me @ ray before watching a video with him in it: wow i cant wait for you to start this new chapter in your life and be happy doing what you do and i wish you the best of luck

me also @ ray after starting video with him in it: i take it back never leave i need u in videos with all these idiots honey child dont go how am i supposed to deal with this

This thing with notes is just incredible...

SS/NH:“You salty idiot,SS and NH pairing has posts with average of 4 times more notes on daily basis.We are much more popular and right pairings!”

“Oh please you must feel bad NS/SNS/SK doesnt even get half of th…”

You dont need to say more my child.Sometimes logic loses over subjective.Masses follow a lie with notes,the truth lies in minority.And minority agrees this means nothing.

SS/NH:“You cant make me shut up.Because I know what true love is,we have seen it through manga unlike your crack pairings. NH/SS canon is true love and mayority approves”

Well gentlemen,can we agree we are dealing with idiots?