Lorkhan is one of the few gods that is recognized, but not necessarily worshiped, by almost every Tamrielic culture, but whether he is an Aedra, a Daedra, or neither remains a mystery. He has many names, but they all refer to the same entity. 

Lorkhan was responsible for the creation of Mundus, the mortal plane, but not every culture celebrates this event. Most races of Mer revile Lorkhan and view mortality as a curse, while most races of men revere him and celebrate it.


“Why do you give these people your money, Y/N?” Loki asked, following you into the bank. 

“Because it’s a bank, Loki, that’s what we do on Earth.” you explain to him, grabbing his hand and pulling him along when he stopped to stare at the tourists outside who marveled at his size and stature. “They hold onto it so I don’t have to carry it around.”

“I’ve never known you to be lazy, Y/N.” he mumbled. 

“You’ve never known me to be stupid either. You don’t carry all your cash around in New York City, Loki. We’d get mugged.” 

“I’d never let anyone lay a finger on you.” 

“You’re a wimp without your powers so… I mean, a .22 is going to trump whatever empty threat you come up with.” you smirked. 

“This planet…” he sighed.

“What about it?” 

“It’s madness!” 


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Yitzhak deserves to be treated better. He is a cinnamon roll, too pure for this world. 

Sexual Healing (Matt Murdock x Reader)
  • Words:  1.343
  • Pairing: Matt Murdock x Reader
  • Warnings: Smut, slight swearing.
  • Author notes: (Y/N) is your name. I started watching Daredevil last night and I loved it. The last part might be shitty because I just wrote it and I’m a little drunk (I’m so gonna regret this in the morning…)

