch and Traci started seeing each other in the library (Traci read A LOT of YA novels. A LOT. She fucking loves reading)
  • And Satch recommended her some books because why the heck not, but then he learned of her little quirk of not actually reading anything given to her (which is a weird quirk to have, but she had it)
  • So he doesn’t recommend her any books, but lowkey leaves them for her to find, and eventually she ends up reading them.
  • They love finding songs for each other to listen to, and listening to music while playing games (Satch is better at single player games, Traci is better at fighting and racing games)
  • And while Satch is like “This UI is horrible” Traci is like “You already told me but tell me again, what’s the UI???”
  • Satch likes to go deep on why he might or might not like games and Traci is like –shrugs- idk I liked a lot of it. Water level kinda sucked but I didn’t mind it. Cool music!! Best music!!
  • In that respect they cant be more fucking opposite.
  • Also not to be overbearing but Satch keeps an eye on Traci’s grades because its not that she isn’t smart its that she doesn’t push herself enough to study or do homework so he has to stay on top of her so she can get it done.
  • He also doesn’t let her exclude herself from group activities. The second they decide to group up (whether its in class or during a meeting, he’ll immediately check to see to see if she just goes quiet and doesn’t make an attempt to add or be included, and he’ll make sure that doesn’t happen)
  • But Traci will ALSO check after him because god damn it he will go three days without sleep if he gets too deep on his current project or study. She’ll phone him up and bother him to lay down at least, and they’ll talk or play music over the phone until he falls asleep. (or she falls asleep rip)
  • She also talks him into quitting the library because SHEESh that libra ri an
  • ALSO ALSO THEY LIKE TO TAKE PICTURES TOGETHER but Satch has a better camera than her even though shes in yearbook club (her camera is a hand-me-down from her mom) but they just like taking the train to whatever location and just… taking pictures together. And he’ll smile for pictures, but somehow always catch these artistic pictures of her.
  • (Eyesagao Bonus: Uh, Traci is like a blank fucking wall and that worries him the most because he just cant get though to her, so he and Elsa kind of continue taking care of her, getting her to eat, but generally deteriorate ‘waiting for jack’ and Satch physically confronts jack about it, but is unable to get any answers and it bothers him but once again what the heck is he supposed to do??? Whatsss going on????? Poor satch ri p, but eventually he gets Jack to get Traci to start doing stuff again, at least so she doesn’t do something crazy like starve to death as theyre slowly figuring out whats happening)