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I feel like this is something my alpha!Clark would say to my omega!Bruce to fluster him in our rp. In our world, Bruce owns the Daily Planet like he does in Hush, so he visited Clark often – “Wait, do I own this one, or is that the other guy?”  


~Chapter 97 WeiYin help drunk LanZhan bathe scene
I am blushing and heartbeat 😳 during the process of this art and reading the novel TvT , the novel of this part really shyyyyy
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John actually like’s to cuddle but he’s shyyyyy (and it’s awkward for now)

I really liked this question/situation, cause I can already explain John’s tiny house (sponsored by his father); it’s the actual QG of the group, they hang out in there and have sleepover’s (>:3)

sorry if I’m not an architect, but you can understand it I guess? KEEP SENDIND ME SITUATIONS AND QUESTIONS IN THE MAIL BOX >:OOO

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Samuel,seonho,guanlin,youngmin,and seongwoo reaction to them trying to kiss you but you runaway because you're shy(he's you're boyfriend) that makes sense right?


  • “thanks for leaving me hanging” would adjust his cap and raise his eyebrow at you
  • you’d be hiding behind a tree
  • he’s really embarrassed in the inside and would try to understand why you abandoned him like—
  • did he have bad breath??
  • was his kissing face ugly???
  • did you nOT LIKE HIS KISSES????!!
  • inside he’s a total mess
  • and so is his outside lol
  • he’d be kinda fiddling in his spot and trying to lure you back in
  • “it was too sudden yeah?” would sniffle a little
  • kinda heartbroken you backed away
  • in the end you’ll have to muster up all your courage to come back to him and initiate the kiss first
  • samuel would be jumping off the moon
  • …if he could
  • “i was just misunderstanding you wasn’t i?”
  • you would smile and nod
  • he would give you a tight hug and exhale in relief “thank you for loving me”

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  • his first instincts/reflex when you ran away from him was to chase after you
  • his legs are long so he’ll overrun you in a short period of time
  • but during the course of the chase,,,
  • you’d be like “wHY ARE YOU CHASING ME??”
  • he’d be like “i don’t know but i didn’t get my kiss!”
  • “i’M SHYYYYY” you would confess while screaming your heads off and running down the park
  • he’ll be like “wHy Are YOU SHY SHY SHY?”
  • he’ll overtake you at this moment and kinda trap you in a back hug
  • you’d tilt your head up for a second to see him going for a second kiss and lowered your head too quickly, which accidentally knocked him on the lip/jaw
  • he’d be in pain but wouldn’t let go of you
  • “i’m so so so so so sooo sorry seonho!” you’d apologise and turn around
  • he’d cower like a kicked puppy
  • “you hit me”
  • “yes i did… i’m sorry”
  • “you hit me”
  • you would nod
  • he would be like “you hit me so give me a kiss”
  • you would be kinda confused at his reasoning but he’ll catch you off guard and peck your lips real quick
  • “transaction complete!” he would chirp once again and wink at you (tries to wink anyway)

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  • would sigh in offense
  • like
  • did you just avoid him
  • or are his eyes playing dirty tricks??
  • you’d be kinda embarassed (not kinda but a lot rlly lol) at your own actions and would kinda repent by going back to his side and hopefully comfort him
  • his pride is kinda broken
  • like
  • his own gf doesn’t want to kiss him????
  • “guanlin?”
  • “…”
  • “my bad…”
  • would glance at you and sigh
  • “are you mad?” you would lean in closer and do a bit of aegyo to try to sooth his mood
  • “no i’m just offended” he would bluntly say
  • you would be kinda down hearing him say that
  • he would feel bad immediately “ok i’m not offended” he would give in “but next time i try you have to comply ok? it was…. awkward when you ran away” he would try to put his feelings into words… but it wasn’t that clear to you
  • “…i was just shy” you admitted
  • he would chuckle slightly “well i’m currently more shy”

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  • “i’m sorry that scared you didn’t it?” he would be concerned that you moved away
  • he does feel hurt but not to the extent that he would neglect his first priority
  • …which is you
  • “i won’t do that again” he would comfort you by simply holding onto your hand
  • you would be like “no! no! you can do it again…”
  • he would be sort of confused but nods anyways
  • “i was just- hmm just—-” you would be shy to confess to him
  • you knew you could trust youngmin to make you feel 10000000 better than before but even you’re feeling second hand embarassment for yourself
  • “honestly, it wasn’t your fault” youngmin would speak up first “if i was in your position i would be shocked too” he would smile
  • you’re kinda like–
  • wHAT DiD I Do tO DeSERVe such an ANGEL???
  • “y-you can kiss me now!” you’d muster up some courage
  • he’d be kinda surprised and shy with wide alpaca eyes and all (he’s also looking around)
  • “when you ask for it now… i’m kinda shy” he would laugh

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  • would stare at you at first
  • then he would gasp dramatically “oh no how can you avoid me?? the handsome sexy daebak ong seungwoo? the love of your life and the sun of your world? without me you’ll fade into dust my loooove” he’ll kinda opera sing this whole verse
  • you’d be standing there… not knowing what to do
  • *maybe that was a bad move* you thought
  • he would kinda ramble on and constantly glance at you for some reactions
  • you’re kinda used to ong by now
  • “seungwoo will this be solved if i kiss you?”
  • “oh yes thy fair lady please bless muah with your crimson red luscious-” you would cut him off in the middle of his sentence with a kiss and slowly part
  • he’ll stop his drama now
  • would stare at your lips
  • “if i behave will i get a second one?”

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Her Being Shameless About Her Daddy Kink: B.A.P


It’s okay he would be plenty embarrassed for you- or just shy because you were braver in your likes than he was.


Kind of concerned because one day you might walk in the middle of the street and just start talking and accidentally blurt out something inappropriate about your kink and then he would be hella embarrassed because he did yet have his shame in tact.


He would be totally okay with it- even relieved. Since you were so open about your kinks with him, he could be open about his own with you, as well- there was no restriction to him and he felt good about it.


He would quietly listen to you ramble about your kinks all day everyday, not really saying anything in return just nodding along and smiling crookedly because damn did he like to listen to you talk about you kinks- particularly since he enjoyed the fact that `Daddy Kink` was one of yours.


He would be very much aroused and amused, particularly so if he was home, alone with you, where he could take you there and then with no-one saying a thing.


So shyyyyy every time he heard you start talking about your daddy kink- maybe even a little uncomfortable, but if he was you would know about it since he would tell you. His cheeks would instantly redden, though- that’s for sure.

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Can we just revise what happened in the original story, so dahon kinda started dating Mina I guess and he made up with toku and and he became friends with all the ladies right? So everyone is OK and happy, but I have been here in this blog long enough to know that you won't leave it at that -^-

WELP// tbh i don’t really think that Damien and Mina are dating// since Dahon has bipolar ( damn that villain hoe ) and Mina kinda liked someone else ( woah woah not that much! She likes Damien more ) Damien doesn’t know how to explain his feelings to her since,,, he’s shyyyyy