Hedwig in SF 10/16/16

First of all, the show was AMAZING! The GG theatre isn’t super huge but the cast made the most of the space they were in- Darren climbed all over the audience and had everybody wrapped around painted fingers several minutes in. And Lena- PRAISE THE QUEEN!!! She is such a power house; he portrayal of Yitzhak, her phenomenal vocal range, and her metamorphosis at the end of show (not to mention her stunning body in that final costume!) Lena deserves all of her awards and accolades.

After the show I waited at the stage door to meet Lena and Darren. Lena was so sweet and quiet as she walked along and spoke to us that I almost missed her! She was really shy but was clearly grateful for all of the love she was receiving; she actually blushed and giggled when she was handed flowers. (Her exact words were: Really? For me? Seriously?!? Wow, thank you!)

We then waited over and hour and a half for Darren (it wasn’t his fault for the wait, there was something going on backstage) and when he finally came out he apologized profusely to each and every single person for the wait. (You could tell he had hurried to come say hello; most of his costume make-up was still on his face.) He thanked us all for our patience and looked really embarrassed when he told us that he couldn’t pose for pictures- but he did sign everybody’s program and talked a little with each of us. 

As he was walking toward me I said “Welcome home, Darren!” (he is originally from SF, in case you didn’t know) He looked up at me and said “Thank you so much! It’s so good to be home” Then he signed my program and asked if I enjoyed thew show: OF COURSE I DID!!! I thanked him for doing the part justice and told him that he was making the Bay proud. He went “Oh my God, are we related? Are you my family or something, that’s such high praise!” I playfully raised an eyebrow at him and he smiled back and said “I don’t know why I’m being facetious… Thank you, that really means a lot. And thank you for coming” I got a quick hug and went on to continue signing programs while he continued apologizing for having to rush.

Even though we waited really long for Darren, I have nothing but good things to say about this man. He did an INCREDIBLE job as Hedwig and he made my first HATAI experience super memorable. And despite the wait, I hold nothing against him- you could tell that he felt really guilty (despite it not being his fault) and he tried his best to spend a little bit of time with each of us. If you ever get the opportunity to meet Darren, I guarantee you will see what an incredible, talented, kind, and gracious man he is!

For @maclexa-bane <3