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You rolled over on the bed trying to find a cold spot on the other side. It was there, but why? You called out for your boyfriend still very sleepy, but what you heard next was much worse; heavy breathing and stomps, and a smell of sweat, rain and… blood?
The front door closed slowly and with a soft creak. You thought of applying WD-40 after you went to the warehouse in your lunch break. You rolled over and rubbed your eyes with the back of your hand.
You laid there silently as the steps sounded closer and more composed; the bathroom’s door was opened and you heard water running and the cabinet’s door being opened and slowly closed. At 3 am you couldn’t get much information, it had been an awfully long day at your office and the morning felt painfully closer now.
“Honey?” You called out loud “Is it you?”
“I just went to the bathroom” You boyfriend’s soft voice replied; he was the one with difficulty to breath “Did I wake you up?”
“No, Mattie” You said with a smile “Is just that I heard something… Maybe it was just my imagination, or you actually woke me up” You replied groggily “Is everything alright?”
“Yeah” He replied with another smile, taking a sitting position on the bed. Usually this didn’t take long as it was just sitting, but that night it took a lot of effort.
“Matt, what’s going on” You were suddenly woken up by his whines. What you saw was truly unexpected.
His naked back had several wounds, severe ones and it had dried blood around them. It’s unnecessary to mention the bruises and scars on it. You turned on the light on your night table and took a deeper look.
“Good lord…” You whispered “Matt, are you a lawyer by day and a street fighter by night?”
“If I say yes, would you believe me?” He asked with an apologetic smile “’Cause that’s kinda the truth…”
“You and I are gonna have a serious talk in the morning, Matthew Murdock. I get the whole lawyer thing may not be as well as we both want it to… But you can’t risk you and your body just for a few bucks. I work for us too” You sighed “Now I need you to lay down and stay still because I wanna check you’re at least in one piece”
He did as ordered and your hands started roaming all the way down his arms. Everything in perfect state there. Then through his chest. Slowly, almost painfully slowly as his breath hitched under your touch. It was not pain. You took a deep breath and bit your lower lip in anticipation as his body fully relaxed with a heavy sigh.
“Enjoying this, aren’t you?” You purred as our hands touched his well-defined abs and slowly got to the hem of his pajama shorts “It seems like you are in one piece”
“It’s unfair, I don’t get to touch you” He pouted.
“Matt, I’m not the one who came home half broken… Though you can still check if I’m fine” You teased.
“Come on then” He gave you a naughty smirk and tapped his thighs so you could sit there. You did as he indicated and he sighed.
“Did I hurt you? You ok?” You lifted your knees just a little.
“Yeah, it’s just that… You sat… You know where” He breathed, moving his body under yours “And after that painfully slow touching you just gave me it’s only logical to assume you left me quite… Sensitive” His big hands were now roaming your thighs an each side of his body “Nice pajama choice for tonight (Y/N)” He teased you. Conveniently enough, you wore your sexiest lacy panties and one of his t-shirts “I didn’t know you had these ones” He said taking a very touchy look to your underwear “I like them… A lot”
His grip on your hips got tighter and you sighed; he smiled at your reaction and his hands went up to the hem of your shirt… Or his. He touched your stomach from under it and just as if he wanted to make you suffer, they went back down when they were under your breasts.
“You are in one piece as well”
“Matt… Are you tired?” You asked, rolling your hips back and forth.
“Now? Not at all, are you?”
“I will survive tomorrow with a few hours less of sleep, what do you have in mind?” You said leaning forward to rest your chest in his; your forehead pressed against his.
His lips searched for yours in a needy, rough way. His hands, not loosening the grip on your hips. You moaned at his expert touch and kissing and lifted your torso just to pull up your shirt and throw it away onto the floor. You leaned again, resting your elbows on each side of his head. His pelvis against your wet core felt amazing, but you needed him inside of you.
You crawled backwards to pull his shorts down and meet a semi erection. You licked your lips in anticipation and leaned to put his tip inside your mouth. His muscles tightened up at your touch but relaxed after a few pumping motions of your hand. Matt was definitely enjoying himself. Bobbing your head up and down, making him curse your name in between whines was getting you all turned on as well.
Not leaving his shaft, you pulled down your lacy underwear and started touching yourself. You were already wet and ready to receive him inside of you. When he said he was about to climax you gave one last greedy lick to his erection.
“Fuck… You’re good” He whimpered trying to catch his breath. You crawled up again to make his neck meet your lips. You sucked and bit his skin and with a free hand you teased yourself with his dick “You know what I want baby?” He purred “I want Hell’s Kitchen to know I’m fucking you very hard”
“Say no more…” You lifted your torso again and slowly let him inside of you.
“God, you’re tight” He moaned.
He took his hand to your clit and started rubbing it making you curse out loud his name. If he wanted Hell’s Kitchen to find out, he was definitely getting what he wanted.
“You know what the best thing about being completely blind is?” He asked while you jumped up and down on your pelvis “That the whole touching thing is amplified by the ton” He answered almost to himself “I can literally feel how your muscles are getting tighter around me, and I don’t need you to tell me you’re coming” He began to jack his hips a lot faster “I know you’re gonna cum without any warning”
“Stop talking” You moaned.
Just as he told you, he didn’t need any word on your state; you came without even having the chance to announce it. You felt quite dizzy after you came undone, but he was not there yet. His orgasm took a little bit longer, so the only way he had to come was fucking you senseless. Your orgasm didn’t take long to build up again; all indicated that you weren’t completely undone.
“God, Matt!” You yelled.
A loud whine came from your lungs and a very deep grunt came from his throat. Your thighs and abs burned from the effort; you saw the grin that drew on his face and assumed that some sexual healing was everything he needed to feel better.
“Are you feeling any better babe?” You panted, taking the cold spot next to him and intertwining your feet.
“No doubt about that” He turned to your side and smiled at you; just like if he could actually see you “I guess I don’t owe you any kind of explanation, right?”
“Oh no” You chuckled “You’re not saved from that” You leaned to sweetly kiss his lips and felt yourself dozing off in his warm arms.

The Space God


The Space God by Baldur Red-Snow


Light within Light, white mass like giant flares,

Existence without a purpose, just stars in white air,

A prison of perfect illusion, presented by masking the palpitations,

But forever this couldn’t last, for soon would rise a new nation,

An emptiness was shown to them, an emptiness they always had,

A want to create was instilled inside, a desire, a virus, gone mad,

But soon they did give that of themselves, to form in their nucleus a hole,

And like an unending hunger, it sucked them up, filling itself with souls,

MUNDUS! That wicked name, so pleasant upon the tongue!

SHOR! Demon of unlocked doors, his name the mortals sung!

Once there were whole planes of light, now there was only decay,

A universe of death, and the white masses are rotted, slayed,

Curse the name of Lorkhan! They said, curse my wicked master!

But in truth they only glorify our lord, the doom drums beat ever after,

The serpent’s coils hold tight to time, preserving this decrepit treasure,

And forever shall his followers praise this guilty pleasure,

And the biggest victory of them all? Is that they think he’s gone,

But the void is all around us, and so are the scales of Lorkhan.