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This is a shorty but it’s a lore so it’ll have to do! And I’ve decided to jump from dragon to human-like forms like nobody’s business, so this is me doing just that.

When Elysium leaves the Tempest Shrine, almost feeling sick from too much tea and with Raja’s soft voice echoing through her head, Myrrh sits next to the stairs, her legs dangling off the platform. Her long, light brown hair is falling down her back in waves, and she’s humming as she works on a new flute. Elysium watches her for a moment, before she changes form with a shudder and grips her clothes before they can slip off her body. She has long given up on the fur; instead, she is wearing a tattered cloth she found in an old box. It’ll have to do; it’s not like anyone expects her to look a picture anymore. Even if she can’t give up on her precious silks completely.

“You know you’re dooming us all by letting her stay, don’t you?” she says, and sits down next to Myrrh. Myrrh smiles, her light green eyes shine with barely contained laughter. Her legs are swinging back and forth underneath her.

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I want to talk
about what happened
without mentioning
how much it hurt.
There has to be a way.
To care for the wounds
without reopening them.
To name the pain
without inviting it back
into me.
—  If There’s A Way Out I’ll Take It, Lora Mathis 

Don’t make fun of someone because they’re short/small/young. Anyone can accomplish great things no matter what their size is ~