bumbercrotch asked:

45 with yugi and yami s'il vous plaît

it was late. Staring out the window if his bedroom’s tiny window Yugi sighed loudly, eyes tracing the vague outline of ancient constellations far above his head.
An all too familiar voice chimed in amidst the low static of thoughts at the back of Yugi’s head. “You’re still awake?” 
“Yeah.” He answered out loud, mind straying absently as his quiet voice echoed off the bare walls of his room. “-Just thinking.”
“Anything specific you’ve been thinking about?” Yami prodded lightly. It was unusual for his companion to be so restless.
Yugi hummed “No.” He huffed lightly. “i mean… Everything… I guess”
“Everything you say?” Yugi could hear a small smile glinting behind his friend’s voice. “That’s a lot to be on the mind of one small duelist Yugi.”
“Shut up, you know what I mean.” He huffed, trying his hardest to hide the fact that his ears had started burning due to his friend’s response.
Yami hummed, thoughtfully before responding. “Well what would help you sleep better then?”
Chewing on his bottom lip, Yugi frowned. “What do you mean by that?”
“Didn’t your grandpa used to bring warmed milk or something? Is that supposed to help?” Yami’s voice sounded incredibly perplexed as he spoke, muttering before trailing off into silence.
Yugi chucked at his friend’s attempt in comforting him and rolled over to stare across his darkened room. “Well yeah,” Yugi smiled thoughtfully, “he did do that. But it never really helped me sleep, really.” If he squinted, Yugi could almost imagine finding the faint outline of his friend in the shadows by his doorway. After another moment’s silence Yugi hesitated before breaking the air. “But I know something that might help.”
“… What’s that?”
“Tell me a secret.”