Ancient Nordic Pantheon

The faith originated in Atmora in the Merethic Era where Dragons ruled supreme. Their servants, the Dragon Priests established a ruling body known as the Dragon Cult and held power equals to kings.

Part of the cult’s beliefs was a faith focused on the worship of animal gods. The deified animals were the hawk, wolf, snake, moth, owl, whale, bear, fox, and the dragon.Bas reliefs found in ancient Nordic ruins have led scholars to believe that these deified animals were actually totemic representations of several Et'Ada, some of which are present in the pantheon of the Eight Divines. Of these bas reliefs; six are depicted as male and three as female.

Lorkhan is one of the few gods that is recognized, but not necessarily worshiped, by almost every Tamrielic culture, but whether he is an Aedra, a Daedra, or neither remains a mystery. He has many names, but they all refer to the same entity. 

Lorkhan was responsible for the creation of Mundus, the mortal plane, but not every culture celebrates this event. Most races of Mer revile Lorkhan and view mortality as a curse, while most races of men revere him and celebrate it.

The Nordic Pantheon is the dominant religion of the Nordic people. Along with the Aldmeri Pantheon, it later gave birth to the religion known as the Eight Divines.

The religion consist of nine gods:

Shor, Lord of all of the Gods, King of the Underworld. He is considered to be the Nordic aspect of Lorkhan, as it is said he was slain in battle by the elven gods, and his heart was thrown into Red Mountain.
Kyne, Goddess of Storms and the favored patron of warriors. Some would say she is the Nordic aspect of Kynareth, but any Nord would scoff at this notion, they consider Kynareth a mere shadow of Kyne’s might.
Alduin, first born of Akatosh, God of Destruction, lord of Dragons. He is known as the world eater, and the harbinger of the apocalypse.
Tsun, God of Trials and Adversity. Tsun guards the whale-bridge in Sovngarde that leads to the Hall of Valor.
Ysmir, Dragon of the North is the Nordic aspect of Talos, the hero-god of Mankind.
Dibella, Goddess of beauty, sexuality, and art. She is thought to be the least altered god in the merging of the Nordic and Aldmeri pantheons.
Mara, Handmaiden of Kyne, Goddess of Love and Marriage.
Stuhn, God of Ransom, tought the Nords the benefits of taking prisoners of war.
Jhunal, God of Hermits, Father of Language and Mathematics. He fell out of favor with the Nordic Pantheon but was reborn as Jullianos.

Other gods appear in the Pantheon though they are not worshipped, these include Herma-Mora, Orkey, and Mauloch.

“As great as it is to claim that I slayed Alduin, the World-Eater, myself.  I think it’s lame that every time he was in Sovngarde eating up souls, Shor had “Restrained the wrathful onslaught,” of ALL the heroes in Sovngarde.  And his excuse was that he supposedly was waiting for me to come.  It’s like: Come on Shor!  Thousands of souls are being consumed.  You have Ysgamor, Tsun, Jurgen, Hakon and the others, and every skilled Nord who ever lived at your disposal.  Can you really not take care of this yourself?”